• Sun January 22, 2017 3:00 pm
    • Empty Bottle Book Club discusses 'Ten Little Indians' by Sherman Alexi

    The Empty Bottle Book Club selections will be available for purchase each month at The Wicker Park Secret Agent Supply Co. Support a local business and 826CHI, a great nonprofit dedicated to supporting students with their creative writing skills, by picking up your copy of this book from our friends at 1276 Milwaukee Avenue! 


    Sherman Alexie is one of our most acclaimed and popular writers today. With Ten Little Indians, he offers nine poignant and emotionally resonant new stories about Native Americans who, like all Americans, find themselves at personal and cultural crossroads, faced with heartrending, tragic, sometimes wondrous moments of being that test their loyalties, their capacities, and their notions of who they are and who they love.

    In Alexie’s first story, “The Search Engine,” Corliss is a rugged and resourceful student who finds in books the magic she was denied while growing up poor. In “The Life and Times of Estelle Walks Above,” an intellectual feminist Spokane Indian woman saves the lives of dozens of white women all around her to the bewilderment of her only child. “What You Pawn I Will Redeem” starts off with a homeless man recognizing in a pawn shop window the fancy-dance regalia that was stolen fifty years earlier from his late grandmother.

    Even as they often make us laugh, Alexie’s stories are driven by a haunting lyricism and naked candor that cut to the heart of the human experience, shedding brilliant light on what happens when we grow into and out of each other.

  • Mon January 23, 2017 9:00 pm
    • Daymaker
    • Woongi
    • Anthony Fremont's Garden Solutions
    • BLXCK
    Free Monday

    Chicago quartet DAYMAKER is sure to make you bop around with their spacey jams! This crew has been a staple on the DIY scene and their 2015 releases Amen/Forever & Wilderness put them on the map. Local act WOONGI (aka David Curtin) is a mixture of dream and indie pop with layers of synths, electronics, and traditional instrumentation. ANTHONY FREMONT'S GARDEN SOLUTIONS make twisted looney tunes from the Twilight Zone. For this performance, Mr. Fremont will be joined by Nnamdi Ogbonnaya, Seth Engel and Nate Amo. Experimental project BLXCK (formerly FAVVORS) is the solo project of Warik’s Keenan Calhoun. Keenan, a rapper, beat maker and DIY favorite, effortlessly fills the room with fiery charisma from his first verse.

  • Tue January 24, 2017 9:00 pm
    • A Very Tall Pat Records Night featuring Comm To Black
    • HAIR
    • Giantology
    • DJ Tall Pat's Dad
  • Wed January 25, 2017 9:00 pm
    • Pretty All Right Night featuring Winston Lasker
    • Spa Moans
    • Blu Sham
    • DJ Potions

    Join us for a Pretty All Right Night, or more like a pretty freaking awesome night. Local entity Pretty All Right Records formed in winter 2006 when Chicago-based musician/producer TOM OWENS was looking to put out the music he had been crafting while studying jazz in nearby Michigan, as well as some off-kilter electronic music that some local friends were experimenting with. Fast forward a decade, and the label is still serving the same purpose, but on a slightly more organized and grandiose level that includes artists from all over the U.S. and around the globe (Indonesia, Denmark, Australia). PAR started out with CD-Rs but switched to tapes upon relocation to Chicago in 2007. It was then that OWENS discovered the relevancy of the format in the local scene and became engrossed with cassette culture. 

    Offering direct support this evening is SPA MOANS. About as sultry and sexy as it gets, SPA MOANS will have you writhing on the floor with her erotic, lo-fi synth-pop. You're not going to want to miss this performance!

    BLU SHAM is a drum machine guitar duo exploring future obscure factory presets. 

    DJ POTIONS aka Mr. Tom Owens himself will be spinning the hits to kick the night off.

  • Thu January 26, 2017 9:00 pm
    • The Lemon Twigs
    • Savoy Motel
    • Glyders

    Once or twice every generation, Long Island introduces the world to artists of such singular originality that they change the very nature of their art: Lou Reed; Jim Brown; Robert Mapplethorpe; Andy Kaufman. With their debut album for 4AD, ‘Do Hollywood,’ THE LEMON TWIGS have earned themselves a spot on that list. Fusing tightly constructed pop, sophisticated orchestration, and British invasion melodies into a ten-song masterpiece, the D’Addario brothers—Brian (19) and Michael (17)—are whipping fans and critics alike into an utter frenzy. NPR hailed them as “fabulously weird,” Brooklyn Vegan raved that “they need to be seen to be believed." Released on 14th October 2016, Do Hollywood is the debut album by Brian and Michael D'Addario, recorded in Los Angeles, California with production by Jonathan Rado of Foxygen. Brian and Michael have been playing rock music since they were old enough to walk and talk, mastering every instrument they could get their hands on and writing and performing everything together (they alternate writing credits and instruments on Do Hollywood).  Mining inspiration from every era of rock, they have crafted richly sophisticated baroque-pop songs into a ten-track tour de force – the perfect introduction to the world of THE LEMON TWIGS. Retro-fried Nashville rockers SAVOY MOTEL are back, after playing direct support for ROYAL HEADACHE back in June. This crew puts on one hell of a show, so if you missed out last time be sure you don't do it again! 


  • Fri January 27, 2017 5:30 pm
    • Hard Country Honky-Tonk with The Hoyle Brothers

    The HOYLES consider themselves the real thing and use traditional instrumentation to play Texas shuffle, rave-up and honky-tonk music from country's true musical legends, for those of you who long for and recall the days when "country was country.

    FREE entry & $3 Shiner Beer for all!

    (Chicagomusic.org) (Tribune) (Washington Post)

  • Fri January 27, 2017 9:00 pm
    • Black Marble
    • YOU.
    • Ganser

    The Empty Bottle is pleased to welcome New York band BLACK MARBLE to our stage for the first time! On September 30, 2016 BLACK MARBLE released their second full-length, It’s Immaterial. Their first for Ghostly, It’s Immaterial follows up their EP Weight Against the Door (Hardly Art) and highly acclaimed debut full-length A Different Arrangement (Hardly Art). Still featuring Chris Stewart at the helm along with select collaborators as supplementation, the project's recent shift in locale from East Coast to West Coast lends a great deal to the overall feel of the new album: the light and dark elements of shadows, the salt and sting of evening’s high tide sea spray, a beautiful thing left on a shelf too high to maintain. The general mood is that of creating something new, but going back in time to do it. Like attempting to flesh out a song that you woke up humming but can’t find because it doesn’t exist yet. Offering direct support this evening is YOU.,Previously located in NYC, now Detroit-based post-punk outfit YOU. released their first two records on Cult of Youth's Sean Ragon's Blind Prophet Records.  Their third LP Sunchaser was released on Dais in 2014. The label properly explains "YOU.’s music up to this point has always pitted its more reflective elements against the austerity of electronics, not so much as to create a warm sound as to invite the listener in as respite from the cold".  Their fourther album, Bouquet, was released last summer. GANSER is a Chicago four-piece that embraces post-punk and early industrial music, as well as weird vacuum noises. Formed as a DIY duo, the group combines driving rhythms with spacious, shimmering guitars and swelling synths. The group's outstanding new EP, This Feels Like Living, debuted on Consequence of Sound and it has us anxiously awaiting their opening set here tonight.

  • Sat January 28, 2017 12:00 pm
    • West Town Bikes Brunch

    If you're one of those supremely dedicated bikers who rock two wheels through all four seasons, we see you & we salute you. Join us for a casual presentation by ours pals at West Town Bikes, focusing on basic bike maintenance and how to prep for winter riding. FREE ENTRY with grub available to order from Bite Cafe and drinks a-flowing at the Empty Bottle bar.

    PLEASE NOTE: These pop-up Winter Demos will be "presentation style" and if WTB can't help with a quick fix, they'll send you to their open shop just two blocks away!

  • Sat January 28, 2017 9:00 pm
    • Official Palace Film Festival After Party featuring Xeno & Oaklander
    • Champagne Mirrors
    • Simulation [Matchess
    • Gel Set]
    • Brett Naucke [DJ set]

    The Empty Bottle is proud to host the official After-Party for The Palace Film Festival on Saturday, January 28, 2017, featuring a live performance by Brooklyn-based electronic duo XENO AND OAKLANDER.

