• Tue April 25, 2017 9:00 pm
    • Surf Curse
    • Ted Tyro
    • Courtesy

    L.A. duo SURF CURSE are here to bring you a healthy dose of, wait for it, *surf* rock. It's their second time on the Bottle stage, and judging by the raw-energy of their show here back in August, we're all in for a damn treat. These are two dudes who dedicate their dreamy, lo-fi surfer jams to popular cult movies on all three of their releases - "Heathers" and "Pony Boy" can be found on Demos (Feb. 2013) and Buds (June 2013), plus "Reality Bites" on Bad Boys (October 2013). It wouldn't mean jack shit if the songs weren't instant classics... but they are... which is nice. TED TYRO of Louisville, KY is the neue-new-wave project of bassist Bart Swift. Swift combines the bouncy bass grooves of early Talking Heads with the experimental guitar work of past-progressives Adrian Belew and Neu. It all results in exactly the type of scrappy art pop that we love. File this one under retro-future-core dance-fi, of course! We’re excited to welcome back We’re excited to welcome back Chicago/Memphis trio COURTESY, returning with a set of dark, experimental ambient soundscapes that they fuse with club-ready drum n' bass bangers. They self-released their debut tape, Idmatic, and their latest album Slow Bruise was released in spring of 2015 on Oakland's Moon Glyph Records. Their latest record Hey is expected to be released summer 2017.


  • Wed April 26, 2017 9:00 pm
    • Melvin Henry
    • Color Television
    • Nightlife

    Last spring we hosted Chicago-based experimental/drone/ambient artist MELVIN HENRY as first of three on an out-of-this-world bill of sonic mindfuckery. We've been jonsing to get Mr. Henry back on our stage and we've finally got the chance to welcome his electric-drone sonic theatrics back to our stage. Dude's been dropping new collections at an outragous pace and released his most recent collection, Black Witch Temple, back in November of last year. COLOR TELEVISION is the brainchild of Chicago multi-instrumentalist, producer, and electronic artist, Hayden Beck. The wizardly super-producer pairs future beats and hip-hop influences with electro-infused soundscapes that'll twist your brains inside and out. Sorry about your brains! Chicago's NIGHTLIFE brings the ambient down-tempo to get the night started in the chillest way imaginable. That sentence may seems confusing -- just go with it.

  • Thu April 27, 2017 9:00 pm
    • Dos Santos
    • Kiko Villamizar
    • DJ Senor Eddy (Sonorama)

    DOS SANTOS: Anti-Beat Orquesta is a Chicago-based band that rocks the sounds of popular Latin dance genres with psychedelic flare, from Colombian Cumbia to Afro-Caribbean Salsa. Voted Chicago's Best Emerging Artist of 2015 by the Deli Magazine's Readers Poll, their gritty and grassroots approach captures the “golden age” of streamlined tight-knit ensembles of the 1970s and 80s that shook sweatbox dance floors with fierce energy all over Latin America—honest dance music with no frills and no fear, anchored by reverb-slathered guitars, Hammond organ, and syncopated percussion.

    KIKO VILLAMIZAR was born in Miami to Colombian parents and was taken to the Andean city of Medellin, Colombia when he was small and raised there. He learned Latin American folk music through the oral tradition of his family, returning to Miami to study jazz after high school. He then began traveling the Americas collecting  melodies and beats that he has formed into his own unique mix. His culture, agriculture, and life stories are put into his songs. He celebrates Mother Earth while lamenting the violence and inequality he has seen both in Medellin and in the United States. KIKO is not only a fusion of the Andes and the Caribbean.His songs are relevant and contemporary while strongly honoring its roots.


  • Fri April 28, 2017 5:30 pm
    • Hard Country Honky-Tonk with The Hoyle Brothers

    The HOYLES consider themselves the real thing and use traditional instrumentation to play Texas shuffle, rave-up and honky-tonk music from country's true musical legends, for those of you who long for and recall the days when "country was country.

    FREE entry & $3 Shiner Beer for all!

    (Chicagomusic.org) (Tribune) (Washington Post)

  • Fri April 28, 2017 9:00 pm
    • Pissed Jeans
    • STNNNG
    • The Catburglars
    • #EB25

    This is the 100% recreated bill of PISSED JEANS first ever Empty Bottle show on April 5th, 2008, with the original ticket price! O.G. support from Minneapolis, MN's STNNNG and somehow-revived Chicago punk band the CATBURGLARS. 

    Pennsylvania’s PISSED JEANS haven’t played the Bottle since 2013 and oh how we’ve missed these sweet, sweaty maniacs. Their latest LP, Why Love Now?, was released via Sub Pop this past February and proves these dudes are rocking harder than ever.  Their live show has to be seen to be believed and if it’s as good as we remember, which we’re sure it is, you’re not going to want to miss PISSED JEANS and the sea of madness they provoke. 

    Minneapolis based rock band STNNNG returns for the first time since 2008, the year they played the Bottle twice, one of them being this exact bill. We're excited to welcome this noisey punks back to our stage. Trust us - you're in for a treat.

    Opening this evening are THE CATBURGLARS, a local four piece punk rock band we also haven't seen since 2008. We're going back in time, man, to a much, much better time.

    It's round TWO of our 25th Anniversary announcements in 2017, where we bring back bands of Bottle's past for an EB25 series that will run throughout the year. Come one, come all - let's party like it's 1992.... or better yet, 2008!

