• Wed October 9, 2013 9:00 pm $5.00

    L.A’s post-punk power trio HAPPY HOLLOWS are hear to clean the dust out of your ears and smack you around the room, just a lil bit. with bonkers-good best vocals around is coming to The Bottle to clean the rust off your ears. Combrised of SARAH NEGAHDARI, CHARLIE MAHONEY and MATT FRY, the band is touring behind their latest album, Amethyst, which came out this past July on Pesky Fruit Music. The album definitely gives the band a solid character and a place in the L.A music scene, so do not miss them when they are around! With a voice of gold and sick guitar riffs to match, NEGAHDARI's bonkers-good vocals and sick guitar riffs are sure to intimidate all the fellas in the club tonight, but don't fret, dudes & dudettes, she's a human just like you and me, which is just grate. Chicago's FORGOTTEN SPECIES make their Empty Bottle debut tonight, crawling out of the dark and damp basement scene and onto our stage. Come let “the tall ginger, the girl with the man bass, the boy wizard and the one with the short shorts” feed you some punk, some pop, and a whole lotta rock til your belly is bursting with meaty goodness. Last but not least, talented Californian JORDAN RICHARDSON's solo project SON OF STAN will introduce you songs off his new album, Divorce Pop, which comes out on October 15th, which is less than a week away!