    Hailing from Brooklyn, synth-bending duo Xeno and Oakland (née Sean McBride and Laura Wendelbo) boast a dichotomous minimalism and versatility within their electronic niche. Their melodic structures are wildly simplistic, yet they never run out of ways to change their musical tone. From soft, shimmery ballads to throbbing dance tracks, Xeno and Oaklander have found ways to do it all.

    Brought together by serendipity in 2003, McBride and Wendelbo quickly recorded their first release in 2004, Vigils. Their success in relying on fate inspired the duo to follow their lives’ currents rather than going against it. In such, they record each of their songs in a single take rather than piecing it together. As well, they use analog synths rather than digital ones as to produce what could be considered “lo-fi electronic.”

    One of very few collaborative rather than solo electronic outfits, Xeno and Oaklander write their songs together to bring forth hours of danceable dynamism and color.

    The Palace Film Festival, showcasing cutting-edge contemporary work from select artists working at the intersection of art, film and music, announces its third consecutive iteration to take place January 27 (6pm–10pm) and 28 (4pm-10pm), 2017. The program is comprised of local, national, and international visual artists, musicians, and filmmakers. Join audiences at the historic Fine Arts Building in downtown Chicago to experience the moving image as interdisciplinary artists working in photography, music, new media, film, video, and performance, push and pull at the boundaries of their ever-evolving mediums. For more information, please visit www.palacefilmfest.com.

  • Sun January 29, 2017 9:00 pm
    • FPE Presents: Everyone Has a Voice featuring Zigtebra
    • Syna So Pro
    • Fury

    Since 2012, FPE Records has released records For Practically Everyone. As diverse as possible stylistically, FPE’s artists are all brimming with energy and emotion, and share with each other an unconventional approach to genre. FPE is based in Oak Park, Illinois, USA.


    ZIGTEBRA is Zebra (Emily Rose) and Tiger (Joseph), half-siblings who met in Chicago at the end of 2010 while performing in the Pure Magical Love dance troop. Immediately drawn to one another, they found themselves on an investigative journey of lineage culminating in the discovery of shared blood. ZIGTEBRA was born as a lifetime adventure to collaborate. Armed with a cassette of collected songs titled The Pink Line, they set off across America on a summer road trip/tour. When they returned to Chicago they locked themselves up at Observatory Studios and recorded new material for their first studio album The Brave released October 2014.


    SYNA SO PRO is the SOlo PROject of St Louis’s SYrhea CoNAway, a woman of renaissance potential. Renaissance in the sense of new birth, or birth again, at many levels. Musical renaissance: she was in this great band but the band couldn’t bear the structures borne in her brain, so much more her, so much not band. Syrhea and her band, the solo band that is, SYNA SO PRO, bear us through an emotional rebirth too: each song about discovering who you are and where you need to go after the end. The dead end we all come to every day, every minute, every time we must choose, this birth that brings us closer to ourselves, that’s what she sings about, that’s where she can take you.



  • Mon January 30, 2017 9:00 pm
    • Michael Vallera (solo LP release)
    • Matchess
    • Jeremiah Meece
    Free Monday

    It's a Free Monday LP release! MICHAEL VALLERA is a musician and visual artist currently based out of Chicago who has shown and performed internationally. His solo work has been released by Los Discos Enfantasmes and Opal Tapes, with his first solo full length under his name being released on LP by Opal Tapes in Summer 2015. Tonight, we celebrate the release of his second full-lenght solo record Vivid Flu, his first on the Denovali imprint. The record is committed to pushing the electric guitar into new territory among a latticework of samples, piano and machinic stutter. The five tracks operate as a fever dream, filled with confusions of space and the cosmic thrum of post-industrial life. Joining in the celebration is  minimal synthstress, violist and singer WHITNEY JOHNSON, returning with her solo project MATCHESS. On record and in a live setting, JOHNSON bewitches listeners with a set of sparse rhythms, synthetic melodies, squealing guitar lines and heavily-affected vocals that combine to create an alien, futuristic sound. Be sure to snatch a copy of her excellent 2016 record, The Rafters, which was released on Austin's Monofonus Press this past June. Kicking things into gear is JEREMIAH MEECE, who wears many sonic: THE-DRUM, JODY, VALIS, & CLIQUE TALK among them. He is a producer, singer, and DJ. MEECE’S projects have always taken elements of both deep R&B cuts and mainstream pop and run them through a spaced-out, psychedelic filter.


    Free Mondays at The Empty Bottle are sponsored by Pabst Blue Ribbon. $2 PBR Drafts every Monday!

  • Tue January 31, 2017 9:00 pm
    • Empty Bottle & 1833 Present, girlyboi

    GIRLYBOI is an alternative rock duo from Brooklyn-via-Chicago. Carly Russ and Joseph Matick put a whole new spin on the word "power-couple." Billboard Magazine said of the band's latest LP, Good Looks: "Russ and Matick utilize an array of genres and influences to convey the different emotions pulling at a couple trying to make it in the Big Apple. From the bluesy 'Love Hurts' to the blistering 'Vanity Fair' to the bare folk of closing track 'Long Country Road,' they build a collage of sounds with their pleasant and unique vocal duets acting as the glue." We're excited to team up with our friends over at 1833 to bring this duot to the Empty Bottle stage for the first time ever!

    (Billboard) (Pigeons & Planes)

  • Wed February 1, 2017 9:00 pm
    • Lockdown Anniversary Show featuring Black Actress
    • Lockdown Jam
    • Ladies of Leisure

    Our neighbors across the street, Lockdown Bar & Grill, were one of the first of the new restaurants to open up in this Western Ave culural corridor and we're going to help throw them a big ol' Anniversary Show with some primo rock and metal bands. ONLY $10 to ride.

    Formed in the spring of 2008, BLACK ACTRESS delivers an authentic, high energy rock 'n roll insemination: bringing an action packed live show and bombastic recordings to new friends and fans all over the country. Having shared stages with the likes of ELECTRIC FRANKENSTEIN, THE BRONX, DIAMONDHEAD, NEW BOMB TURKS, RED FANG, WEDNESDAY 13, THE ADICTS, AIRBOURNE, MICHALE GRAVES, FASTER PUSSYCAT, NASHVILLE PUSSY, LA GUNS, and more. The heroes and pirates of the music history we all know and love shine in this Chicago rock explosion. LOCKDOWN JAM is just as it sounds - the employees of Lockdown jamming together in metal bliss. What a world! LADIES OF LEISURE are a Chicago trio specializing in 70's-inspired metal with a mix of stoner rock. This will be their first time playing at ye olde Bottle, so let's show them how hard we party. NO CONVICTION is a metal four-piece in the same vein as LAMB OF GOD, DEVIL DRIVER, D.R.I., and SLAYER. Hold on to your faces, because they're about to be rocked right off. 

  • Thu February 2, 2017 9:00 pm
    • Fake Limbs
    • Lasers and Fast and Shit
    • Salvation (Record Release)
    • Den

    Chicago’s FAKE LIMBS return to our stage, having celebrated their record release here back in November. The dudely four-piece have released two of the best, noisiest punk records this city spewed out in the early-10s, 2013's The Power of Patrician Upbringing and 2012's Man Feelings, both on BLVD Records. Their newest LP, Matronly, is the reason for our gathering here tonight and it's coming to us via the unstoppable Don Giovanni Records. FAKE LIMBS throws listeners around the room with their sonic onslaught and The AV Club praises, "the band follows in the grand tradition of groups like The Jesus Lizard and Stnnng, with angular and jagged riffs fused to pounding rhythms and holler-’till-you’re-hoarse vocals." LASERS AND FAST AND SH!T is known across Chicago for playing an engaging mixture of punk abandon with a healthy dose of stoner metal's nodding and self-knowing winks. Live, the band is a force to be reckoned with, and you should absolutely expect lasers, smoke, no shit, and some brand new songs that will only further elevate the LASERS' fiery, art-damaged punk sound.SALVATION is a local punk/garage rock band who love to make noise. They're here celebrating the release of their full-length LP Sore Loser via Forge Again Records. Chicago noise-rock trio DEN have together since 2011, and yet this is only their second time at the Bottle. Two of the three members were in the band NEURONS and decided to keep on trucking once the band broke up. They then poured all their creative energy in DEN, spanning a ton of genres but always killing it. On separate tracks, they nail punk, doom, hardcore and drone, each one sounding completely authentic. 

