• Wed July 17, 2013 9:00 pm $7.00

    Tonight we welcome a smattering of young local bands who are tearing apart basements and D.I.Y. spaces around the city, and wouldn't ya know it, all four bands are guitar-drums duos, each equally capable of melting faces and shattering eardrums. Local rabble-rousers THE HECKS return for their first gig here since they headlined the Moniker Records showcase way back in December. Armed with their slapdash, hit-you-in-the-face rock’n’roll that’s as reckless as it is catchy, these dudes are coming for a wet'n'wild night of party-times rock'n'roll. Reverb-heavy sludgey punks THE FUNS are local D.I.Y. heroes, having started their own cassette, vinyl and print label, Manic Static, that's known for its minimal-bordering-on-grisly aesthetic. They're currently in the process of refurbing a house four hours south of Chicago that will be an artistic refuge of sorts for those who need a break from city living. THE FUNS have ripped our stage a new one the two times they've played here and we expect wild, unpredictable and disaster-friendly set tonight. One of the original Manic Static bands, COFFIN SHIPS hit the stage tonight with their short and eloquent songs that are torn little snippets of psychedelic pop bliss. Newish freak-punk duo EARRING make their Bottle debut tonight and we can't wait to see what their got, namely because lead guitarist/singer JASON BALLA is part of our well-respected engineer staff. Party on.