• Fri June 14, 2013 9:30 pm $15.00

    The sonic space cadets in MAN OR ASTROMAN? mashed surf, sci-fi, punk, samples and Tesla coils into a jagged rock juggernaut, touring nonstop in the 90s before burning out at the dawn of the 00s. But the Alabama-based band has rebooted for the 10s, and returns to interface live with us here tonight.  After their compellingly fun and wacky active years on Touch and Go, the group took damn-near twelve years and now return to the “not-too-distant future” they once sang about with a new record, Defcon 5…4…3…2…1, out in late May on Vessels. Joining them tonight are Miami garage punk rockers JACUZZI BOYS, a trio of misfits that we're damn excited to welcome back to our stage. Opening the show tonight is BIG SMOKE CITY, a band that lives in a dream where girls run around giving out pizza like broken hearts and the hangover is eternal. Their songs remind us of situations we’ll never forget but always repeat and to not take love too seriously. When the smoke clears, the stories will remain. Our old pal RYAN WEINSTEIN will be DJing throughout the night, so show up early and stick around later for part 1 of the rock'n'roll bonanza of the weekend.

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