• Thu July 11, 2013 9:00 pm $10.00

    FLETCHER began in early 2012 as a basement project between brothers OSCAR and HARVEY BAKER and their long-time friend TOM FRY. While two of the members are originally from London, England and the other from Chicago, IL, the band has been able to create a new strand of new-age British Rock with quirky melodies and brain tingling music. Insisting on sticking to a three-piece band, FLETCHER has created a vigorous and chemistry driven connection between each member. After collaborating for just under nine months, FLETCHER has gained a reputation around Chicago and beyond. The band has been compared to such luminaries as THE FLAMING LIPS, ARCTIC MONKEYS, PINK FLOYD, THE BEATLES and THE STROKES, among others, but nobody can quite figure out their influence and that's the way they like it. FLETCHER's second EP, Open Arms, was mixed and mastered by MIKE THOLEN at RaxTrax Studios and released on April 9th. Hailing from Lake Forest, California, WATER DISTRICT is an up-and-coming indie rock band with a unique and compelling sound. Formed in 2011 by guitarist and vocalist TICE GRIFFIN, he quickly gained the attention of bassist BLAINE SCOT PROW, guitarist ZACK MUELLER and drummer A.J. AWASTHI who aptly named themselves WATER DISTRICT. Drawing influences from a wide variety of musical styles that combine melancholic sounds with driving rhythms, WATER DISTRICT crafted a sound all their own which I Am Entertainment Magazine calls "an industrial, organic and untamed sound that perfectly describes what an indie rock band is." Based out of Chicago, ELEVEN DOLLAR BILLS are a volcanic blues-rock power trio power whose dynamic sound is made of hard-hitting grooves, swelling vocals, and locomotive electric guitar. A band of wounded warriors who refuse to hide their scars, Local Loop Chicago calls them “a rising star of the Chicago scene” - don't miss em, kids.