• Mon September 26, 2016 9:00 pm
    • Opposite Sex
    • Pamphleteers (Record Release)
    • Bleach Party
    Free Monday

    Here on this killer edition of FREE MONDAY is OPPOSITE SEX, a trio who came together by chance in the isolated North Island town of Gisborne. The sound they developed in splendid isolation is, they say, some kind of absurdist-logico mix of Euro pop, beat poetry, and subterranean lo-fi adventuring. Drawing musical inspiration from such disparate elements as THE VELVET UNDERGROUND, HALF JAPANESE, and THE BEATLESand marrying it to lyrical themes of animal kingdoms, love and loss, and master/slave dialectics, OPPOSITE SEX reinvent alternative pop in a style of their own. Celebrating the release of a new record tonight, Chicago's PAMPHLETEERS derive from a deep and abiding commitment to the hook and the occasional trip to the whitewashed stratosphere. Drawing on myriad influences from the early British Invasion, nascent psychedelia, proto-metal, to 1980's new wave, the trio yield tuneful nuggets and aggressively moody dirges that lodge deep in your medial pre-fontal cortex. BLEACH PARTY formed in May 2012 and has been knocking out their surfy, sweaty rock & roll ever since. Comprised of members of RABBLE RABBLE and RODEO, the four-piece was hailed for their "swinging, fuzzed-out garage" by the Chicago Reader and Chicagoist calls their single "Empty Heads" a "a fuzzy, melodic rocker filled to the brim with happy hooks."



    Free Mondays at The Empty Bottle are sponsored by Pabst Blue Ribbon.

  • Tue September 27, 2016 9:00 pm
    • L.A. Witch
    • American Breakfast
    • Nonnie Parry

    Hope you're ready for a psyched-out, punk rock evening, because god dammit we got one for you!  Los Angeles trio L.A. WITCH has been known to conjure up the demons in pop. Although the band is only a few years old, one root stretches into the sounds of ‘60s garage musicians like THE PLEASURE SEEKERS and SONICS while the other digs around in DEAD MOON and THE BREEDERS. Self described as “reverb-soaked punked out rock”, L.A. WITCH’s most recent release Drive Your Car is a killer, and no doubt their upcoming debut LP will slay as well. With their lo-fi style in vocals and thrashing sounds from the instruments, L.A. WITCH created a mix of rock, blues and psychedelic for a haunting sound all their own. Local four-piece AMERICAN BREAKFAST are coming our way tonight for the very first time and we're hungry to witness this explosive young band live. Their debut self-titled cassette, out last year on Grabbing Clouds, contains some of the tastiest blown-out garage-punk we've heard in a while and we're damn sure their live show will swallow us all whole. Come hungry, fools! NONNIE PARRY is a Chicago duo whose shoegazy, noisy goth transforms into a spastic, fucked-up freak fest live. They've opened for the likes of THE PACK A.D., hosted a Goth Beach Winter Blast on our very stage a few winters ago, and are city-wide D.I.Y. heroes. Needless to say, we can't wait to see what shenanigans they bring this time around.


  • Wed September 28, 2016 9:00 pm
    • WLUW Welcomes, Guerilla Toss
    • Lovely Little Girls
    • Daniel Wyche

    Combining elements of jazz, noise, no wave, psychedelia, punk, and funk in alternately calming and chaotic ways, GUERILLA TOSS features the core duo of vocalist Kassie Carlson and drummer Pete Negroponte. Aided by guitarist Arian Shaifee and a cast of bassists, keyboardists, and percussionists, Carlson and Negroponte formed GUERILLA TOSS  in Boston in 2011 and began performing and recording prolifically, issuing releases on labels including Feeding Tube, Spooky Town, and Sludgesicle. The band's self-titled debut album arrived in 2013 on Tzadik, with Gay Disco appearing later that year on NNA Tapes. After releasing a trio of EPs and embarking on a European tour in 2014, GUERILLA TOSS resurfaced in Brooklyn in 2015 and announced that they had signed to DFA Records. The three-song Flood Dosed EP was their debut for the label, with the full-length Eraser Stargazer which arrived in March 2016. Direct support this evening comes from LOVELY LITTLE GIRLS, a seven-piece theatrical art/prog band that delves into the grotesque. From subject matter that explores absurd sex, ridiculous gluttony, abject failure, and unceremonious death, LOVELY LITTLE GIRLS morphs rock forms into abstract black humor narratives. Their complex arrangements and odd use harmony will strike a chord with fans of MAGMA, THE CONTORTIONS, and THE RESIDENTS. Monica Kendrick of the Reader writes, "[Lovely Little Girls] create elaborate, challenging, ever-changing musical structures with grotesque themes of slimy, suppurating, oozing, tumescent bodily horror...They create a full, lush sound full of slipperiness and unpredictable, rug-yanking twists and turns. A new LLG album is a long-term pleasure, because you never quite step in the same river twice." Kicking the evening off is DANIEL WYCHE, a local-guitarist working with a wide range of physical preparations, extended techniques, and filter and delay instruments, in order to isolate, draw out and explore the relationships between forms of resonance, overtones and noise through the production and manipulation of sustained feedback and percussive artifacts. Over the past several years, this work has become increasingly integrated with the exploration of multi-channel performance, the spatialization of sound, and site specific-composition. Along with ongoing collaborations with artists like Julian Lynch (Real Estate), Mark Shippy (US Maple, Invisible Things), Ben Baker Billington (Tiger Hatchery, ONO, ADT), Ricardo Lagamosino (Joe Lally, Many Arms, Lithuania), Ryan Packard (Fonema Consort, Skeletons) and others, Daniel continues to collaborate within free improvisation, noise, New Music and experimental communities throughout the US and abroad. 

  • Thu September 29, 2016 9:00 pm
    • The Gooch Palms
    • Slushy
    • Pledge Drive
    • Bric-a-Brac Records DJs

    Newcastle, Australia via Los Angeles punk sweethearts THE GOOCH PALMS have firmly planted their feet in American soil and have played over 150 shows across the USA and Canada to packed rooms and rave reviews since arriving in March 2015. They are fast becoming known as one of the most entertaining live bands in America, something audiences downunder have known for years! Their debut album NOVO'S was released in 2013 on Australian label Anti Fade Records and has since been re-released on Burger Records in the USA and Surfin Ki Records in Europe. Keeping true to their DIY ethos, the pair will be releasing their second album Introverted Extroverts in mid 2016 on their own label Summer Camp Records and will continue the hard work with an extensive worldwide tour to follow. THE GOOCH PALMS are truly a unique, refreshing and hard working band that are creating a world of buzz which is whole-heartedly deserved. SLUSHY brings guzzed-out jingles from Chicago. These sugar-fried bop-pop tunes are so seriously catchy that you’ll be singing along with them 20 seconds into the tune. Sunny melodies and wall-of-sound guitars are best paired with churros and chocolate milk.The members of PLEDGE DRIVE all met while volunteering in the call room of their local public broadcasting Spring Pledge Drive. It was there that they discovered that their passion for high quality, educational and informative programing delivered to the general public was only surpassed by their love of rock and roll. Subsequently, PLEDGE DRIVE hung up the phones and picked up their instruments. BRIC-A-BRAC DJs kick this evening into gear by spinning the hits.

    (Impose) (MXDWN)

  • Fri September 30, 2016 5:30 pm
    • Hard Country Honky-Tonk with The Hoyle Brothers

    The HOYLES consider themselves the real thing and use traditional instrumentation to play Texas shuffle, rave-up and honky-tonk music from country's true musical legends, for those of you who long for and recall the days when "country was country.

    (Chicagomusic.org) (Tribune) (Washington Post)

  • Comfort Station Fri September 30, 2016 6:30 pm
    • Jessy Lanza
    • Alex Barnett
    • Jeremiah Meece (DJ Set) - Goose Island Migration Week

    Goose Island and Empty Bottle Presents team up once again to bring a stellar FREE Migration Week concert, this time at Logan Square's Comfort Station (2579 N. Milwaukee). All proceeds from this event will go directly to benefitting Comfort Station

    Canadian electronic singer, songwriter, and producer JESSY LANZA headlines. Her latest album, Oh No, was released earlier this summer and the whole country went nutso. This album, her second release, oozed confidence and spontaneity as well as dope collaborations with the likes of CARIBOU, DJ SPINN and MORGAN GEIST and his Galleria project. Playfully laced with cascading arpeggios, crispy drum machines and breezy songs, Oh No has an infectious energy that correlates with Lanza's presence during live shows. Offering direct support is ALEX BARNETT. having played in OAKEATER before starting a solo keyboard endeavor in 2009, ALEX BARNETT veers away from the harsh noise of his past work to instead focus on the lines and intersections between dance music, progressive rock and B-movie soundtracks. Get your ears ready! All of this kicks off with a DJ set by JEREMIAH MEECE, who wears many sonic hats: THE-DRUM, JODY, VALIS, & CLIQUE TALK among them. MEECE’S projects have always taken elements of both deep R&B cuts and mainstream pop and run them through a spaced-out, psychedelic filter.

    **Space is limited. First come, first serve!**

  • Fri September 30, 2016 9:00 pm
    • Merchandise
    • Public Memory
    • Gentle Leader XIV

    MERCHANDISE is a band fighting against the easy categorization reserved for abbreviated biographies. The project is equal parts punk misanthropy, maudlin balladeering, fine art, low humor, classical study, psychedelic spacecasing, mad science and pop genius. 2013 saw the band releasing Totale Nite on Iowa City’s Night People label and touring extensively throughout America and Europe. MERCHANDISE'S first album for 4ADAfter The End, was released on 25th August 2014.  In 2015 they released Red Sun b/w Echo, a collaborative 7" with DUM DUM GIRLS, that was released through Sub Pop. PUBLIC MEMORY is the solo nom de plume of Brooklyn-based musician Robert Tohr, foremerly of ERAAS and APSE. Pitchfork nailed it when they said of Tohr's solo project: "Public Memory dives headlong down the electronic darkwave rabbit hole, exploring a Korg-constructed sonic palette that weaves together a variety of primitive beats, delicately employed samples (bells, chimes, the weeping of ghosts), and woozy electronics that sound as if they might have been recorded at the bottom of a lake." Opening this evening is Chicago post-new wave act GENTLE LEADER XIV (formerly known as "Gentle Leader"). They played their first show earlier this year - on our stage, no less - opening for Israel's TAMAR APHEK and have already opened for the likes of CLOUD NOTHINGS, and now MERCHANDISE?? Nothing can stop them now.