  • Fri February 3, 2017 9:00 pm
    • Daniel Bachman
    • Moon Bros
    • Jim Becker

    The Empty Bottle is proud to welcome renowned 6-string and lap guitar player DANIEL BACHMAN. From 2008 to present, BACHMAN has been releasing material of almost exclusively instrumental nature while touring everywhere from Istanbul to Los Angeles. He released his first recording, Grey-Black-Green, in 2011 via Debacle Records. Immediately following, he teamed up with Chicago rock treasuer RYLEY WALKER on Of Deathly Premonitins (PlusTapes). Since then, numerous recordings have followed, the latest being his self-tited LP released in November of 2016. Joining BACHMAN on this fine February evening is MOON BROS, the experimental folk project of guitarist MATTHEW SCHNEIDER. Combining pedal steel, guitar and vocals with drones and occasional bursts of noise, MOON BROS. is back-porch music for the most warped and twisted minds in Chicago, and the beyond. JIM BECKER is a Chicago based musician, producer, and sound engineer who has played around town and around the world since the 1980s. Jim has worked recording and engineering his own music and that of numerous other musicians. He has recorded and collaborated with a long list of rock, folk, experimental, and old time bands. Jim tours the US and Europe extensively, most recently with CALIFONE and IRON AND WINE. He's a Chicago treasure and we're delighted to have him open here tonight.

  • Sat February 4, 2017 12:00 pm
    • School of Rock Evanston & Highwood present Covering Dylan & Riot Fest


    Bob Dylan is arguably the most influential American songwriter of the last 50 years. Hundreds (thousands, likely) of artists have recorded and performed his songs. This show will include songs in a wide range of styles from the absurd to the sublime. Rockers will perform Dylan covers by Joan Baez, The Byrds, Eddie Vetter, Guns 'N Roses, Jimi Hendrix, Jerry Garcia, Van Morrison, and many more. Try not to sing along!


    This show will focus on artists who have participated in the Chicago born music festival: Riot Fest and Carnival. Specializing in Alternative Rock and Punk this show will satisfy your hunger for loud guitars, up-tempo rhythms, and a lot of attitude. Rockers will perform songs by The Offspring, Blink 182, My Chemical Romance, Rise Against, Paramore, Rancid, and many more.

  • Sat February 4, 2017 6:00 pm
    • Last Podcast On The Left

    We've added a second, early Last Podcast On The Left show! 

    PRESALE: 12/9/16-12/12/16

    PUBLIC ON SALE: 12/12/16

    Last Podcast On The Left is a comedy podcast that covers all the horrors our world has to offer, both imagined and real, from demons and aliens to cults and serial killers. Each week three comedians investigate spooky and violent events in history using gallows humor and detailed research and prove that the true crime community isnt just for "doctors" with "expertise" in their "field". The Last Podcast is guaranteed to satisfy your blood lust and make you laugh at things you will probably feel guilty about later.

    Hosted by:

    • Marcus Parks (Cave Comedy Radio, The Onion) @marcusparks
    • Ben Kissel (TruTV, VH1, Red Eye on FOX NEWS) @BenKissel
    • Henry Zebrowski (Heroes Reborn, Wolf Of Wall Street, Your Pretty Face Is Going to Hell) @HenryLovesYou
  • Sat February 4, 2017 9:00 pm
    • Last Podcast On The Left

    PRESALE: 12/6/16

    PUBLIC ON SALE: 12/7/16

    Last Podcast On The Left is a comedy podcast that covers all the horrors our world has to offer, both imagined and real, from demons and aliens to cults and serial killers. Each week three comedians investigate spooky and violent events in history using gallows humor and detailed research and prove that the true crime community isnt just for "doctors" with "expertise" in their "field". The Last Podcast is guaranteed to satisfy your blood lust and make you laugh at things you will probably feel guilty about later.

    Hosted by:

    • Marcus Parks (Cave Comedy Radio, The Onion) @marcusparks
    • Ben Kissel (TruTV, VH1, Red Eye on FOX NEWS) @BenKissel
    • Henry Zebrowski (Heroes Reborn, Wolf Of Wall Street, Your Pretty Face Is Going to Hell) @HenryLovesYou
  • Mon February 6, 2017 9:00 pm
    • Strange Lovelies
    • PEEL
    • Lifestyles
    Free Monday

    STRANGE LOVELIES is a local “21st Century new wave/indie/acid rock band” (or so they claim). The band brings some seriously unique music to a highly concentrated scene and bring to mind THE CURE with a healthy dose of SONIC YOUTH and a fresh pop awareness. Somehow they manage to sound classic, edgy and fresh all at the same time. With current members including JIM DRAKE (JAIME ROJO, ELEPHANT GUN, BROTHER GEORGE) and JON DRAKE (THE SHAKES), these fellas are well-suited to rouse the crowd and get down with any and all who will have them. PEEL is a rock 'n' roll trio from Chicago making their Empty Bottle debut. Let's give them raucous welcome, shall we?! LIFESTYLES has a "shambling, grungy 90's sound that puts this wolf in mind of a Babes in Toyland-style alt-rock apocalypse—two thumbs up" according to the Chicago Reader's Gossip Wolf. One second into their set, you'll realize it's not just hear-say - their live performances are solid proof that this crew can shred with the best of them.


    Free Mondays at The Empty Bottle are sponsored by Pabst Blue Ribbon. $2 PBR Drafts every Monday!

  • Tue February 7, 2017 9:00 pm
    • Songs with Friends to benefit Southern Poverty Law Center

    23 covers of beloved classics and standards, with 30+ talented local musician pals. This is also a benefit for Southern Poverty Law Center
    Sara Bassick
    Andrea Bauer
    Keith Beiersdorff
    Seth Bohn
    Russ Calderwood
    Brian Costello
    Leslie Deckard
    Jen Dot
    Morgan Drase
    Lily Emerson
    Jered Gummere
    MJ Grant
    Matt Holland
    Maggielane Laleman
    Abraham Levitan
    Nathan Lilley
    Gigi Lira
    Mike Lust
    Arman Mabry
    Bill MacKay
    Mary McKane
    Angela Mullenhour
    Nick Myers
    Jeanine O'Toole
    Nathan Ozug
    Skyler Rowe
    Lucas Sikorski
    Colby Stark
    Karissa Talanian
    Lee Zickwolf

  • Wed February 8, 2017 9:00 pm
    • Heaters
    • Basement Family
    • mtvghosts

    HEATERS returns to The Empty Bottle stage for the first time since March 2016. HEARTS is composted of old high school chums Tamlyn and Krebsm who moved to Grand Rapids, Michigan, in 2013 to start a project together. The two met Korf, their next door neighbor, soon after and began writing and recording tunes in their home studio. HEATERS has drawn acclaim across the webosphere for their spacey, driving take on West Coast psych rock and powerful live shows. Tapping into both the twang of their ‘60s garage compatriots and building their own brand of expansive, cosmic swells, Pitchfork calls the band “catchy and kinetic,” noting their “energy and hook writing are clearly on point.” Local rock/graze/pop trio BASEMENT FAMILY manage to be catchy as hell with musical moments of garage rock, fuzz distortion. Their like, the band version of the really popular water polo player who wears button ups but also smokes weed and thrashes on the electric guitar. Get it? You can bop your skull along to their catchy beats, but also feel edgy and relevant! SCORE. Opening this evening is MTVGHOSTS. Shifting stylistically from song to song, this tubular band melds glam, garage and indie-pop in a delightfully deranged way that's hard not to like. It's kind of dreamy in a haunting way, kind of poppy in a hip-shaking way, and it has that "glammy punk vibe" the kids are going ga-ga for. 

  • Fri February 10, 2017 9:00 pm
    • The Life and Times
    • Storm Clouds
    • Trevor de Brauw (Record Release)
    $8 (advance), $10

    It's always a pleasure to have the unbelievably loud, yet relentlessly epic, Chicago trio THE LIFE & TIMES on The Empty Bottle stage. As difficult to classify in any genre due to their ever-expanding sonic capabilities, the band's moody, spacey and sonically overwhelming sound becomes even more grandiose live. We should know, we've hosted them here at least a dozen times over the course of their 12-year existence, and it's been a thrill to watch them evolve over the years. Their latest EP, Dopplegangers, was released in November 2016. Containing the same spacey rock that we all know and love, THE LIFE & TIMES know how to add a little somethin-somethin to captivate with every release. No wonder we keep crawling back for more. Direct support comes from Chicago's STORM CLOUDS, who play a more jagged, emo-infected version of post-hardcore. Don't expect to cry in your beers, though, as this rough and tumble four-piece soars to the rafters with their anthemic and melodic punk rawk. Your fists will pump and your legs will jump as these local maniacs return to our stage tonight. TREVOR DE BRAUW is a Chicago musician who's known as one of the guitarists in sludge-metal titans PELICAN, as well as powerambient offshoot CHORD and new instrumental power trio RLYR. DE BRAUW opens the show tonight performing solo material from his latest record, reaching more for shimmering lights than doomy darkness, building layers of droning, pulsing guitar loops that gently push each piece along. It's the perfect start to a perfect evening.

