• Wed November 27, 2013 9:00 pm $10.00

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    It's the night before Thanksgiving, the busiest bar night of the year, and we're pulling out all the stops, welcoming back our pals in THE SAFES, along with three other Chicago bands, to celebrate The Safes' 10th Annual Thanksgiving-Eve Show.

    Headlining the evening will be THE DIFFERENTS, a band New City hails for their "timeless feel, melding traditional rock riffs with pop sensibility." The band released their third full-length this year, Christy Block, a collection of tracks recorded between 1999 and early 2002 that captures a particular vibe and camaraderie between band and recorder/mixer, CHRIS LORDOTS, that can't be matched. Help the four-piece celebrate this little time-capsule and other classics that the Tribune once hailed for "swaggering between stripped-down power-pop numbers and Nuggets-influenced garage rock." Brothers Frankie, Patrick, and Michael O'Malley are THE SAFES. The band has that unique chemistry that comes when talented siblings form a band and that brotherly chemistry fuels their records as well as their live shows. Touring the country since 2003, THE SAFES have established large, loyal fanbases across the country on the strength of their live show - a sweaty explosion of energy and melody that's seen them sharing the stage with a wide variety of artists, including ANDREW BIRD, THE SMOKING POPES, members of WILCO and THE RACONTEURS. Maniacal half-wits and Chicago staples THE PHENOMS play gritty, in-your-face punk rock and although been tearing around the city for well over a decade, tonight is their Empty Bottle debut. With releases out on the likes of Criminal IQ and Beercan Records, Punknews.org nailed it on the head when they described the band as "simplistic bar-friendly punk ripped straight out of the punk rock textbook." Think too hard and you might miss all the fun. Kicking things off tonight is JET W. LEE, a local trio who continues the tradition of original rock that alternates between fast, fiery diatribes and atmospheric short stories. From raw indignation to thick sarcasm, the band charges out of the gate with their two to three minute songs, swinging for the fences and ripping listeners a new one both on record and in their high-energy live shows. Lots to be thankful for, folks, so come celebrate!

    (The Deli Chicago)