  • Sat October 1, 2016 9:00 pm
    • Royal Bangs
    • Sunjacket
    • Tinkerbelles
    • Dad's Basement DJs

    Indie rock trio ROYAL BANGS make rambunctious experimental rock with a bendt toward '90s noise rock. Formed in Knoxville, Tennessee in 2005, ROYAL BANGS feature former high-school friends singer/multi-instrumentalist RYAN SCHAEFER and drummer CHRIS RUSK, as well as guitarist SAM STRATTON. The band posted its music online and eventually caught the ear of the THE BLACK KEYS' own PATRICK CARNEY, who signed them to his Audio Eagle Records label and released their debut, We Breed Champions, in 2008. The band's sophomore effort, Let It Beep followed in 2009. A year later, the band signed to Glassnote Records. In 2011, ROYAL BANGS released their third studio album, Flux Outside, which featured production from former SPARKLEHORSE member Scott Minor and was mixed by longtime FLAMING LIPS producer Dave Fridmann. We haven't seenChicago's SUNJACKET since 2014, so we'd say they're about due for a visit. In that time, this five-piece indie-rock crew established quite the name for themselves around the city. Formed in early 2013, the group's already writing and recording with a strong sense of chemistry that many bands take years to achieve. Their blend of punchy guitars, syncopated rhythms and complex vocal harmonies is a game-changer. Don't miss out! Them boys from DAD'S BASEMENT will be DJing classic "dad rock" for your listening enjoyment throughout the evening.

  • Sun October 2, 2016 2:00 pm
    • The Meridian Trio

    A project of saxophonist and composer NICK MAZZARELLA. Mazzarella has been a consistent presence in Chicago's music scene since the early 2000s, and his regular performances represent an aesthetically unique contribution to the city's rich jazz and improvised music culture. His two working trios and quintet are the primary vehicles for his endeavors as a composer and leader, while as a collaborator or sideman he has performed, recorded, and/or toured with such artists as Rob Mazurek, Frank Rosaly, Tomeka Reid, Avreeayl Ra, Ingebrigt Håker Flaten, Hamid Drake, and Dana Hall. 

  • Sun October 2, 2016 9:00 pm
    • Goblin Cock
    • Bad Grades

    With their Empty Bottle debut, GOBLIN COCK erects from the depths of hell to deliver face-melting doom metal previously unheard by this mortal coil. Fronted by ROB CROW of PINBACK, GOBLIN COCK didn’t hesitate to penetrate the heart of the stoner metal scene, shredding around the states since 2005. Packing no punches, BAD GRADES joins in the cochlear destruction. This evening isn’t for the faint of heart.

  • Mon October 3, 2016 9:00 pm
    • Wild Jesus & the Devil's Lettuce
    • Malci & The Lobster
    Free Monday

    Returning to our stage for the first time since opening for BARDO here in December is alternative hip-hop duo J.A. GRIMMS & BLACKNIGHT. This time they're back headlining a Free Monday and shit's about to get really real. The group melds BLACKNIGHT's woozy, minimal production with the poignant-but-laidback lyricism of GRIMMS. The end result is doper than dope and not one to miss. With songs ranging from noir waltzes all the way to effects laden, impressionistic psych grooves, WILD JESUS & THE DEVIL’S LETTUCE is a community of musicians whose traveling circus shows guarantees a “ridiculous stage spectacle.” The wild cards of the evening, they return to our stage for the first time in over a year and we're excited to see what shenanigans these delightful maniacs bring this time around. MALCI & THE LOBSTER is an experimental hip-hot project out of Chicago. Come early for some accurately self-described "spacey beats, jazzy samples, & rappity raps."


    Free Mondays at The Empty Bottle are sponsored by Pabst Blue Ribbon.

  • Tue October 4, 2016 9:00 pm
    • The Empty Bottle’s Enthralling Cavalcade of Remarkable Anybodies, Special Somebodies, and Incredible Everybodies
    • hosted by Brian Costello

    Everyone has a gift. Something that makes them sparkle and shine in this humdrum, workaday, “same ol’ same ol’” world we live in. That Uber driver? Maybe they know how to churn butter.  That teenager working the checkout line of the grocery store? Maybe they do an uncanny imitation of former President Ronald Reagan. Those talented musicians? Maybe they also know how to shotgun a beer.

    And what about you? Yes, you, Gentle Reader! Maybe you’re good at talking about your least favorite tattoo. Maybe you’re good at acting out your favorite monologue from a classic 1980’s action-adventure movie. Perhaps you know how to throw a slider in baseball, grate your favorite soft cheese, motivate your sales force, tapdance to your favorite 90’s alt-rock hit… jeez, I don’t know! Only you know what your one-of-a-kind gift is, and Brian Costello’s Enthralling Cavalcade of Remarkable Anybodies, Special Somebodies, and Incredible Anybodies is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to share this gift in the safest of safe spaces, the Empty Bottle, deep in the heart of the funky and eclectic Ukranian Village neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois.

    From the co-creator of “Shame That Tune,” Brian Costello’s Enthralling Cavalcade of Remarkable Anybodies, Special Somebodies, and Incredible Everybodies is a monthly program in which “ordinary” Chicagolandians perform extraordinary feats of song, dance, merriment, and good old-fashioned American know-how--a vast array of high-quality local entertainment presented in rapid-fire succession for those who are living fast-paced “Goddamnit Trish, I needed these sales figures yesterday!” lifestyles, but not only that, a program that is affordably priced out of respect for those trying to squeeze as much amusement and edification as they can out of their entertainment dollar.

    (AV Club)

  • Wed October 5, 2016 9:00 pm
    • Kikagaku Moyo
    • Moss Folk
    • Dead Feathers

    Kikagaku Moyo call their sound psychedelic because it encompasses a broad spectrum of influence & elements of classical Indian music, Krautrock, traditional folk, and 70s Rock. Most importantly their music is about freedom of the mind and body, and building a bridge between the supernatural and the present. Improvisation is a key element to their sound.

    Like a long journey House In The Tall Grass unfolds itself through many layers. Existing fans of Kikagaku Moyo will be comforted by the soft vocals harmonies and warm sitar, but what sets this release apart is the refinement of the band’s song-writing and their delicate execution. Side A begins with a pair of travelling songs where the interplay between the vocals, guitar, and sitar lift and suspend the listener on an unexpected journey. The patient listener is rewarded with tracks such as “Trad” and “Silver Owl” which demonstrate the masterful balance the band has between soft and loud; chaos and order, or being both cold and tender at the same time.

    House in the Tall Grass, recorded between October and December of 2015 at Tsubame Studio where it was mixed, mastered, and produced by Yui Kimijima, takes the listener by the hand on a satisfying quest through destinations both familiar and unknown. It is a natural step forward for the band and perhaps the most refined example of their style to date.

  • Thu October 6, 2016 9:00 pm
    • PBR & The Empty Bottle Present Tacos VS Pizza featuring ShowYouSuck
    • Vamos

    PBR and Empty Bottle present Taco Vs. Pizza, an evening to finally settle the non-existent debate as to which food is most worthy of your mouthhole. We're bringing in truckloads of FREE tacos and pizza and the two forces of feast will face off head to head in your guts. Providing motivation for which food you will ultimately deem the winner are SHOWYOUSUCK (Team Pizza) and VAMOS (Team Taco).

    Expect tables of tacos and pizza. Expect SHOWYOUSUCK and VAMOS to "bring it" L.I.V.E. for their respective side. Expect to get in FREE and to spend all your money on sweet PBR and "other stuff" to get you through the night. At the end of the show, we will hold a formal vote by way of sonic vibration via applause to ultimately name which food is superior.

    For all you foodies out there, here is a quick rundown:

    1. a dish of Italian origin consisting of a flat, round base of dough baked with a topping of tomato sauce and cheese, typically with added meat or vegetables. Promoted passionately by diverse emcee, SHOWYOUSUCK.




    1. a Mexican dish consisting of a fried tortilla, typically folded, filled with various mixtures, such as seasoned meat, beans, lettuce, and tomatoes. Seen often in the hands of Chicago rocking three-piece VAMOS, this food of the gods is always a good choice. Pairs nicely with the stellar rips of VAMOS. 

  • Fri October 7, 2016 5:30 pm
    • Hard Country Honky-Tonk with The Hoyle Brothers

    The HOYLES consider themselves the real thing and use traditional instrumentation to play Texas shuffle, rave-up and honky-tonk music from country's true musical legends, for those of you who long for and recall the days when "country was country.