  • Sat February 11, 2017 12:00 pm
    • Handmade Market

    Shop ✔ - Eat ✔✔ - Drink ✔✔✔ - Have a blast ✔✔✔✔ - All wrapped into one ✔✔✔✔✔

    Have some vittles at Bite cafe and libations at The Empty Bottle. See? Done and done. :-) We look forward to seeing you!

    Handmade Market Chicago is a unique event to connect the makers of beautiful things to people who appreciate the unique and handmade.

    Not to mention, there are more than 30 amazing sellers in the mix!

    Each event is held on the second Saturday of every month, from the months of October - April.

    noon to 4:00 PM

    free admission to the public

    21+ and parents with kids (same goes for sellers)

    Parking: Street
    #49 Western bus - http://www.transitchicago.com/riding_cta/busroute.aspx?RouteId=198
    Transit Chicago - http://www.transitchicago.com/

    The Empty Bottle starts serving at noon, so feel free to shop with mimosas in hand. (We do encourage relaxed shopping.) You can also grab brunch at the tasty Bite Café next door.

    Markets include funky jewelry, glass pendants, knitted items, handbags, clothing, paper crafts and more.

  • Sat February 11, 2017 6:00 pm
    • 'Mirrored' featuring Galaxxu & friends

    Mirrored is our sorta new monthly improvised jazz/experimental music series, conceived by Chicago musicians Syler Rowe and Bruce Lamont. Each month, we welcome a completely unique group of Chicago musicians to perform with/against/together on the floor in front of the Bottle stage. For this second installment of 2017, we welcome experimental rock trio GALAXXU. They'll be playing two sets and will be accompanied by smooth tunes before, in-between and after, courtesy of Mr. Rowe. Mirrored goes down from 6-8pm each month right before Windy City Soul Club hits the stage. The cherry on top? It's always FREE!

  • Sat February 11, 2017 9:00 pm
    • Windy City Soul Club
    $5 cover

    The WINDY CITY SOUL CLUB boasts that the "best rare soul deejays in Chicago come together to create the best party this city has ever seen," and if you're inclined to think real deejays need only a box full of vinyl, you'll likely agree. WCSC deejays play all original vinyl of the Northern Soul variety, Motown-style gems, regional hits, ace dancing tunes as well as your favorite recognizable sing-along classics. If you've ever wanted to "shake a tail feather" tonight's your night to get dapper and get down.

    No advance tickets sold - $5 cover at the door!

  • Sun February 12, 2017 2:00 pm
    • Al Scorch's Winter Slumber

    It’s year five of our favorite winter tradition, Al Scorch’s Winter Slumber!

    Chicago singer-songwriter, guitarist and banjoist AL SCORCH brings his Winter Slumber back to the Empty Bottle Brunch Hour in 2017. A special residency that he started here in early 2013, this Sunday afternoon series finds Scorch and a variety of special guests stretching their musical legs with new tunes and arrangements, while also delighting audiences with Scorch classics and even a cover or two. Winter Slumbers are some of the finest Sunday afternoons we've experienced in a long time, so grab a pal or four, order a round of bloodies, maybe some brunch, and enjoy Round TWO of the 2017 Winter Slumber.

  • Sun February 12, 2017 9:00 pm
    • Pillowhammer
    • Caleb Willitz

    PILLOWHAMMER is a gentle but devastating blow to the central nervous system. Led by JIM DORLING, former harmonium player of Chicago/Thrill Jockey-based TOWN & COUNTRY, the band plays an intoxicating blend of psychedelic, loungey rock music, as heard on their November 2015 release, How To Scrape Skies. In the band's own words, THE PILLOWHAMMER "lays you out and you stay there, because it's pretty relaxing down there."  CALEB WILLITZ is a local artists whos music encompasses folk, alt-country, experimental, free jazz & psych. He performs solo and as part of THE CALEB WILLITZ BAND, where he is joined by three fellow artists on guitar, drums, and bass. WILLITZ is also a beast on the production side of things, assisting many fellow musicians with recording and mixing their records. 

  • Mon February 13, 2017 9:00 pm
    • Sports Boyfriend
    • Dizzyride
    • Press
    • Lokomoko
    Free Monday

    Chicago artist Eileen Peliter, aka SPORTS BOYFRIEND, makes her second Empty Bottle appearance tonight for this February Free Monday. Get ready for some goth-pop goodness that'll get you movin' and groovin' through the darkest corrdors of time and space, because that's what SPORTS BOYFRIEND is all about. DIZZYRIDE is an NYC DIY pop duo consisting of Nicola Dona and Zoe Kiefl. Together they create a lovely marriage of pop and soulful psychadelia, making it impossible to stay put while listening. New Chicago outfit PRESS makes their Bottle debut tonight, playing second after Hamburg, Germany-based ambient/experimental quartet LOKOMOKO kicks off the night. Feel the love for free, y'all.

  • Tue February 14, 2017 9:00 pm
    • Empty Bottle Valentine's Day Dance featuring Super Sonic Space Rebels
    • The Lizzies
    • Bremer and the No Goods
    • DJs Greg Harbour & Aric Sparticus
    $7.00 - $45.00

    Proceeds from this show will go to benefit Rape Victims Advocates.

    Bring your sweetheart, your best bud, or just your fabulous self, to celebrate the day of LoOoOoOoOoVe at Bite Café and The Empty Bottle. We’re throwing a Valentine’s Day Dance with some of the most romantic punks this side of the Mississippi, and encourage everyone to fill your tummies at Bite Café beforehand. Love is in the air dammit and we’re ready to party.

    You can buy tickets in single or double, as well as a Dinner & A Show package, good for $35 at Bite Cafe + entry for two to Prom. After purchasing the package, email jessh@emptybottle.com to secure your table. Reminder that Bite is a BYOB establishment. 

    Headlining our stage for the first time this evening is SUPER SONIC SPACE REBELS. This surfabilly-punk Smut Rocket Roll trio from Chicago puts on one heck of a show. With music spanning from rockabilly to full on punk-rock, these three have exactly what the love doctor ordered. THE LIZZIES are a rock duo making their live debut tonight on the Bottle stage. Composed of our very own Shelly Mercurio (vocals) and Jazmin Rodriguez (guitar), these two transport you to a time when rock ‘n’ roll was just beginning and sexy as f**k. BREMER AND THE NO GOODS open with their personalized brand of alt-country-tinged Rock & Roll, while DJs GREG HARBOUR and ARIC SPARTICUS kick the evening off by spinning the hits.

  • Wed February 15, 2017 9:00 pm
    • Glitter Creeps presents A Benefit for Between Friends featuring The Gold Web
    • Radiant Devices
    • Bloodhype

    Glitter Creeps is tearing 2017 UP! This Rock/Punk/New Wave queer night has been throwing some of the best damn parties around since bringing their party to the Bottle. Hosted and co-curated by siblings Donnie & Madison Moore of ABSOLUTELY NOT, the monthly showcase was declared Best punk-rock LGBTQ night in Chicago Reader's 2015 Best Of issue and was included in Chicagoist's Best Queer Nightlife In Chicago. Each month brings new and exciting bands from Chicago and beyond to perform on our stage and we're stoked for the lineup that they've put together tonight, which will double as a benefit for Between Friends.

    THE GOLD WEB's brand of upbeat electronic-glam-rock will have you shaking that booty to noises & grooves you never knew existed. Check out their latest album, Natural Born Mystic, and get ready to get down, y'all. RADIANT DEVICES spirals out in all directions with wildly unpredictable experimental rock. This quartet’s musical range knows no bounds and they’ll send you into a dancing frenzy. BLOODHYPE is Maureen Neer’s musical stream of consciousness, featuring everything from satirical R&B to garage pop. She’ll be kicking off the night with a selection of tunes she wrote and recorded in the wee hours in her bedroom.

