• Bohemian Nat'l Cemetery Sat June 22, 2013 8:00 pm $15.00

    J.R. ROBINSON is a Chicago-based sound artist who works under the name WREKMEISTER HARMONIES to explore the darkest corners of minimalistic synth, drone, and ambient music, combined with visual projections he creates. His Thrill Jockey debut, You've Always Meant So Much To Me will be released on June 11th. The recording is an album-length composition spread over two sides of vinyl, featuring some of Chicago's most infamous minds in the metal and experimental worlds, including SANFORD PARKER, BRUCE LAMONT (YAKUZA, BLOODEIST), JEF WHITEHEAD aka WREST (LEVIATHAN), MARK SOLOTROFF (ANATOMY OF HABIT), JAIME FENNELLY (MIND OVER MIRRORS), FRED LONBERG-HOLM, and more. WREKMEISTER will be celebrating the release of the record by performing You've Always Meant So Much To Me in its entirety on June 22nd at the Bohemian National Cemetery of Chicago, where ROBINSON will be joined by the musicians that perform on the record, as well as DYLAN O'TOOLE and RON DEFRIES of INDIAN and ERIC CHALEFF of BLOODIEST. Opening will be ACTEURS, an unexpected newcomer of sorts comprised of BRIAN CASE (DISAPPEARS, THE PONYS, 90 DAY MEN) and JEREMY LEMOS (WHITE/LIGHT). We were delighted by the release of their debut, self-titled mini-album on England’s Public Information label this past February, a record that's filled with dark-ish, razor-sharp synth trance-outs that'll be perfect for a cemetery. The NUMERO GROUP's ROB SEVIER will be DJing between acts.

    The event will take place near the Mausoleum at the south-east corner of Pulaski and Bryn Mawr. Doors will open at 7 p.m., and WREKMEISTER HARMONIES set will begin at 9:30, one hour after sunset. Check out more information at the Facebook event.

    List of performers with WREKMEISTER HARMONIES:
    Bruce Lamont (Yakuza)
    Jef Whitehead (Leviathan)
    Ron DeFries (Indian)
    Dylan O'Toole (Indian)
    Eric Chaleff (Bloodiest)
    Mark Solotroff (Anatomy Of Habit)
    Sanford Parker (Corrections House)
    Jaime Fennelly (Mind Over Mirrors)
    Nandini Khaund (Bloodiest)
    Anne Patterson
    Esther Shaw

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