    (Chicagomusic.org) (Tribune) (Washington Post)

  • Fri October 7, 2016 9:00 pm
    • CHIRP Radio welcomes : Seratones
    • The Evening Attraction
    • Baby Money & The Down Payments
    $12 (advance), $14

    Get Gone, the potent debut album by the Shreveport, Louisiana natives in SERATONES, makes a strong case that this little-known corner of the state is fertile ground, musically speaking. A.J. Haynes (vocals), Connor Davis (guitar), Adam Davis (bass) and Jesse Gabriel (drums) serve up a combination of Southern musicality, garage rock ferocity, and general badassery. Recorded at Dial Back Sound studios in Mississippi, Get Gone is all live takes, a portrait of the SERATONES in their element. Add the soul and swagger of a juke joint with the electricity coursing through a basement DIY show, and you’d begin to approach the experience of seeing this foursome live. SERATONES music, created with collaborative songwriting and spontaneous creativity, is certainly their own, due perhaps in part to Shreveport’s unique sonic geography. The city sits at a nexus roughly equidistant from Memphis soul, Mississippi Delta Blues, and New Orleans jazz, with Texas swing located just over the nearby state border. Direct support this evening comes from THE EVENING ATTRACTION, whom we haven't seen since 2015! The band's swooning vocal delivery alongside clean, lush guitar work is reminiscent of days gone by and they've mastered a folky but quick-paced interpretation of all things jangly. It’s literally impossible to frown while soaking in THE EVENING ATTRACTION's indie-blues and lovestruck grooves. BABY MONEY is the brainchild of Chicago based songwriter PAMELA MAURER. What started as a solo project has evolved into a 4-piece Chicago band whose songs range from gritty and spare to soulful, roof-shaking foot-stompers. Inspired by 1960s girl-groups, soul, old-time revival, gospel, and traditional rhythm ‘n’ blues, BABY MONEY’s first full-length record, In Memory of John Doe, was released last May. 

    This show is brought to you in conjunction with CHIRP Radio:

  • Sat October 8, 2016 12:00 pm
    • Handmade Market

    Handmade Market is a unique event to connect the makers of beautiful things to people who appreciate the unique and handmade. Join us on Saturday, October 8th from 12-4pm for the first market of the season!

    The Empty Bottle starts serving at 11am, so feel free to shop with a bloody or mimosa in hand. (We do encourage relaxed shopping.) You can also grab brunch at the tasty Bite Café next door.

    Markets include funky jewelry, glass pendants, knitted items, handbags, clothing, paper crafts and more.

    Did you know that in the city there are many makers who create jewelry, clothing, scarves, handbags, journals, greeting cards, and more? Do you want your money to go directly to the people that make the things you buy? Here you can establish a personal connection, and our makers are even encouraged to demonstrate or make their products during the event.

    Sustainable crafterness this is a regular monthly event. We strive to create a crafter's market, with affordable handmade, mostly local items. There are a ton of crafters in the city, and we try to make this accessible to up and coming designers, jewelry makers, and others. Come out and help support your monthly crafter's market.

    (Chicago Now) (Gaper's Block) (Time Out) (Tribune) (Windy City Live)

  • Chicago Athletic Association Hotel Sat October 8, 2016 8:30 pm
    • Owen
    • Victor Villareal

    Empty Bottle Presents is proud to bring a standing room only performance by OWEN to Stagg Court at Chicago Athletic Association on Saturday, October 8th. Find directions and information on Stagg Court at the CAA right HERE.


    OWEN is the solo project of Chicago's MIKE KINSELLA. As a departure from over a decade of work playing in a variety of bands --  CAP'N JAZZ, AMERICAN FOOTBALL,  and T/T/T to name a few -- OWEN became Kinsella's way of finally exercising complete creative control over all aspects of a project, including songwriting, recording, and overall artistic direction. OWEN'S musical output as evolved from sparse acoustic offerings to lush, string-filled arrangements. Kinsella often exposes family relationships and personal experiences with lyrics that are at times clever, witty, raw, and biting. Opening this evening is VICTOR VILLAREAL, who has been seen as some sort of an enigma since he first started playing in a band called CAP'N JAZZ; a protege that was able to pick up a guitar and create melodic structure was far beyond his own time. There is a fine line between genius and insanity, and Victor's musical career bridged upon this. Victor's life has always been one of a mystery that his fans have desperately been seeking to know about. 

  • Sat October 8, 2016 9:00 pm
    • Abdu Ali
    • Joy Postell
    • Kaycee Ortiz, Presented by Chances Dances and The Empty Bottle
    $8 advance, $10

    Chances Dances, a queer dance party and collective dedicated to building safer spaces in Chicago, and The Empty Bottle bring to you an evening of the smoothest, dopest jams. Headling this evening is ABDU ALI. Erected from the ghettos of Baltimore, ABDU ALI raps, sings, and chats over unorthodox and future sounds, creating music that’s visceral, spiritual, and very real. From his energetic visceral performances, spiritualizing audiences as a cosmic, punk, and soulful tempest on stage to his work to transcend musical boundaries has put in him in genre categories along lines of afro-futurism to noise rap to “post-apocalyptic” sounding. Direct support comes from JOY POSTELL, an LA-based r&b/soul artist who dabbles in the realms of blues, jazz, storytelling. Opening is KAYCEE ORTIZ, an artist, rapper, musician, writer, & entertainer doing what she loves the most. Her longing taste for "Southern Luxury" is the foundation of her music. 

  • Sun October 9, 2016 2:00 pm
    • Cajun Dance Party featuring Cajun Vagabonds

    Our love for all things Cajun just doesn't stop and today we see the return of the Cajun Dance Party! Come by all afternoon for Cajun music and dancing, grab a few drinks, and let your spirit soar to heart of New Orleans.

    THE CAJUN VAGABONDS play traditional Cajun waltzes and two-steps with real gusto and zeal. Double fiddles, Cajun accordion, guitar, bass and drums energize the dance floor. Playing with a nod to French Louisiana, all songs are sung in Cajun French. The members of the band are widely known outside of Chicago, having played and jammed with many Southwest Louisiana Cajun and Creole musicians. These all stars bring the heart of Cajun life to the dance hall!

    (Fox 8 Live NOLA)

  • Sun October 9, 2016 9:00 pm
    • Lunar Tomb
    • Friends That Fuck
    • Terran Wretch
    • Heart of Palm

    We have a delightful night of experimental music for you, friends. Get ready to travel to an unknown plane of space and time. Things are gonna get weird in here. Headling tonight is LUNAR TOMB, a minimalist techno entity in Chicago. The inspiration behind LUNAR TOMB's music is the chaotic energy of big cities along with the calm environments of cemeteries. Lone member C was inspired by his night walks in some of the most frenetic cities across the world and translates those memories into multi-layered soundscapes. Direct support comes from FRIENDS THAT FUCK, a local experimental-electronic music duo with two recordings under their belt, Artificial EP (2014) and Live In Jacksonville (2015). TERRAN WRTECH is the solo project of Anthony A. Dunn (SUN SPLITT, DEAD DRAGON MOUNTAIN). For this prokect, WRETCH dabbles in dark-ambient and drone electronic. Kicking the evening off is HEART OF PALM,A side project from No Coast / No Hope operator Shea Hardacre (CLOTTING). HEART OF PALM hopes to pleasure a fantasy of ambient musique concrete. Inspired and driven by tiki culture and tropical vibes. But twisted and warped by the artists depressive vision.

  • Mon October 10, 2016 9:00 pm
    • Please The Trees
    • Luke Henry & Rabbitfoot (Vinyl Release)
    • Big Syn
    Free Monday

    PLEASE THE TREES (PTT) have been following intuitively the trail of inspiration for over eight years now, playing dozens of shows every year internationally. Originally from the forests of a mountainous region in East Bohemia, lead singer and songwriter Vaclav Havelka III has for some years been one of the most active figures on Prague’s independent music scene. Alongside performing with PTT, solo and with different projects as Were Mute and Vac da Hawk, he has written music for several theater productions (including a staged version of Lars von Trier’s Dogville at the Estates Theater), screen music for motion picture Mista (with David Boulter of Tindersticks), hosts his own show on Radio Wave station, and – as part of the promotion company Scrape Sound – brings leading international alternative bands and artists, to Czechoslovakia. Most recently PTT supported ROBERT PLANT AND THE SENSATIONAL SPACE SHIFTER  for their Czech dates in 2015. Returning to our stage to celebrate the release of a brand spankin' new 12" vinyl record is Chicago's own LUKE HENRY & RABBITFOOT. Former Empty Bottle intern (!!) LUKE HENRY credits NEIL YOUNG for saving his soul in the 7th grade. Quite the dude to have rescue you, so you gotta hit him back somehow (right?) and these boys go the extra mile with their heartfelt, American folk rock. Their sound is reminiscent of the golden age with a self-aware, modern touch. Newish Chicago four-piece BIG SYN joined forces in the wake of CONDUCTIVE ALLIANCE's unfortunate demise. Tonight they perform much of the material featured on their upcoming debut release. If it's anything like their past shows here, expect big things from BIG SYN as they explore the outter reaches of our galaxy with some exhilarating, anything-goes sonic experimentation.


    Free Mondays at The Empty Bottle are sponsored by Pabst Blue Ribbon.

  • Tue October 11, 2016 9:00 pm
    • Cymbals Eat Guitars
    • Field Mouse
    • Wildhoney

    New York's CYMBALS EAT GUITAR move pretty dang fast. They formed in 2007, and by 2009 they already had their critically acclaimed full length album, Why There Are Mountains, under their belt. Two additional albums later, 2011's Lenses Alien and 2014's LOSE, these guys are gearing up to release something brand-spanking new with Pretty Years, out this September. The foursome have indeed crafted what’s easily their most sonically enigmatic and most rewarding album to date. The CYMBALS EAT GUITAR trademark cacophonic guitar rock and innate propulsion are still abundant, but they’re buttressed by raucous synth and keyboard lines, and an extemporaneous saxophone performance, which enrich when they could easily clutter these songs. The band also worked more quickly and efficiently than they had in the past, facilitated by years on the road in which they’ve played close to a thousand shows, which rendered them a tight, fully-oiled machine in the studio. Opening for CYMBALS EAT GUITAR is FIELD MOUSE, a five-piece band that plays good old, trusty stand by rock music. Two of them live in Philadelphia, three of them live in New York. The band is known for their ability to switch between mood and tone, as seen on their 2014 record Hold Still. Their tracks easily shift from the spiky immediacy to the more spacious moments, all while never losing sight of the scuzzy, melodic pop songs that remain FIELD MOUSE's distinct forte. Energetic pop fiends WILDHONEY make their return to the Empty Bottle stage tonight for the first time since June 2015. The Baltimore five-piece is known to make a whole lot of noise, taking influences from late-80s MY BLOODY VALENTINE and adding a healthy dose of fuzzy noise-pop, for good measure. Melting through distorted guitar riffs, 60’s-girl-group vocals, 80’s post-punk instrumentals and splashes of shoegaze and indie pop, WILDHONEY's live show is a thrilling trip through a futuristic goth wasteland. 