  • Thu February 16, 2017 9:00 pm
    • Naomi Punk
    • PC Worship
    • The Bug

    When NAOMI PUNK's debut LP The Feeling came out in Spring 2012 on Couple Skate Records, it felt new and unpretentious. Not in the sense that it was without influence. There’s plenty to pick apart in their music.  NAOMI PUNK has developed a devoted following. It’s no surprise either, tracks like “Voodoo Trust” sneak up on you. It burrows into your brain — the chorus knocking around your ears way before you even figure out what they’re singing. Considering the way the music world is today, you’d expect a bunch of young Seattle dudes to get extra weird, if only because they can, but NAOMI PUNK take a different route, constructing brawny, anthemic rock songs that’ll make every kid that hears them want to start their own band, if even half of them are this good, music will be in a pretty great place. PC WORSHIP is a band, solo project & collective of musicians, trimming steadily on the outskirts of punk, while enlisting methods of new music and free improvisation. Aesthetically the band is uncommitted and explorative, basing the generalized musical direction on artistic expression and the commitment to creative self fulfillment. "PC" is a catalyst for ambiguity, as the acronym evokes futuristic, nihilistic, political, referential or even religious imagery. Much in the same way, the creative output is perpetuated by the limitless possibilities of musical composition, ranging from repetitive single chord minimalism or basic pop song structures to chaotic, translucent, hell-bent free grunge & entire tracks consisting of only manipulated tape or through composed horn sections. The desire for decisive ambiguity and conceptual freedom work to create a unified aesthetic statement that is very definitively, PC WORSHIP. Left-field hardcore vets THE BUG are coming back to infest us all with a set of contentious, screeching noise. The Chicago veterans last played here in July opening for SHEER MAG, so you can bet they're frothing at the mouth to unleash another set of maddening, real-fucking-deal punk upon the unsuspecting masses.

  • Fri February 17, 2017 9:00 pm
    • 93XRT welcomes River Whyless

    When RIVER WHYLESS set out to write We All The Light (out August 26th on Roll Call Records), its three original members – RYan O’Keefe, Halli Anderson and Alex McWalters – were already accustomed to “collaborating” with each other. Collaboration is a word often used to glamorize a much less appealing process: compromise. It’s a give and take, a back and forth, an amendment of individual visions for the sake of something greater. With We All The Light, River Whyless bought into that process.

    In O’Keefe and Anderson the Asheville, NC band already had two accomplished songwriters. In McWalters, an idiosyncratic percussionist. when Daniel Shearin joined the band in 2012, RIVER WHYLESS acquired not only an accomplished bass player and multi-instrumentalist, but also a third singer/songwriter. The new dynamic added yet another strong personality to an already potent lot, and the result was a period of creative gestation wherein the band’s four distinct musical voices struggled to coalesce into a single vision.

    We All The Light is an album about heeding the need to adapt, to change, and, yes, to relinquish. It’s about submitting to the pains of compromise in order to honor the belief that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. It’s about taking to heart the virtues of equality and learning how much more complicated that can be in practice than in theory. But also how rewarding.

  • Sat February 18, 2017 9:00 pm
    • Winter Formal 2017 featuring Troy Anderson
    • The Evening Attraction
    • Red Francis
    • Faux Furrs

    Chicago, it's time time to slip into your very best and get down at good ole Empty Bottle. The second annual Winter Formal Dance is happening February 18th, and we're ready to hit the dance floor in class...for once. This ain't no BS high school shindig. We have top-notch rock 'n' roll music for you to get down and dirty to, while wearing your very best. Headlining is that rock & roll five-piece TROY ANDERSON, those smooth rock 'n' roll crooners THE EVENING ATTRACTION, psych-soul outfit RED FRANCIS, and FAUX FURRS kicking the evening into high gear.

  • Sun February 19, 2017 9:00 pm
    • Red Bull Sound Select Presents, Dan Deacon
    • Marijuana Deathsquads
    • Air Credits
    $5 w/ RSVP, $15 without

    [Early arrival is recommended for this show to avoid waiting in line outside. $5 cover with RSVP, $15 without RSVP. No advance tickets sold!]

    DAN DEACON is back in town and we couldn't be happier to have him for this round of Red Bull Sound Select Chicago! This Baltimore based singer/songwriter and electroacoustic composer is always a damn treat to have on our stage. DEACON adventured into untouched territory with his  latest self-produced LP Gliss Riffer, released last February. Following up on the release of his large ensemble-based recordings - 2009's Bromst and 2012's America - DEACON decided to return to a simpler way of writing and recording, similar to that of 2007's breakthru Spiderman of the Rings. What Gliss Riffer shares with Spiderman of the Rings is a direct and ecstatic energy. It trades in exuberant, uncontained fun that is tempered by lyrics that yearn and are set in defiance of life's nagging anxiety. 

    MARIJUANA DEATHSQUADS is the ever-evolving, experimental project lead by Ryan Olson, (producer/writer of POLIÇA and GAYNGS), Isaac Gale, and Stefon Alexander (P.O.S). With multiple drummers, a slew of electronic instruments, and highly effected vocals, their live shows are a violent onslaught of improvised yet tightly woven, jagged, intricate experimental sound. 

    AIR CREDITS is a collaboration between hip-hop artists SHOWYOUSUCK and mash-up crew THE HOOD INTERNET. AIR CREDITS is music from the not too distant future, when the planet's water supply has all but ceased, the landscape turning to desert, the desert turning to wasteland. Radio stations worldwide have been transformed into climate controlled compounds, guarded heavily by their surrounding communities not only to maintain communique with the declining population, but to preserve music new and old— lest it expire with the planet.

  • Mon February 20, 2017 9:00 pm
    • Dumpster Tapes Presents No Men
    • Son of a Gun
    • Parent
    • Cass Cwik
    Free Monday

    Our pals at Dumpster Tapes have thrown together a banger for the Bottle and we're super stoked to host them! Founded in 2013, the locally famous label has released a new tape nearly every month for over three years, showcasing the best of local garage and psych rock.

    Returning as the tough and sweaty meat in this rock & roll sandwich is Chicago via Austin goth-grunge/sad-punk band NO MEN. These cats are hesitant to put all their eggs in one basket when defining their genre. "No-core, no-gaze. Don't think about it too much" is how they choose to describe it and so can you. Their latest thrashing smash-hit Dear God, Please Bring the Doom came out in October and you can still grab the cassette through Gezellig Records!

    Few can resist the siren call of SON OF A GUN's two-guitar attack. If your feet aren't tapping, then we legitimately suggest you see a doctor, 'cause you might be dead.

    PARENT will delight indefinitely with their warped guitar-pop ditties. No matter what they try to tell you, this ain't no fuckin' kids music, it's lysergic rock & roll that only the most twisted minds can appreciate. PARENT continues to grow with each set, so you can bet they'll leave you with your jaw on the floor once they take the stage. One of DT's mellower artists, CASS CWIK, will be kicking off the night with his beachy spin on the jangly DT garage we all know and love.

    One of DT’s mellower artists, CASS CWIK, will be kicking off the night with his beachy spin on the jangly DT garage we all know and love.

  • Tue February 21, 2017 9:00 pm
    • Gaika [soundsystem]
    • Yves Tumor

    GAIKA is vocalist and producer from Brixton, London. With a voice as rough as sandpaper and hooks that will make your mind explor, GAIKA lists garage, grunge, grime, and trip-hop as influences. He's also known for often nods to dance-hall and reggae - so basically, this is some sh*t you've never heard before. He released a 12" vinyl EP titled Spaghetto (Warped Records) in October. We're stoked to welcome GAIKA to the Empty Bottle for the first time, and can't wait to get deep, deep into the abyss with him. Direct support comes from YVES TUMOR, a Tennessee-born arists specializing in ambient and lo-fi club tracks. His recent full-length release, Serpent Music (PAN), is getting all sorts of raves in the experimental lo-fi world. FADER said of the album: "Although YVES TUMOR's arresting new full-length, Serpent Music, was recorded between lots of different cities all over the world, there is an overarching soulfulness to the project"

  • Wed February 22, 2017 9:00 pm
    • Black Atlass with special guest OVERWERK

    BLACK ATLASS is the creation of young visionary singer/songwriter and producer Alexander Fleming. With a carefully crafted body of work delivered to the world with his first self-titled release at 17 years old, the prodigious artist has quickly turned from the underground's best kept secret to a singular voice and vision traveling from dance floors to runways across the globe. Not long after his initial self-released debut, his music was earning praise from the likes of Vogue and scoring Louis Vuitton ads, garnering attention from critics and fans and eventually pairing him with NYC-based label Fool's Gold where Black Atlass delivered his first label release, the 2014 EP Young Bloods. His creative output transcends music; from design to visual arts, everything comes together as a full vision, all mediums adapt to his own universe. After a lifelong relationship with the piano, guitar, drums, bass, and trumpet, Fleming adopted samplers and drum machines as a teenager to develop the fully-formed musical palette that can only be described as "the Black Atlass sound."

  • Fri February 24, 2017 9:00 pm
    • NE-HI
    • Deeper
    • Cafe Racer
    $10 (advance), $12

    Emerging from underground venues in Chicago’s Northwest side, NE-HI made its name on both its live energy and cleverly wrought guitar anthems. On its second album Offers (Grand Jury), out Februrary 24th, the band takes those basement-forged instincts and refines them, lets its guitars explore new angles, and focuses its songwriting. The result shows there are a wide range of post-punk possibilities yet to be explored. It all started at Animal Kingdom, a flash-in-the-pan DIY basement in Chicago’s Logan Square. NE-HI’s more ambitious sound and heady arrangements broke away from garage rock’s back-to-basic’s approach. The band’s disparate influences--Wire’s post-punk, Springsteen’s everyman anthems, along with echoes of dreamy atmospheres of Dave Roback’s Rain Parade and the jangly buzz of Kiwi pop legends The Clean--began burning through. Offers is NE-HI finding that rising to the occasion means living up to your own standards, not someone else’s. 

    Returning to the Bottle after headlining a rocking Friday night in January is DEEPER. This quarteet started in 2014 as a shimmering dream-pop four-piece and have since adopted a fuller, more nuanced sound with a stronger focus on guitar interplay and driving rhythms. On their excellent Fire Talk debut, "Trans," released this past May, DEEPER channels the anxiety and uneasiness of modern life by weaving chiming guitar swirls to a dense climax. We're expecting big things outta these fellas in 2017.

    Opening the evening is CAFE RACER. Formerly known as GROSS POINTE, this Chicago band made their live debut right here back in March. The psych/shoegaze rock n roll quartet are influenced by everything from BRIAN JONESTOWN MASSACRE to JESUS & MARY CHAIN. They sound more groovy and noisey with textured melody than their past aggressive garage punk history. 

  • Sat February 25, 2017 9:00 pm
    • Meat Wave (Record Release)
    • Paper Mice
    • Melkbelly
    • Foul Tip
    $10 (advance), $12

    Oh man. MEAT WAVE record release at the Empty Bottle? Is this a dream? MEAT WAVE is constantly being asked about its name, though it gets why you keep on doing it. Formed in 2011 by the trio of Chris Sutter (vocals/guitar), Joe Gac (bass), and Ryan Wizniak (drums), the three Chicago punk scene stalwarts came together and, just a year later, released its self-titled full-length, though that was never the intention. These dudes really rock the shit out of their songs and we can't help but rage every time we listen to em, be it their rippin' debut full length or 2015's acerbic follow-up, Delusion Moon, released via Side One DummyEntertainment Weekly says MEAT WAVE "bites harder than a polar vortex gust tearing down Michigan Avenue." How's that for a geographically topical reference? Tonight sees the trio's triumphant return to The Bottle stage, so get ready to take it to the next level and show these boys why we love em so dang much. PAPER MICE is a three-piece whirligig from Chicago. These DIY scene super stars blend a freakish range of influences into miniature, prog-punk puzzles that are extra fun to put together. We last saw them all together when they shredded through Television's '77 classic Marquee Moon this past Halloween. We also saw studly drummer John Carroll sit in with Oozing Wound and not miss a beat when they opened for HIGH ON FIRE to close out 2016! All the way from Pilsen is MELKBELLY, a refreshingly loud, thrashy & crunchy take on noise-rock. The Melkers have been one of the hottest names in town since releasing their album Pennsylvania in 2014, via Automatic Recordings, and are definitely a staff favorite around these parts. They always turn that shit up to 11 whenever they hit the stage and we can't wait to see how they kick this shitstorm into high gear tonight. we're welcoming back FOUL TIP, the fuzzed-out punk rock project of drummer/vocalist ED BORNSTEIN and bassist/vocalist ADAM LUKSETICH. This excessively rad drum/bass duo returns to the Bottle tonight to clown on your ass with their maddeningly raucous attack. Unfortunately the legendary 70s Toronto underground post-punk band THE SCENICS aren't able to make it across the border for tonight's show, but you can still pick up the archival release "In The Summer" (a collection of songs recorded on four track reel to reel during 1977 and 1978). 

  • Tue February 28, 2017 9:00 pm
    • Withered
    • Immortal Bird
    • Varaha
    $8 advance, $10

    We are stoked as hell to welcome back WITHERED, tortured blackened doom/death metallers from Atlanta. WITHERED was established in 2003 to focus on masochistic introspection while traversing many sub-genres of extreme metal. We haven't seen these soul-crushing gents since 2007, so it's about damn time they returned! Direct support comes from IMMORTAL BIRD, Chicago black metal band whose 2015 release Empress/Abscess had everyone screaming for joy. Metal Injection said of the album: "Immortal Bird cranks out bludgeoning, constantly-shifting grind-laden jams that have a lot of substance to them. For a debut, or any release in a career really, Empress/Abscess is crazy good." From Chicago, VARAHA play a dynamic brand of dark and somber doom/dark rock inspired metal. The band’s palette is wide and varies from monolithic, heavily distorted guitars to elegiac and nostalgic arrangements. Overall, their music is a cinematic dance between heavy riffing counterpointed by omnipresent melodies, as well as droned parts of despair, and evocative clean guitar arrangements. Varaha's debut EP is out now.

  • Wed March 1, 2017 9:00 pm
    • Death By Unga Bunga
    • City Slang

    We are extremely priviliged to host psychadelic-punk five-piece DEATH BY UNGA BUNGA during their first Chicago visit. The band, coming atcha from Moss, Norway, has hit New York, L.A., and SXSW, but have never landed in this fair windy city. Their latest EP, Fight!, dropped in September via Norwegian lable Jansen Plateproduksjon. Stereogum called the title track "an infectious blast of crunchy riffage that culminates in a pleasure-center bullseye of a guitar solo." Whoa baby. Back for their second ever Bottle performance is CITY SLANG, a band seasoned in the Chicago rock world. Members have gained experience in bands such as DECAY AFTER DEATH, WHITE ROSE, WHEELS ON FIRE, and CEMETERY.

  • Thu March 2, 2017 9:00 pm
    • Crocodiles
    • AJ Davila

    Since 2008, CROCODILES have evolved from their genesis as the duo of BRANDON WELCHEZ and guitarist CHARLES ROWELL into a revolving cast of artistic heathens. Though the group has seen members come and go, their efforts are centered around the core members, BRANDON and CHARLES, best friends who've have been writing and recording together since they were 18 years old. Following in the footsteps of the raw, anthemic psychedelia and art-punk of years past, the duo's first five records were released on the likes of Fat Possum and Frenchkiss, each tweaking their sound ever so slightly without ever losing their pop sensibilities. On 2016's Dreamless, out via Zoo Music, CROCODILES ditched the guitars in favor of a more spacious, synthesizer and piano-driven sound to create their most exploratory yet focused release yet. It's their first time at the Bottle since 2014 and we can't wait to rage with 'em once again.

    Backed by critical acclaim as one-sixth of breakout Latino garage band Dávila 666, AJ DAVILA is back with a solo project that’s earned positive reviews from Pitchfork, Spin, Vice, NPR and Brooklyn Vegan. Known for his projects’ impeccable mix of Spanish lyrics and scuzzy lo-fi production, the Puerto Rico-based musician’s solo songwriting ranges from the Stooges-inspired garage feel his fans know and love to a foray into Bowie-territory glam rock.

  • Thu March 9, 2017 9:00 pm
    • Dehd (tape release)
    • Bunny
    • Coffin Ships
    • Max Pelt
    • Eye Vybe DJs

    When DEHD releases a new tape, you know the Empty Bottle is going to throw a damn good party. DEHD (formally known as DREAM EAGLE HEAVY DREAMS) makes their third Bottle appearance tonight. We have the amazing ERIC McGRADY behind the kit, with JASON BALLA (NE-HI/EARRING), and SUPERMAGICAL's EMILY KEMPF completing the trifecta of awesome-sauce. Always a dang pleasure to have these cats on our stage. Joining the fun is BUNNY, a four-piece led by Jessica Viscius on vocals and guitar. Much like cough syrup, their sound mixes deliriously sweet n’ slow 60’s pop songs with sardonically deadpan lyrics. One of the original Manic Static bands, COFFIN SHIPS, are here to hit hard with their short and eloquent songs that are torn little snippets of psychedelic pop bliss. The two-piece is returning to our stage tonight for the first time since 2015. Kicking the evening off is the duo of local label awesomeness, Max Pelt and Eye Vybe Records, spinning the hits.