  • Wed October 12, 2016 9:00 pm
    • Fielded
    • Heavy Dreams
    • Grun Wasser

    FIELDED is the stage name of Lindsay A. Powell, a vocalist, songwriter and composer currently based out of Brooklyn, NY. Powell works at creating a genre-less instrumental backdrop for the movement of her voice – a penetrating and sensual tool in which she explores fearlessly and innovatively. She refers to her sound as 'post-apocalyptic pop', a title that is all too fitting as it seems as though her songs have been written as part of some future film laced with battle cries, lovemaking and outer limit abductions. Intense and riveting, we pulse through the many dimensions of her songs searching for the history we never knew and the future we never thought we wanted. The Empty Bottle is pleased as punch to welcome FIELDED to our stage for the first time. Direct support comes from HEAVY DREAMS, the latest loud-lyrical-pop project of Chicago musician EMILY KEMPF. Opening the evening is industrial synth duo GRUN WASSER, here to unearth emotions from a place of darkness.

  • Thu October 13, 2016 9:00 pm
    • Born Ruffians
    • Laverne
    $15 (advance), $18

    We haven't seen Canadian indie rockers BORN RUFFIANS since 2010. It's about damn time they returned to The Empty Bottle stage! Started in 2002 under the name Mornington Drive, this four-piece is originally from Midland, Ontario. In 2004 the band moved to Toronto which is where they started to get success from their energetic live shows, wit-filled lyrics, their sounds that’s a cross between VAMPIRE WEEKEND and MODEST MOUSE and a strong online fan base following. After the move to Toronto they officially became BORN RUFFIANS, and we officially have loved them ever since.

  • Fri October 14, 2016 5:30 pm
    • Hard Country Honky-Tonk with The Hoyle Brothers

    The HOYLES consider themselves the real thing and use traditional instrumentation to play Texas shuffle, rave-up and honky-tonk music from country's true musical legends, for those of you who long for and recall the days when "country was country.

    (Chicagomusic.org) (Tribune) (Washington Post)

  • Fri October 14, 2016 9:00 pm
    • Oozing Wound (Record Release)
    • Rabble Rabble (Final Show)
    • Dim
    $7 advance, $10

    Hold on to your butts, because this night is going to get real, real fast. All three of these bands are near and dear to the ice-cold heart of the Empty Bottle, so fingers cross that we somehow survive.

    There's no denying that OOZING WOUND is "something of a staff favorite" around these parts. The thrashing trio released their first two Thrill Jockey records, 2013's Retrash and last 2014's Earth Suck, right here, plus they headlined our NYE show a few years back and it still remains a favorite of the past few years. OOZING WOUND makes the people go insane with their simultaneously hilarious and terrifying blend of heavy riffage, crushing rhythms and piercing screams. The two original OOZERs cut their teeth in some beloved local bands (CACAW, ZATH, UNMANNED SHIP) and their new drummer Casey has been known to tear his set to pieces in his hometown of Milwaukee. OOOZING WOUND has made quite a name for themselves around Chicago, diving straight into intense, repetitive, disorienting, industrial-tinged thrash metal. Their third full-length for Thrill JockeyWhatever Forever, is getting its release TONIGHT and is another collection of destructive, antagonistic thrash that teeters on the edge of control and collapse. It's with a heavy heart and teary eyes that we also will be hosting RABBLE RABBLE's FINAL SHOW. These buddies have grown up before our very eyes over the past 7+ years and tonight is truly the end of an era. Maybe this'll finally be the night these four maniacs finally burn this place to the ground and send us back to the infinite darkness from whence we came. It'd be a fitting way for them to go out: A tidal wave of acid-fried feedback, swirling distortion, mesmerizing bass jerking and monolithic drum twerking. So let's raise our glasses, toast to the good times and let RABBLE RABBLE thrash and crash their way off the stage one last time. Opening the show with a regular ol' set of live tunes is DIM, a quickly-rising Chicago band that crafts aggressive, heavy shoegaze. The songs have a deep, arresting quality that lock into a groove and distorts the senses, leaving their fair listeners broken and begging for more. Though it may feel like DIM is attempting to tear apart your perception of reality, they'll hook you back with their lush-yet-noisy instrumentation that's reminiscent of early-MY BLOODY VALENTINE and RIDE. Don't miss any of it.

  • Logan Square Food Truck Social Sat October 15, 2016 11:00 am
    • Logan Square Food Truck Social, Presented by The A.V. Club
    $5 Suggested Donation

    **Live music performers TBD**

    The A.V. Club Presents  Logan Square Food Truck Social

    • Sponsored by the makers of Hormel® Black Label Bacon® 
    • Saturday & Sunday, October 15th & 16th,
    • from 11am-10pm 
    • on Humboldt Blvd.between Armitage and Bloomingdale in Logan Square.
    • $5 Suggested Donation

    Benefiting Yates Elementary School,  La Casa Norte/Northwest Food Partners Network, and Illinois Food Truck Owners Association.

    Presented by pop culture website, The A.V. Club – which just launched a new food section, Supper ClubLogan Square Food Truck Social will feature up to 26 food trucks with live music programmed by Empty Bottle Presents, beer from Revolution Brewing and and lots of delicious bacon! Sponsor Hormel ® Black Label Bacon® will be onsite with local restaurant chefs scheduled throughout the weekend to create free tastings of bacon dishes you cannot get anywhere else.

    Plus a number of the participating food trucks will create a special dish featuring the Hormel® Black Label Bacon® .

    *All permits are pending

    Special Thanks to Our Sponsors & Partners:


  • Sat October 15, 2016 12:00 pm
    • Grateful Dead Brunch featuring 1
    • 2 of Dad's Basement

    Summer may be over, but that's no reason to bask in the glow of peace, love, & brunch. Come enjoy a meal from Bite Cafe while listening to Luca Cimarusti, one half of Dad's Basement DJs, spin Grateful Dead tunes. 

  • Sat October 15, 2016 8:00 pm
    • Squash Bowels
    • Malas
    • Brodequin
    • Corphagy
    • Inner Decay, Presented by Sound Zero Productions and The Empty Bottle

    SQUASH BOWELS – Grind legends from Poland for the first time in Chicago ever!!! The band was founded in April ‘94 in Poland with the line-up: Mariosh (vocals), Paluch (bass), Lechu (guitars). After three months of playing, they recorded their first release “Fürgott”. After that they have participated in many split albums with great names such as Disgorge (Mexico) and Cock And Ball Torture and have also released 4 full-length albums. After many releases over 12 years of existing on the underground scene, and similiar amount of lineup changes SQUASH BOWELS is still in the first league of european grindcore.

    SQUASH BOWELS will perform on one stage with:

    MALAS - Chicago's very own OLD SCHOOL veterans!! Forged in 2000, MALAS have been conjuring their brand of skull thrashing METAL. Members from the 1990's bands MALDICION & LORD BLASPHEMER have maintained the bone crushing Chicago sound influenced by CELTIC FROST, SLAYER, SODOM

    BRODEQUIN - is a brutal death metal band from Knoxville, TN, named after a French medieval leg crushing torture device, include former Besieged and Enter Self drummer Chad Walls in the ranks. The debut album Instruments of Torture was self financed but later re-issued by both Ablated Records, and Extremis Productions, then finally returned to Unmatched Butality Records owned by Brodequin guitar player Mike Bailey.

    CORPHAGY - Since it’s induced birth in the Summer of 2002, Corphagy has been dedicated to creating complex yet original death metal crossing the boundaries of heaviness and aggression!!! Powered by Leski (broken hope, gorgasm), Novy (road's end, ex-behemoth, ex-vader), Sirs (road's end, gorgasm, disinter) and Bats ( disinter, morgue supplier). RIP KLINGER

    INNER DECAY - Inner Decay is a local Chicago metal band that has its roots in Death Metal. Combine elements of Melodic Death Metal, catchy upbeat Thrash riffs, and crushing Brutal Death Metal vocals. This band draws its inspiration from the founders of Death Metal.

  • Sun October 16, 2016 1:00 pm
    • FALL FLAIR Festival - Presented by Girl Pin Gang

    We're hosting a witchy afternoon featuring pins, patches, art and treats from GirlPinGang members from all over the U.S. along with Chicago-local artists. This is a rare treat to meet some of these amazing artists that have never done a pop-up in Chicago.

    Sunday, October 16th from 1-4pm at the Empty Bottle. Lots more details to come!