  • Fri March 10, 2017 9:00 pm
    • Moving Units presents The Songs of Joy Division featuring Moving Units
    • Viktor Fiction
    • Soviet
    • Analog Signals Djs

    MOVING UNITS have been kindly forcing people into fits of dancing with the power of their Italo-disco meets SONIC YOUTH fusion of dance punk since 2001. Formed in Los Angeles during the “dance-punk” heyday, this marks the third time they’ve ventured all the way from California to play our stage...and this time, it's a super special performance. MOVING UNITS will perform the best songs of English post-punk heroes JOY DIVISION. The band will also play a couple of selects from their new  LP, Damage With Care, as well as classic MOVING UNITS material. VIKTOR FICTION is the new band / alter ego of veteran production impresario Dave Trumfio, the man behind the board for a vast group of artist that have included The Jesus & Mary Chain, The Rentals, Sia, Wilco, Grandaddy, My Morning Jacket, Ok Go, Mekons, Alternative TV and Built To Spill to only name a few. Trumfio was also the frontman and songwriter for 90’s New Wave revivalist PulsarsSOVIET arose from the NYC electroclash scene in the early 2000s. Their first album We Are Eyes, We Are Builders fused humanemotions with embellished melodies, luscious synths, and austere beats. SOVIET embraced the pure remnants of the 80s and made them their own. The new record Ghosts is a return to their humble beginnings.

  • Sun March 12, 2017 9:00 pm
    • Springtime Carnivore
    $10 (advance). $12

    You know the curious, almost out-of-body feeling you sometimes get when you wake up in the middle of the night, where everything seems a bit fuzzy and you’re not sure if maybe you’re still dreaming? It’s a state Greta Morgan perpetually revisited during the second half of 2015, when she was writing and recording the new Springtime Carnivore album, Midnight Room. “I was on a really jagged sleep schedule,” says the Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter, describing the months during which she worked on the follow-up to her critically adored 2014 debut. “It was the first time I’d ever lived by myself, and there was this bizarre feeling at night of the house being so quiet and being so totally alone. And Midnight Room came out of that.”

    Earlier in the year, Morgan went through one of those break-ups that completely topples your world. Though it was as amicable as those things can be, the twenty-eight year-old musician felt shattered. She began working on songs for Midnight Room during those strange waking interludes last summer, finding an abundance of beautiful melodies in the melancholy ether. “A lot of lyrics on the record are collaged or don’t necessarily make sense next to each other,” she says. “But I guess my whole headspace was like that for a few months. I felt like I couldn’t trust my memory completely -- like I was space cadeting through the weird space between sleeping and dreaming and waking and reality.”

    The melodies came easily, but the words were initially harder to find. So she tried a new approach for Midnight Room’s lyrics, inspired by her own disjointed thinking during those months. When an intriguing phrase or evocative image occurred to her, she wrote it down on a piece of index card. Sitting with the dozens of scraps on the floor in front of her, Morgan would rearrange the fragments until she found a way to make sense of it all. “A lot of the themes are, like, ‘How do you lovingly change a relationship?,’” she says. “How do you say good-bye to someone in a certain way and still keep him or her in your life? I feel like I was asking a lot of questions during the making of the record that I still don’t really have answers to, but at least some of the songs were exploring that territory.”

    In the interest of achieving a more cohesive sound for Midnight Room, Morgan reached out to producer Chris Coady, whose work with Future Islands, Beach House and The Orwells she’d admired. “To me, Chris’s greatest gift as a producer is creating a sonic palette for an album that really brings their songs to life,” she says. “I wanted the whole thing to feel like you’re looking through a cobalt blue glass, and to get textures that almost feel like being able to see stars in the sky. I wanted it to have this very velvety midnight blue purity to the sound, and I feel like the synthesizers that we used and a lot of the guitar tones we used evoked that kind of visual texture.”

  • Thu March 16, 2017 9:00 pm
    • All Them Witches
    • Irata

    Heavy, heady and hypnotic, ALL THEM WITCHES returns to The Empty Bottle for the third time ever. These guys concoct a powerful and potent psychedelic sound that fuses bluesy soul, Southern swagger and thunderous hard rock. With their transfixing releases, 2012’s Our Mother Electricity and 2014’s Lightning At The Door, and a jam-filled live show where no two shows are the same, the band has amassed a devoted following and have become something of a sensation in the underground rock scene. “The band seemingly channels the churn of the universe and connects with a big, bad, uncaring cosmos,” wrote the Boston Globe, adding, “There is a primal ebb and flow at the core. ALL THEM WITCHES' mystic atmosphere, dark but not brutal, is the result of a tireless work ethic, a grueling tour schedule, and a tape trader’s compulsion for documenting every show. IRATA, from Greensboro, NC, defy specific categorization. Their sound dodges to the side or straight up smashes through genre barriers with a dexterous, infectious groove. Once an instrumental act, the lineup has shifted from a trio to a duo and back, and following several lineup shifts since their inception eight years ago, the band has finally solidified things with its most roaring setup yet; including Jason Ward, Jon Case, and Cheryl Manner. 

  • Sat March 18, 2017 9:00 pm
    • Sam Patch
    $10 (advance). $12

    Born and raised in Guelph, Ontario, Tim Kingsbury began performing music as a child at his family church. After years of creating music with various groups, Tim moved to Ottawa, and later left the province for Montreal, Quebec. There he joined the band Arcade Fire in 2002, where he continues to inspire and define the musical landscape of one of the world’s biggest indie rock bands. A multi-instrumentalist and frequent collaborator with musicians across different genres, Tim is set to launch his new project in early 2017 under the name SAM PATCH.

    As his first solo record began to take shape, certain themes and influences became apparent in the songs. Many are touchstones from Tim’s past, such as Abba, Devo, Fleetwood Mac, Zamfir, Leonard Cohen and Stereolab. Lyrically, he was inspired by everything from self-help books to Philip K. Dick to Greek and Christian mythology.

    One weekend in Chicago, he had a recording session with John McEntire and Doug McCombs, who appear on Never Meant No Harm and Up All Night. The song Listening was co-written with Tim’s wife and partner Natalie Shatula. Basia Bulat lent her voice on seven of the record’s eight songs, and contributed vocal and piano arrangements on various tracks. Jeremy Gara, drummer in Arcade Fire and Tim’s frequent musical collaborator, played drums on six of the songs.  

    Tim is will launch the album on Feb 17, 2017 and is excited to get on stage to perform his songs. A winter/spring 2017 tour is in the works.

  • Thu March 23, 2017 9:00 pm
    • Tim Darcy [Ought]
    • Molly Burch
    $10 advance, $12

    It's been nearly two years since The Empty Bottle has hosted TIM DARCY, singer and guitarist of Canadian post-punk band OUGHT. Never have we hosted the musician solo, so you can imagine our excitment to see all the amazing things he has in store. 

    Born in Arizona, TIM DARCY made his way to both Colorado and New Hampshire before ending up in Montreal where he found university, the city’s rich DIY scene, and the other members of OUGHT.  He began writing poetry as early as the third grade and performed often, and his first attempts at songwriting were him feeling around in the dark to set some of them to music.  In Montreal, he played in various projects, his and others, before settling into a groove as the singer and guitarist of OUGHT. Saturday Night, the first proper solo album from TIM DARCY, comes from one of those crossroads-type moments in life where one has to walk to the edge before knowing which way to proceed.A personal meditation reveals itself across these songs as you feel a poetic, thoughtful person attempting to reconcile a schism, one that grows more expansive as Saturday Night flows along.  It is a journey, but it’s a really fun, gratifying one; like a poem where you’re not supposed to know exactly how to feel at that last line and you’re left just bursting with a wonderful emptiness.

  • Tue March 28, 2017 9:00 pm
    • Lawrence English
    • Cleared

    LAWRENCE ENGLISH is a composer, media artist and curator based in Australia. Working across an eclectic array of aesthetic investigations, English’s work prompts questions of field, perception and memory. He investigates the politics of perception, through live performance and installation, to create works that ponder subtle transformations of space and ask audiences to become aware of that which exists at the edge of perception. Returning as support this evening is CLEARED, who released their debut LP in 2011 in addition to another LP Breaking Day via Immune Recordings. In the words of Boomkat, “It is hard right now to add anything new to the so-called drone scene, but CLEARED are fathoms deeper than the current crop of pseudo ambient non-releases."

  • Fri March 31, 2017 9:00 pm
    • Xiu Xiu
    $13 advance. $15

    XIU XIU was born on a dance floor, arriving alone at the club and going home alone from the club. That night the first XIU XIU song, Jennifer Lopez, was recorded. Its line, “is it tough to watch, Friday after Friday!?,” began what XIU XIU was going to try to say. The songs would always be about specific events in the personal lives of the band, the people close to them, and about the social and economic politics that effect and deform subjugated life from everywhere in this wobbling, wreck of a solar system.XIU XIU has never shied away from any topic that is honest and meaningful to them. Their songs are about gender dysphoria, suicide, loneliness, going insane, child soldiers, the tsunami in Indonesia, hideous sex, the Sanrio character Pandapple, abortion politics, incest, cats, queer life, being raped by the police and the individual responsibility of U.S. military personnel for the families they murder. Somehow within all of this, cuteness attempts to find a way to embrace death and horrible emotion. The music is drawn from British post punk and synth pop, modern Western classical, noise and experimental musics, Asian percussion musics, American folk, torch singers, house, techno, 1950s rock n roll and this second’s top 40.


  • Thu April 6, 2017 9:00 pm
    • Modern English
    $15 (advance), $18

    We said it when they were here last year, and we'll say it again -- come "stop the world and melt" with the Empty Bottle and UK post-punk legends MODERN ENGLISH. These fellas are returning to America and couldn't miss out on a stop at The Empty Bottle. "We won't play anywhere else" they may or may not have said after that memorable show back in May of 2016. In case you've been living under a rock your whole life, MODERN ENLGISH are an English rock band best remembered for their songs "I Melt with You," "Hands Across the Sea," and "Ink and Paper". The group disbanded for a period in 1991, but later recorded in 1995 with some new members. The original members reformed in 2009 and began touring again at the beginning of last year and we're all better for it. Don't miss this massive show!

  • Sun April 9, 2017 9:00 pm
    • Six Organs of Admittance
    • Tashi Dorji & Tyler Damon
    • Health&Beauty
    $10 (advance). $12

    In preparing for the first album of non-Hexadic SIX ORGANS OF ADMITTANCE music since 2012’s Ascent, Ben Chasny had a think about what he’d be saying in his own tongue for the first time in a half-decade. As ever, a head-full of ideas were driving him to think and speak music as a spirituality superimposed onto a reality, with the ghosts of both whispering at each other. In the end, what sits in our listening ears is the sound of communion. Burning the Threshold brings a wealth of SIX ORGANS-styled lightness into one of his sweetest musical meditations yet. With this new music, Ben Chasny has created a potent tonic for our times. The gentleness found here, balanced on top of his classical asceticism, provides much of what we need in 2017 and beyond: love, forgiveness, reality and an ever-wider view, with the understanding of our circular path in this lifetime. Looking at the world through clear eyes beneath a knitted brow, but with a laugh rising up from its heart, Burning the Threshold brings us a powerful draught of essence.

    Both Will Escape is the debut full-length between electric guitarist TASHI DORJI and percussionist TYLER DAMON. In the long tradition of string/drum duets -- from Bailey & Bennink to Haino & Yoshida -- these two cleave out their own unmapped continent of sound. Across four pieces they connect lashes of ecstatic intensity and outer reaches of texture and timbre. At times Dorji's brutal electric torrents meld into Damon's metal and tonal abstractions.


  • Thu April 13, 2017 9:00 pm
    • Methyl Ethel

    METHYL ETHEL is the uninhibited alt-pop project from Perth musician Jake Webb. The band started in 2013, as an outlet for the reverb soaked home recordings Webb was working on whilst developing his ambient and textural guitar playing in a variety of local outfits. METHYL ETHEL has since blossomed into one of the most critically revered and publicly embraced acts coming out of Western Australia in some time. Built from the ground up in various bedrooms, friends’ studios and quiet caverns over 2013, the exceptional EP diptych Guts and Teeth, which explore themes of anxiety, disillusionment and stasis, were released in quick succession. These intricate tapestries of melody, dripping with lush eccentricity, ascended through the ether and onto the airwaves, with Indie Shuffle, Happy, triple j, FBi Radio, 3RRR and RTRFM amongst others all taking note.

  • Fri April 21, 2017 9:00 pm
    • Moon Duo
    • Jackie Lynn

    The highest apex of psychedelia, be it art, music, drugs or literature, is to induce a prolonged consciousness shift that affects the consumer far beyond the time they were privy to the act. MOON DUO's third full-length LP, 'Shadow of the Sun,' was written entirely during one of these evolving phases -- a rare and uneasy rest period, devoid of the constant adrenaline of performing live and the stimulation of traveling through endless moving landscapes. This offered MOON DUO a new space to reflect on all of these previous experiences and cradle them while cultivating the album in the unfamiliar environment of a new dwelling; a dark Portland basement. It was from this stir-crazy fire that 'Shadow of the Sun' was forged. JACKIE LYNN is the latest songwriting persona of HALEY FOHR (CIRCUIT DES YEUX). With a sharper rock sound on the recently dropped LP, Jackie Lynn (Thrill Jockey), FOHR takes her storytelling to the next leveing.



  • Sat April 22, 2017 9:00 pm
    • Chaz Bundick Meets The Mattson 2
    • Madeline Kenney

    Given the state of modern music and its fabricated pop icons, what Chaz Bundick Meets The Mattson 2 achieves is a collective music victory in a new era of progressive soundscapes. World-renowned composer/producer extraordinaire CHAZ BUNDICK, more commonly known "as" TORO Y MOI, has teamed up with the psychedelic-jazz grooves of THE MATTSON 2 for an album that unifies a trio’s creativity into a refreshing project of unhinged sonic originality. The group and the album, Chaz Bundick Meets Mattson 2, explores psychedelic, jazz, and improvisatory influences ranging from Afrofuturistic Sun Ra, to electric Miles Davis, to groove-fueled Serge Gainsbourg and The Zombies. Grounding the album are break-beats, synthesizers, acoustic strums, and guitar fuzz reminiscent of David Axelrod and Arthur Verocai. With cosmic structures, timeless influences, rich harmonies, and melodic interplays, the trio brings an intergalactic edge to both their live shows and an album worthy of repeated visits. Direct support comes from MADELINE KENNEY, an oakland-dwelling Seattle transplant who makes twang-hazy dream pop.

  • Thu May 18, 2017 9:00 pm
    • Jambinai

    JAMBINAI sound less like a band than a force of nature, fusing the full dramatic range of post-rock dynamics to Korean folk roots to create an exhilarating, vivid and unique fusion. Their instrumental music is coloured by Kim’s fiddle-like haegum, Ilwoo Lee’s guitar and piri (a Korean flute made of bamboo) and Eun Youg Sim’s geomungo, a Korean zither. They met studying traditional music at Korea’s National University of Arts, and found they were united by a desire to present such music in a new way, “to communicate with the ordinary person who doesn’t listen to Korean traditional music,” says Lee, the band’s principal writer. This makeover, however, eschews previous Korean modernists, who Lee says have used western classical music or jazz, for a molten fusion of metal, rock and experimental sound. “We’re darker than other Korean traditional bands,” Lee adds, with considerable understatement.

  • Sat May 20, 2017 9:00 pm
    • Ha Ha Tonka Record Release
    • Trapper Schoepp

    HA HA TONKA is a band hailing from the Ozarks, named after a beloved Missouri state park. Signed to Bloodshot Records, the five-piece hits the Empty Bottle to celebrate the release of their sixth studio album, the last one being 2013's Lessons. Bloodshot says of their artists: "HA HA TONKA will bring a room to a near boiling point, then bring it down to a hush, then blow it all up to the point where, at the end of the night, you are wore out and you're not sure why--it all happened so organically and without flash." Count us in! TRAPPER SCHOEPP is a young man who’s befriended a strange and diverse cast of characters during his 24 years.The Minnesota-born, Wisconsin-based tunesmith and teller of tales (both tall and true), returns with his second effort Rangers & Valentines (Xtra Mile Recordings). Produced by pop polymath and RACONTEURS member Brendan Benson,, the record finds Schoepp handling vocals, guitar and harmonica.

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