    Vendors include:
    Break Even Enterprises Worldwide
    Curly Sue 
    Full Sweatpants
    Creepy Co.
    Sabretooth Dream
    Negamidas (San Antonio TX)
    Ludlow Luna (Philadelphia PA)
    Memento Mori Goods (Los Angeles CA)
    Bombasine (Michigan)
    Kill 'Em With Cuteness (Orlando FL)
    Lady No Brow (Richmond VA)
    TN'L Supply 
    Pinpoint (Brooklyn NY)
    GoodGood Pins (Los Angeles CA)
    Luella (Austin, TX)
    PiePieMyDarling (pies! cakes!)
    Bianca Xunise
    Space Oddites (Tarot Readings)
    Anatomical Element
    Dreaming of Johnny
    Furious Flair
    PinChe Loca
    Ste Marteen (Vegan soul food)
    Pretty Spooky Handmade
    Kelsey Zigmund Illustration

  • Sun October 16, 2016 9:00 pm
    • White Fang
    • No Parents with very special guests Birth Defects

    Hitting the Empty Bottle stage this evening is WHITE FANG, a LA-via-Portland band of "four fucking freaks" that are SO down to roll. This punk-noise quartet with a wild, thrashy sound and a prodigious D.I.Y. output, formed the group in 2005 while they were still in high school. Active linchpins of Portland's underground scene, all the members of WHITE FANG have been involved in various other indie projects including THE MEMORIES, BOOM!, FEATHER HEADRESS, and the WINDER COATS, among others. Since 2011, WHITE FANG have managed to release a new album every year, with many of them on Gnar Tapes. We're stoked as all hell to have them here this evening. Joining WHITE FANG this evening is unk four-piece NO PARENTS, anLA band of fellows, all with pretty impressive hairdos. We last saw these dudes when they were on tour with BLEACHED in April! These rowdy boys play hard-nosed punk RAWK and they play it well. They also know how to party, and we are always, always, up for a party. BIRTH DEFECTS are a foursome of dudes that specialize in top-notch old school punk. We couldn't think of a better way to kick off the evening.

  • Mon October 17, 2016 9:00 pm
    • ONO
    • Pariuh
    • Lala Lala
    Free Monday

    This week's FREE MONDAY is a real fuckin' treat, tell you what. Underground Chicago punk heroes ONO are a legendary act that shows an ability to amaze and discombobulate even the most adventurous live music fan. They've remained outsiders in a sea of outsiders, and if you've seen ‘em before you know what to expect: Sparse electronic beats, saxophone skronk, theatrical vocals and oddball bass riffs. Last October they celerbated the release of their record Spooks on this very stage. PARIUH is an experimental, college-pop, post-punk creative project of Chris Dougnac and Krystle Lee Bruise. Coming from the historic Boston, MA, this will be the trio's debut performance at The Bottle. Returning to The Bottle stage this evening is Chicago three-piece LALA LALA. This grungy, lo-fi trio’s catchy pop and rock songwriting swims in a river of reverb. These ladies have impressed a couple two-tree times over the past year and change, so you can bet those sweet buns of yours that we're ready to have em back.


    Free Mondays at The Empty Bottle are sponsored by Pabst Blue Ribbon.

  • Tue October 18, 2016 9:00 pm
    • A Night of Modular Synthesis III featuring Jason Soliday
    • Anthony Janas
    • Jeremy Fisher
    • Zarzutzki
    • bucketbrigade
    • Kevin Kalaycıoğlu

    If you've ever wanted to come to the Empty Bottle for a night of local performers who only use modular synthesizers, have we got the night for you. For the past two years, we've hosted A Night of Modular Synthesis (I & II) to a packed house and rave reviews. Tonight's show, which will once again feature some of Chicago's finest sonic patchworkers, will be a wet dream for fans of experimental electronic music. Come witness the audial mind-fuckery of JASON SOLIDAY, ANTHONY JANAS, JEREMY FISHERZARZUTZKI, BUCKETBRIGADE and KEVEN KALAYCIOĞLU.

  • Wed October 19, 2016 9:00 pm
    • Glitter Creeps presents : Lil Tits
    • The Breathing Light
    • Pussy Foot

    Tonight sees the return of LIL TITS, a trio that has been blazin’ up a storm the past few years, a string of killer tapes (including a live tape recorded at ye olde EB) and a reputation for live sets that’ll knock your ass straight into next week. If songs about dying in bathroom stalls, chasing monsters and falling into the great green abyss sound like your kind of trip, you’ll be right at home in any LIL TITS show. While attending Alabama A&M University, a couple of like-minded students happened by chance to find one another. The end result is the now Chicago-based THE BREATHING LIGHT, a goth-y hardcore three-headed dragon who spits some of the vilest venom we've heard in a while. Initially started as a way singer Yumii to vent with her classmate Sean P after art history class, their poems and melodies have slowly evolved into a musical sobbing orgasm. That's our favorite kind! Duo PUSSY FOOT provides a lift-off to jarr you into the depths and blackness of space travel lift-off to jarr you into the depth and darkness of space travel. Bring our moon boots, you’re in for a wild ride.

    Glitter Creeps, the Rock/Punk/New Wave queer night has been throwing some of the best damn parties around since bringing their party to the Bottle. Hosted and co-curated by siblings Donnie & Madison Moore of ABSOLUTELY NOT, the monthly showcase was declared Best punk-rock LGBTQ night in Chicago Reader's 2015 Best Of issue and was included in Chicagoist's Best Queer Nightlife In Chicago. Each month brings new and exciting bands from Chicago and beyond to perform on our stage and we're stoked for the lineup that they've put together tonight.

    Advance ticket purchase includes guaranteed entrance AND one drink ticket good for Tiger Beer or the non-alcoholic beverage of your choice.

  • Thu October 20, 2016 9:00 pm
    • NOTS
    • Trampoline Team
    • The Sueves
    • Bottomfeeders

    NOTS are a 4 piece, all XX, “nuevo no wavo” band from Memphis, TN. Unpredictable guitars, celestial synths, and punctuated vocals swirl around the repetition of a powerful rhythm section to form a sound and a live show not easily classifiable but entirely addictive. Drummer Charlotte Watson and guitarist / frontwoman Natalie Hoffmann are the band’s two constants throughout a handful of roster changes. NOTS’ current lineup also includes Alexandra Eastburn on synth, an instrument she picked up to join NOTS and to record on their first full-length LP We Are Nots, and bassist Meredith Lones, another new Memphis musician, and the most recent addition to the band. NOTS’ newest punk-noise-psych-collision 7”, Virgin Mary, aggressively follows on the heels of their debut LP, foreshadowing an ever expanding experiment in direction of things to come for the band. Don’t miss out. Direct support this evening comes for New Orleans punk trio TRAMPOLINE TEAM. These guys are bringing their fun, catchy, and lyrically stimulating rock to The Empty Bottle for this first time ever! Helping to kick off tonight's shit-show is THE SUEVES, a band that's been blowing up all over Chicago the past few years and show know signs of slowing down. These dydes are an explosive package of sweaty garage-blues-punk not unlike the BLACK LIPS or OBLIVIANS. Let's be real, there's no reason to ever miss THE SUEVES! Starting the evening is New Orleans Garage Rock four-piece BOTTOMFEEDERS.

  • Fri October 21, 2016 5:30 pm
    • Hard Country Honky-Tonk with The Hoyle Brothers

    The HOYLES consider themselves the real thing and use traditional instrumentation to play Texas shuffle, rave-up and honky-tonk music from country's true musical legends, for those of you who long for and recall the days when "country was country.

    (Chicagomusic.org) (Tribune) (Washington Post)

  • Fri October 21, 2016 9:00 pm
    • Cass McCombs Band
    • Delicate Steve

    Over the past decade, CASS MCCOMBS has established himself as one of our premier songwriters. It’s a career that’s twisted and turned, from style to subject, both between records and within them. His new record, “Mangy Love,” (8/26, ANTI) ventures into realms of experimental soul, twisted psychedelia, and straight-up rock, resulting in a sound that articulates his live show better than ever before. Thematically, it’s far darker, tackling heavy issues through MCCOMBS' uniquely cracked lens of (oftentimes hilarious) lyrical wit and acumen toward subtlety. Hip-hop and Beat poetry influences have never been more evident, with several songs employing a speech-style and clever fast-paced wordplay. There are guest appearances by many fellow musicians of his tribe ranging from Angel Olsen to Blake Mills, under the production of veteran Rob Schnapf, and the overall result is his most immediate and upbeat record to date. DELICATE STEVE is the brainchild of New Jersey-based songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Steve Marion. As NPR has said, “Delicate Steve’s music maintains the capacity to surprise…guitar showcases that don’t shred, dance records that don’t adhere to familiar beats and classic-rock throwbacks that fan out into world music, prog, reggae, surf-rock and more, with the propulsive jitteriness and sideways oddness of Ratatat or Dirty Projectors.” SPIN has called the music “a kaleidoscope of bouncy pan-African polyrhythms and swooping six-string melodies, like the Dirty Projectors with guitars instead of singers.”

    (Dazed) (FADER) (Noisey) (NY Times) (Pitchfork)

  • Sat October 22, 2016 9:00 pm
    • Temples
    • Vinyl Williams

    Channeling all the best parts of the current 60s psych-rock resurgence, England's TEMPLES blend washed-out, murky tones and tunes with anemic vocals with swirling, shaggy melodies to fully encapsulate their time-traveling sonic adventure. Quickly gaining steam in their home country and in the States, TEMPLES have blown the fuuuuuuhk up since first hitting the Bottle stage back in November of 2013. They've played huge festival stages and sold out big-time venues around the world, so you're not gonna want to miss your chance to see these dudes in a small, intimate venue like the one that we call home. Lionel Williams aka VINYL WILLIAMS is a Los Angeles based artist and musician. His collage art & psyche- pop music fuses vast landscapes, multi-religious symbolism, and the supernatural into a paradoxical whirlpool of "mysticism and sonic matrices."

  • Sun October 23, 2016 9:00 pm
    • Paint Fumes
    • Poison Boys

    Back for the first time since 2012, Charlotte, NC’s PAINT FUMES rip and blast through songs so wicked they’re sure to hit your brain with a hammer, stirring up all sorts of shakes and twitches when you see em live. PAINT FUMES are supreme scuzz and they pack in enough wail and feedback to make all the kids go crazy on the dance floor for more ballsy garage-punk you can’t help but huff. Chicago punk trio POISON BOYS are are experts in "sleazy punk-n-roll for the freaks." That means you, so get your buns out here.

  • Mon October 24, 2016 9:00 pm
    • Permanent 10-Year feat. Running
    • Counter Intuits
    • Nude Attitude + No Dreams
    Free Monday

    What do we do when our friends at Permanent Records turn 10? Throw a noisy-ass party like we always do, that's what. Headlining this evening is RUNNING, a trio who are certainly no strangers to our stage/bar/green room. A few years ago, these fellas caught the ear of THEE OH SEES' very own JOHN DWYER and his own Castle Face Records put out the band's third record, Vaguely Ethnic, in the summer of 2013. The LP continues RUNNING's path of destruction in Chicago and beyond, as as their latest slab of wax, Wake Up Applauding. As Castle Face once said themselves: They play with their food before they eat…flay into a terse punk trance, a Kraut-beat psycho riff for ages, mesmerize or terrorize…but invariably they unleash The Sound upon us just when it seems most likely to bring back your lunch. COUNTER INTUITS are an off-kilter, Columbus, OH-based lo-fi noise-pop group that features punk hero RON HOUSE, formerly of THOMAS JEFFERSON SLAVE APARTMENTS, and ADAM ELLIOTT of TIMES NEW VIKING.Opening is a rare collaboration featuring two local noise/electronic porjects, NUDE ATTITUDE & NO DREAMS, which both feature membes of the esteemed RECTAL HYGIENICS. Trouble In Mind Records' own BILL ROE, a former Permanent employee, will be spinning real-life records from the Piano DJ Booth throughout the night. Family!

  • Tue October 25, 2016 9:00 pm
    • Birthday Suits
    • Peeling [Mexican Slang, Dilly Dally, Odonis Odonis]

    You can bet we are damn excited to welcome back insanely awesome Minneapolis-based duo THE BIRTHDAY SUITS. Utterly bombastic and entirely unhinged, their music is more high-kick inducing than VAN HALEN's only #1 single and in 90 seconds manage to create a more crushing riff than most bands can muster in twice the time.


  • Wed October 26, 2016 9:00 pm
    • Itasca
    • Moon Bros
    • The Lawrence Peters Outfit

    KAYLA COHEN, a.k.a. ITASCA, is a folk guitarist and songwriter from the state of New York. We last saw here nearly two years ago, when she opened for CELESTIAL SHORE and AVA LUNA. Cohen began recording at home as ITASCA after moving to Los Angeles in 2012, taking inspiration from the fringe's of LA's open space and natural land. Her newest album, Open to Chance, is getting released on Paradise of Bachelors at the end of September. NPR says of Cohen's latest, "The mellow glow [her music] generates is reason enough to want to bask in its evanescent light for as long as life’s harsher aspects can conceivably be held at bay.” Come get your glow on! Opening this evening is MOON BROS, the experimental folk project of guitarist MATTHEW SCHNEIDER. Combining pedal steel, guitar and vocals with drones and occasional bursts of noise, MOON BROS. is back-porch music for the most warped and twisted minds in Chicago, and the beyond.

  • Thu October 27, 2016 9:00 pm
    • White Lung

    WHITE LUNG's approach and line-up have changed since the band started in Vancouver at the end of the aughts, but the ethos and core line-up has remained the same since William, a devotee of Johnny Marr that “plays with the speed of an 80s hardcore dude,” asked lead singer Misha Way and drummer Anne Marie Vassiliou if he could join their band after the original guitarist bolted. (Which was a surprising request, since they knew him a drummer. “He came and played and was amazing and we were like ‘how the hell? this guy plays guitar?’”) Simply put, Way doesn’t give a shit what you might think about her, and you can deal with her opinion or you can go listen to one of thousands of other singers that can’t be bothered to have a stance on anything.

  • Fri October 28, 2016 5:30 pm
    • Hard Country Honky-Tonk with The Hoyle Brothers

    The HOYLES consider themselves the real thing and use traditional instrumentation to play Texas shuffle, rave-up and honky-tonk music from country's true musical legends, for those of you who long for and recall the days when "country was country.

    (Chicagomusic.org) (Tribune) (Washington Post)

  • Logan Square Auditorium Fri October 28, 2016 9:00 pm
    • Mucca Pazza
    $20 (advance), $25

    Empty Bottle Presents is pleased as punch to welcome MUCCA PAZZA to the Logan Square Auditorium on October 28th. The thirty-some piece group of rag tag musicians have put on some of the most astounding, chaotic and memorable shows we’ve seen with members perched atop the bar and cheerleaders literally swinging from the rafters. Their raucous, gypsy flavored brand of punk rock complete with a gaggle of trombones, trumpets, woodwinds, cheerleaders and freaks are sure to give you a life-changing performance, and we ain't mad or sorry about it.


    MUCCA PAZZA assembled itself in the parking lot of a Chicago steel mill in 2004. Combining street theater and marching band instincts with avant-garde and rock band sensibilities, the twenty-odd piece ensemble built a cult following in the local underground music scene. Unconstrained by the rock venue format, MUCCA PAZZA marched into the city's world-class Millennium Park, becoming something of an unofficial Chicago mascot. MUCCA PAZZA went national just as the renegade marching band community blossomed into a full-fledged musical movement.

    With mismatched uniforms, improvised marching maneuvers, speaker helmets and deconstructed cheer-leading, MUCCA PAZZA trail-blazed the 'weird as we wanna be' theatrical and visual aesthetic, while exhibiting real musical talent, playing mostly through-composed original compositions that tend to land somewhere between Zappa and Morricone. Atonal harmonies, odd time signatures and labyrinthine melodies are as likely to pop up as sweet brass chords, catchy whistlers and solid grooves.

    MUZZA PAZZA has adapted performances to a wide range of venues such as Late Night with Conan O'Brien, the Kennedy Center, the Kentucky Derby Parade and a WWII P.O.W. camp in Marfa, Texas. Recently, Mucca Pazza transformed locations at Montreal Jazz Fest, MASS MoCA, Crash Detroit and battled the Chicago Sinfonietta over Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture at Symphony Center.

  • Fri October 28, 2016 9:00 pm
    • Nick Hook
    • Nadus
    • Kool Hersh

    Transplanted from St. Louis to NYC’s East Village, NICK HOOK began turning tables, starting bands and collecting synthesizers at a young age. His universal brand of dirty, analogue dance music has traveled around the world from New York to Tokyo for more than 10 years. With multiple releases under his belt as founding member of CUBIC ZIRCONIA, Hook’s eccentric roster of collaborative productions with the likes of EL-P, L-Vis and AZELIA BANDS Azealia Banks reflects an undying affinity for all types of electronic music.

  • Sat October 29, 2016 9:00 pm
    • Windy City Soul Club
    $5 Cover

    The WINDY CITY SOUL CLUB boasts that the "best rare soul deejays in Chicago come together to create the best party this city has ever seen," and if you're inclined to think real deejays need only a box full of vinyl, you'll likely agree. WCSC deejays play all original vinyl of the Northern Soul variety, Motown-style gems, regional hits, ace dancing tunes as well as your favorite recognizable sing-along classics. If you've ever wanted to "shake a tail feather" tonight's your night to get dapper and get down.

  • Sun October 30, 2016 9:00 pm
    • La Sera
    • Springtime Carnivore
    • TV Party
    $12 (advance), $15

    Hold on to your emotions, boys and girls, because LA SERA is here to unleash them- all of them, at the same time. As LA SERA, Katy Goodman turned an aching heart into two marvelous, alluring yet bittersweet break-up albums (2011’s self-titled debut and 2012’s Sees the Light). On her latest, though, the former VIVIAN GIRL is through crying. Hour of the Dawn sees Goodman waking up, throwing open the bedroom windows and welcoming the day. To back her nimble basslines and enchanting vocals, Goodman assembled a new band helmed by guitarist Todd Wisenbaker. After a year of perfecting their new material, LA SERA was ready to commit it to tape. In the summer of 2013, the group decamped to a sweltering studio in East Los Angeles with engineer Joel Jerome and banged out the ten songs that would become Hour of the Dawn—an album that never walks, but runs, a collision of unleashed punk and ‘80s power-pop. You will laugh, you will cry, you will dance so hard you sweat bullets - what we're saying is, ths is going to be a night you never forget.SPRINGTIME CARNIVORE was born on the night of a full moon in the summer of the year of the dragon. Following high school, SPRINGTIME CARNIVORE joined a traveling circus company. She was a talented and nimble acrobat but her career was cut short by a tragic tightrope accident. Although the tightrope incident killed hrt big top dreams, it opened the door to another dormant aspiration. While her leg was healing, SPRINGTIME CARNIVORE discovered piano. While SPRINGTIME CARNIVORE's leg was healing, she discovered an old piano in the attic of my great great grandma’s second’s cousin’s third husband’s house. She dusted it off, paid a blind man to tune it by ear and has been playing ever since.

    (Noisey) (Noisey) (Under The Radar)

  • Wed November 2, 2016 9:00 pm
    • Protomartyr
    • The Gotobeds
    • Order of Night

    PROTOMARTYR is a post-punk quartet from Detroit. Formed in 2008, we last saw these cats during Music, Frozen, Dancing 2015. We're pleased as punch to have them back headlining this evening. As Stereogum once said: "The best bands sound like everything you love and nothing you’ve heard. So it goes with Protomartyr, a Detroit quartet that seems to have ingested every classic post-punk record and evolved into a new kind of beast." THE GOTOBEDS formed vaguely around 2009 in Pittsburgh and play a mutant strain of rock music that is often filed under punk, indie rock, or 99-cent discount bin. Their live shows have often been compared to an “all night party where I feared for my life and the lives of everybody in the five block radius,” and their recorded output is akin “to the sonic manifestos of four men deprived of human love and raised on beer and Swell Maps, Mission of Burma, and old Fall records.” Basically what we're trying to say is: let's fucking party. Kicking the night off is ORDER OF NIGHT, a band we've been seeing and hearing quite a lot of lately. Their gloaming death rock is spreading the night throughout this damn city. Our bodies are ready.

  • Thu November 3, 2016 9:00 pm
    • Ricky Eat Acid
    • Kitty
    $10 (advance), $12

    Maryland’s Sam Ray, also known as RICKY EAT ACID, creates ambient music, minimalism in the vein of Steve Reich and musique concrete. His first vinyl release, Three Love Songs (Orchid Tapes) garnered critical acclaim, as VICE once put it: “Featherweight electronics, aching piano, snippets of speech, even a pitched up Drake sample swirl around in a stew of delicately rendered pathos. While many ambient records try to alienate the listener from a familiar emotional spectrum, these songs describe moments of recognizable, lived-in humanity.” Opening this evening is Kitty Aveli, the "trance queen" from New York City who just goes by KITTY. She's previously toured as direct support to ANMANAGUCHI, DANNY BROWN, and KITTEN. She recently raised $52000 on kickstarter for her debut full-length album, which is set to release this fall. Keep an eye out for KITTY's first single is coming out via the Adult Swim Singles Club very soon!

  • Fri November 4, 2016 5:30 pm
    • Hard Country Honky-Tonk with The Hoyle Brothers

    The HOYLES consider themselves the real thing and use traditional instrumentation to play Texas shuffle, rave-up and honky-tonk music from country's true musical legends, for those of you who long for and recall the days when "country was country.

    (Chicagomusic.org) (Tribune) (Washington Post)

  • Fri November 4, 2016 9:00 pm
    • Natural Child

    Nashville's NATURAL CHILD are no strangers to our stage and just six months ago, in conjunction with Brixton Apparel, these three rock'n'rollers sold this piece out once again. The band has played here to a growing fan base many times before and we love em so. No bullshit, NATTY CHILD are a southern rock’n’roll band who writes rock’n’roll music that sounds like it was run over by a tractor and re-inflated with pot smoke. Hellbent on finding the next beer, bong or girl to suck on, these three boys boogie as hard as any band can. With a fresh new record, the self-released Okey Dokey, you can expect another wet and wild rager tonight, cause it's the only way NATURAL CHILD knows how to roll.

    (Aquarium Drunkard) (FADER)

  • Sat November 5, 2016 9:00 pm
    • Double Vanity Tour 2016
    • BRONCHO with very special guests SPORTS

    Harkening back to punk rock’s glory days of the 70s, Oklahoma outfit BRONCHO captures the aggression, DIY authenticity and youthful exhilaration of a bygone era and then drags it by the hair into the Here and Now, creating a fresh sound that’s unlike anything being played today. With echoes of THE REPLACEMENTS, IGGY & THE STOOGES and THE RAMONES, BRONCHO boasts some gritty, crunching guitar work supported by an assaultive rhythm section and made whole by songwriter RYAN LINDSEY’s aggressive, yelping vocal work. SPORTS is a 4-5 piece basement rock band, started in 2012 at Kenyon College in Gambier, Ohio. Self-declaring their music as punk power-pop SPORTS has now explored beyond the Buckeye state playing with contemporaries including RADIATOR, HOSPITAL, PRESTS, PORCHES and PINEGROVE.

  • Sun November 6, 2016 9:00 pm
    • S U R V I V E
    • Majeure

    YES, it's THAT S U R V I V E, the same geniuses who recorded the Stranger Things theme song and are currently working on a soudtrack for the Netflix original series. Formed in 2009, the prolific Austin, TX experimental synth quartet S U R V I V E have released two full-lengths and numerous EPs / singles since their inception, including recent contributions to the soundtrack for the acclaimed indie horror film The Guest. Additionally, two of the group’s members recently scored the soundtrack for the new hit sci-fi / horror show Stranger Things starring Winona Ryder on Netflix. S U R V I V E have appeared at numerous esteemed festivals across the US including Moogfest, Levitation Fest, Fun Fun Fun, Beserktown, Day in The Desert, Decibel, etc. and have played alongside acts like Goblin, John Maus, Tame Impala, Lightning Bolt, This Will Destroy You, A Place To Bury Strangers, Max Cooper, and many others; Noisey even called their live show “transcendental.” MAJEURE is the alter ego of A.E. Paterra, multi-tasking extraordinaire and one-half of progressive krautrock duo ZOMBI. Decidedly more dance-oriented than ZOMBI, MAJEURE combines the dark Moog-driven film scores of Vangelis with the relentless drive of Can and the transcendent minimalism of Steve Reich and Philip Glass. The brilliant mix of live and electronic rhythms is the heart and soul of MAJEURE's music, which has a funny way of making time either speed up or stop entirely.

  • Wed November 9, 2016 9:00 pm
    • Melkbelly
    • HSY
    • Earring

    Coming all the way from Pilsen is MELKBELLY, a refreshing throwback to thrashy, crunchy noise-rock. The Melkers have been one of the hottest names in town since releasing their album Pennsylvania in 2014, via Automatic Recordings, and are definitely a staff favorite around these parts. They always turn that shit up to 11 whenever they hit the stage and we can't wait to see how they kick this shitstorm into high gear tonight.Can anyone tell us what the hell is going on in Toronto? That city,home to some of the friendliest folks around, has been consistently pumping out some of the gnarliest (and best) punk and hardcore for about as long as we can remember. Maybe it's the rough winters, maybe it's the crack-smoking mayor, or maybe they're all just sick of being known as our "friendly neighbors to the north" - who knows. Carrying the tattered flag of their forebearers, HSY (pronounced "hussy") has produced an onslaught of grimy, noisy sludge-punk since first forming in 2011, as seen on a handful of tapes and their debut, self-titled EP. They haven't been around these parts since they headlined in November 2014, and we feel lucky as hell to have them back! Opening this evening is Local freak-punk duo EARRING have been known to create quite a stir whenever they hit our stage. 

  • Thu November 10, 2016 9:00 pm
    • Lightfoils
    • Dead Leaf Echo
    • Ganser
    • The Shimmer DJs

    LIGHTFOILS is one of Chicago’s finest shoegaze bands, pushing the genre into exciting new territory with their mesmerizing haze, a wintry blizzard punctuated by occasional bright blasts of slashing chords. Occupying a space between storm and calm, LIGHTFOILS' propulsive, tight rhythm section lays the groundwork as lead singer JANE ZABETH's angelic voice soars and shines above the foggy undercurrents. Brooklyn's DEAD LEAF ECHO is an art collective and "Nouveau Wave" band whose early 4AD influences run thick while pusing those sounds into the future. The group combines elements of ambient, baroque, dream-pop, shoegaze, new wave, and goth, crafting every aspect of their sound and vision around chiming guitars, shimmering vocals and silky basslines. Needless to say, they've got us dripping with anticipation. THE SHIMMER DJs are comprised of SCARY LADY SARAH & PHILLY PEROXIDE and they'll be bringing the noise and spinning the horror from the turntables all night long.

  • Sat November 12, 2016 9:00 pm
    • Uniform
    • HIDE
    • Mark Solotroff
    $8 advance, $10

    UNIFORM formed in New York City in late 2013 when old friends Ben Greenberg and Michael Berdan realized they lived on the same street. Their impulsive collaboration quickly yielded Our Blood / Of Sound Mind and Body single. The six tracks that comprise the equally abrasive but more refined album Perfect World have been coming together between tours and work ever since. Chicago's HIDE is a project from visual artist HEATHER GABEL on vocals and multi-instrumentalist SETH SHER (GA'AN, PSYCHIC STEEL, ZATH, OAKEATER) on pretty much everything else (and some vocals). Since forming in 2014, the duo has exploded all over Chicago, stirring up shit all around town with their dark, minimal blend of electronic, goth and industrial stylings. They've opened for the likes of ALALKINE TRIO and even scored an opening slot for part of MARILYN MANSON's 2015 tour. Trust us - they're going to give you a performance you'll not soon forget. Yeah, wouldn’t miss this one. Especially when electronic experimentalist, noise auteur, and goddamn Chicago legend MARK SOLOTROFF is opening. Being co-founder of BloodLust!, member of BLOODYMINDED, as well as leading Chicago’s relentless ANATOMY OF HABIT, it's pretty safe to say this guy knows what he’s doing. Power electronics, harsh noise, analog synths, and tape are all in his arsenal so check your ear flaps and show up early.

  • Sun November 13, 2016 9:00 pm
    • Beef Jerk
    • Parent
    • Person

    BEEF JERK have been keeping a low profile on the fringes of the Sydney, Australia underground for some time now, quietly lurking about since their formation in 2012 finding time here & there to practice & sometimes record some tunes. The band’s self-released “Schooners” single popped up in 2013, a (very literal) ode to drinking beers & mucking about, but greater things were afoot. The band set about polishing up old demos into what would become their debut LP Tragic self-released in a small run by the band in 2015 & re-released for a deservedly wider audience by Trouble In Mind in 2016. This marks their first Bottle appearance, so let's give them a warm weirdo welcome shall we? Chicago's PARENT will delight the sure-to-be-packed house with their warped guitar-pop ditties. No matter what they try to tell you, this ain't no fuckin' kids music, it's lysergic rock & roll that only the most twisted minds can appreciate. PARENT continues to grow with each set, so you can bet they'll leave you with your jaw on the floor once they take the stage.

  • Wed November 16, 2016 9:00 pm
    • Glitter Creeps 2 Year Anniversary featuring Nobunny
    • Proud Parents
    • Bev Rage & The Drinks
    • Interlude performed by Lucy Stoole

    It's everyone's favorite rascally punk-rock rabbit, NOBUNNY! The last time we partied with the bunny-masked party machine was in 2011 for a West Fest 2015 after party and we're stoked as hell for him to tear our stage apart once again. To say we're excited for NOBUNNY's one-man pop-punk onslaught would be a gross understatement -- almost as gross as that mask. NOBUNNY's infectiously hooky tunes and lusty outlook have earned comparisons to THE RAMONES, HASIL ADKINS, and THE CRAMPS, while his untamed (and sometimes bottomless) stage shows have led some to call him a cuddly version of G.G. ALLIN.

    Glitter Creeps is two years old! They grow up so fast and this Rock/Punk/New Wave queer night has been throwing some of the best damn parties around since bringing their party to the Bottle. Hosted and co-curated by siblings Donnie & Madison Moore of ABSOLUTELY NOT, the monthly showcase was declared Best punk-rock LGBTQ night in Chicago Reader's 2015 Best Of issue and was included in Chicagoist's Best Queer Nightlife In Chicago. Each month brings new and exciting bands from Chicago and beyond to perform on our stage and we're stoked for the lineup that they've put together tonight.

    Advance ticket purchase includes guaranteed entrance AND one drink ticket good for Tiger Beer or the non-alcoholic beverage of your choice.

  • Thu November 17, 2016 9:00 pm
    • DZ Deathrays
    • Dune Rats
    $10 (advance), $12

    Hitting The Bottle for the first time tonight is DZ DEATHRAYS, a punk rock/thrash band out of Brisbane, Austrailia. In the duos own wods, "We started at a house party...we will most likely end at one." Same, DZ DEATHWAYS, same. Direct support this evening comes from DUNE RATS, a "dunecore," stoner-pop trio also from Brisbane. Match made in heaven, these two.

  • Sat November 19, 2016 9:00 pm
    • True Widow
    • Mary Lattimore

    Up from the warm, almost oppressively humid Texas air rises a din. The sound is created by only three people - TRUE WIDOW. The music that they are creating might be the aural equivalent of walking down a farm-to-market road on a foggy morning just before day breaks.The clamor began in November 2007 when these three humans came together to form TRUE WIDOW. The trio has released two previous albums: True Widow (2008) and As High As The Highest Heavens And From The Center To The Circumference Of The Earth (2011). Each release has built on the band’s unique approach to the guitar-centric intersection of shoegaze and ambient pop, which the band self-described as “stonegaze.” NPR described the band’s sophomore release as “a warming headphone album for a bleak snowfall, moody and dreamy chords crushed by a rumbling low-end, ” Decibel Magazine said the album is “a droning, strung-out record that is, frankly, almost perfect” and All Music said TRUE WIDOW's guitar sound is “not so much detuned as it is shuddering.” MARY LATTIMORE is a harpist living in Philadelphia. She experiments with her Lyon and Healy Concert Grand harp and effects. Her solo debut, The Withdrawing Room, was released in 2013 on Desire Path Recordings. Her most recent album, At The Dam, was released in March 2016 on Ghostly International.

  • Sun November 20, 2016 9:00 pm
    • Thee Oh Sees
    • The Blind Shake
    • Torture Love

    It's nearly impossible to oversell how combustible a live performance from our old pals THEE OH SEES can become. Over the past decade the band has morphed from a showcase for rock savant JOHN DWYER's post-COACHWHIPS sensitivity into the hardest working band in garage-rock, delivering simple melodies and creepy lyrics, frequently delivered in a whacked-out monster-voice. Fleshing out guitars and drums with flutes, bells and thrift store synths, Looney Tunes-worthy narratives are rolled into summery retro nuggets and delivered in playfully sinister, Sesame Street-on-LSD tales. With a score of releases on Captured TracksIn the RedTomlab, and their last three LPs, 2013's Flying Coffin, 2014's Drop, 2015's Mutilator Defeated At Last, & this year's A Weird Exit, on DWYER's own label Castle Face, An annual tradition, THEE OH SEES live at The Empty Bottle must be seen to be believed. Castle Face labelmates and tour partners THE BLIND SHAKE hit the Bottle once again with their spastic, rumbling, anxious noise-punk effort full of guitar-heavy tracks that plays like a smack to the face. Returning for the first time since headlining the Bottle last September, these hardworking maniacs are the real deal and will literally blow up your head with their overpowering sound and wild stage antics. Returning to our stage for the first time since May is TORTURE LOVE, a Chicago post-punk band that started as a bedroom project in 2012 and has since morphed into the wild but cohesive four-piece. Everytime we see these cats, they proved one simple thing: You are not safe. At the end of 2014, the band released 2 0 1 5, a searing, four track EP that's solidified their transition from feedback-heavy shoegazers to DIY punk heroes. 

  • Sun November 27, 2016 9:00 pm
    • Luke Bell

    LUKE BELL's backstory could’ve come out of the pages of a novel by Jim Harrison, Thomas McGuane or Cormac McCarthy. A fifth-generation descendant of Wyoming homesteaders, the ranch hand turned troubadour has seen a lot of life in his 26 years on this mortal coil, and his selftitled album, released under the auspices of Bill Hill Records, distributed by Thirty Tigers, serves as a rollicking document of his experiences. The record is teeming with colorful characters, captured in hardscrabble yarns of living hard and drinking harder, making bad choices and laughing them off.  A life-embracing, go-for-the-gusto spirit animates LUKE BELL's vividly drawn characters, but an aching melancholy lurks just below the surface. Describing the deeply soulful, deeply American character of Bell’s music in an introductory piece posted on Daytrotter, Sean Moeller insightfully wrote, “There’s the lonesomeness that’s a birthright for all of the wandering souls. There’s the heartbreak that comes from that. And then there’s the laughing off of that heartbreak in that way that makes it evident that the heartbreak’s not being laughed off at all…even as the singer cocks his hat to the side, smiles and throws back another whiskey with a generous thank you.” 

  • Fri December 2, 2016 9:00 pm
    • Earthless
    • Ruby The Hatchet
    $14 (advance), $16

    Formed in 2001, EARTHLESS prides itself on creating energetic, utterly unique and free thinking instrumental music inspired by an eclectic mix of German krautrock and Japanese heavy blues-rock. The Californian trio has dedicated itself to mastery of the mind-bending jam session, evoking the spirits of Jimi Hendrix and Black Sabbath in equal measure. Named after a song title from vintage New York garage-psych band The Druids of Stonehenge, EARTHLESS' sound has been called "A sonic kaleidoscope of lava and lightning", earning it the title of "California's loudest band". The group delivers "one of the best live shows in all of modern, heavy rock," leading to one reviewer stating that the band's "epic shredding harkens back to the days were psychedelic rock had balls the size of grapefruits and wasn't afraid to take its listeners on a ride for which they may never return." Forming after a series of basement practices in New Jersey circa 2011 before relocating to Philadelphia, psychedelic quintet RUBY THE HATCHET brought together doomy, evil hard rock with occult-flavored psychedelia for a witchy brew of dazzled and ominous wild rock sounds. 

  • Sat December 3, 2016 9:00 pm
    • The King Khan & BBQ Show
    • The Gartrells

    bsolutely legendary and crucial REAL rock’n’roll recording artists/magicians/nuts, ‘THE KING KHAN & BBQ SHOW’ are back! With releases on labels like CryptGonerIn The Red, and Fat Possum, KK&BS are an elite powerhouse of top TOP notch doo-wop/psych/r&b/r&r craziness that has been sorely lacking in today’s world of grunge worship and 10 month ‘careers’. This is one of the best rock’n’roll bands of this century, and you’ll be kicking your own ass and face if you miss it. THE GARTRELLS are a new Atlanta Rock and Roll outfit containing membres of BLACK LIPS, LEGENDARY SHACK SHAKERS, BLACK LINEN, & THE GAYEBLADES. 

  • Mon January 9, 2017 9:00 pm
    • Godheadsilo
    • Corey J Brewer

    Guess when the last time GODHEADSILO played the Empty Bottle...okay, we'll tell you - it was fucking 1995! We're way past due for a visit here.This noise rock duo formed in Fargo, North Dakotabut based itself in Olympia, Washington. Comprised of bassist Mike Kunka and drummer Dan Haugh, they're known for their loud "wall of sound" live performances, which are full of raging drums, screaming, and a gigantic heavy bass sound. Kunka uses many effects pedals and a large wall of amps to create his thunderous sound. After an accident in 1998 that left Haugh unable to play drums, the duo went on a hiatus. They reunited last year and we are over-the-moon excited to have them back! Opening is COREY J BREWER, a Seattle, WA based musician who creates tracks built out of samples and loops of his own improvisations/noise into "pop" structure. Influenced by Lounge, Trip-hop, Free Jazz and Brion Gysin.


  • Sat January 28, 2017 9:00 pm
    • Official Palace Film Festival After Party featuring Xeno & Oaklander

    The Empty Bottle is proud to host the official After-Party for The Palace Film Festival on Saturday, January 28, 2017, featuring a live performance by Brooklyn-based electronic duo XENO AND OAKLANDER.

    XENO AND OAKLANDER  are a minimal electronics girl/boy duo based in Brooklyn, NY. They began writing music and soundtracks in 2004. Miss Liz Wendelbo is French / Norwegian and Sean McBride is from Maryland. They record their songs live in their Brooklyn studio and play analogue synthesizers and instruments exclusively. They have toured Europe and the US numerous times, and they play extensively in New York in music venues, lofts and festivals. They have also performed at SF Moma, PS1 Warm Up, Miami Art Basel, the Zürich Kunsthalle and the New Museum in New York. Sean McBride has created original music for artists Annika Larsson, Jonah Freeman, Annee Olofsson and Dara Birnbaum. XENO AND OAKLANDER have recently scored a soundtrack for artist Fabian Marti. Their latest Remix is for British legend John Foxx and the Maths.

    The Palace Film Festival, showcasing cutting-edge contemporary work from select artists working at the intersection of art, film and music, announces its third consecutive iteration to take place January 27 (6pm–10pm) and 28 (4pm-10pm), 2017. The program is comprised of local, national, and international visual artists, musicians, and filmmakers. Join audiences at the historic Fine Arts Building in downtown Chicago to experience the moving image as interdisciplinary artists working in photography, music, new media, film, video, and performance, push and pull at the boundaries of their ever-evolving mediums. For more information, please visit www.palacefilmfest.com.

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