    • Box Office Pre-Sale: Wednesday 3/29 & Thursday 3/30, 5-8 p.m. at The Empty Bottle (1035 N. Western)
    • Public On Sale: Friday, 3/31 at 10 a.m. CST


    Thanks to our partners A.V. ClubTopo Chico & Eventbrite for supporting our 25th Anniversary! #EBlovesyou


  • Sat April 29, 2017 2:00 pm
    • Maypole Folk Fest: Black Bear Combo
    • Golden Horse Ranch Band
    • Moon Bros & more

    Maypole Folk Festival is a celebration of the best of Chicago’s folk music scene. It’s a call to commemorate the coming of the summer, and for all the city’s folks to come together — old-time with bluegrass, Mexican folk with country blues, and the young DIY community with the city’s veteran players. It’s a chance to listen and dance to some of Chicago’s best traditional music in one of the city’s favorite alternative venues.

    Headlining the fest this year is BLACK BEAR COMBO, channeling traditional music from eastern Europe + the Balkans, punk rock, as well as free jazz, and experimental folk project MOON BROS. Also joining this year's fest are ragtime/hot jazz/hillbilly band DEVIL IN A WOODPILE; old time barn dance enthusiasts the GOLDEN HORSE RANCH BAND; Chicago folk music staples GLASS MOUNTAIN; GOLOSA RUSSIAN CHOIR & more. 

    For more information, see www.maypolefolkfest.com.

    Thank you to our sponsors

  • Sun April 30, 2017 1:00 pm
    • CAKE 'Drink And Draw' Brunch

    Chicago Alternative Comics Expo cordially invites you to our annual Drink and Draw! This years soiree will take place at the Empty Bottle, one of our favorite venues located at 1035 N Western Ave, Chicago, IL 60622. The event will take place on Sunday, April 30th from 1:00pm-4:00pm. CAKE will be supplying sketch books and drawing materials but please feel free to bring your own art supplies as well. There will be drinking and drawing, live performances by local cartoonists and a prize raffle! All of the proceeds will benefit CAKE. We really hope to see you there!

  • Sun April 30, 2017 8:30 pm
    • Post Child
    • Garbage Greek
    • Strychnine
    • Nightcrawler
  • Mon May 1, 2017 9:00 pm
    • Divino Niño (tour kick-off)
    • Paul Cherry (tour kick-off)
    • Cafe Racer
    • Head
    Free Monday

    DIVINO NINO headlines the EB stage for the first time, brigining along their sexy dream pop for ya'll to trance off to. But let it be known, DIVINO NINO considers their genre to be “bootleg-ass-pop” and if I had to speak from the heart, that’s our favorite type of pop here at the Bottle! A sound that’s reminiscent of MAC DEMARCO’S Salad Days, DIVINO NINO’S The Shady Sexyfornia Tapes encapsulates the dreaminess, but with a sexy Latino twist a greasy hair DEMARCO could never touch. They're heading out on tour.

  • Tue May 2, 2017 9:00 pm
    • Acid Mothers Temple
    • Babylon
    • Axis:Sova

    KAWABATA MAKOTO and his fellow psych jam travelers ACID MOTHERS TEMPLE return for the first time since playing our stage last March! The ever-evolving lineup has been pulverizing our hearts and brains for decades now (maybe centuries), combining elements of drone, psych, space rock, throat singing and improvised freak-outs. Expect the kind of heaviness that the world has come to know and love from ACID MOTHERS, a sufferer of severe tinnitus (a condition in which the sufferer hears a ringing or pulsing sound not caused by any external stimulus), and the multi-sensory world this legendary collective has created. They're a freak-out group for the 21st century founded in 1995 -- you do the math. BABYLON is a noise-rock band hairling from Los Angeles, CA. This here will mark their Empty Bottle debut!

  • Wed May 3, 2017 9:00 pm
    • Pond
    • Kirin J Callinan
    $15 (advance), $18

    What do you call a group of psychedelic songsters all grown up? A group who were often considered the younger sibling, who have come into their own? Artists who just released their best piece of work yet, and musicians who unleashed one of the rowdiest and strongest live touring sets 2014 witnessed? You call them POND.

    Hailing from Perth, Australia's POND formed in 2008 after good friends Joseph Ryan (Mink Mussel Creek), Nick Allbrook (Mink Mussel Creek, Allbrook/Avery, Tame Impala, Peter Bibby & His Bottles of Confidence), and Jay Watson (Tame Impala) hit upon the idea of an all inclusive, ego-free collaborative, so the boys immediately recorded their debut album "Psychedelic Mango" with a little help from good friend Kevin Parker (Tame Impala).

    Since the beginning, POND wrote music and produced records faster than a label could release them. POND followed up "Psychedelic Mango" within months, releasing "Corridors of Blissterday," a frenzied effort recorded live with an eight-piece band in 2009. A year later, their third album "Frond," a kaleidoscopic classic, dripping with funk and falsetto, loosely inspired by a diet consisting only of Prince and Fleetwood Mac, delighted audiences Australia-wide. "Frond"'s release finally realised industry attention and praise, solidifying the band and their music in its own right. "Beard, Wives and Denim," their 4th album, was recorded on a farm a few hours South-West of Perth. "Beard, Wives, Denim" is a triumph of the eclecticism and good humor that drives POND.

    In August 2013, POND gifted to the world their 5th LP in as many years, "Hobo Rocket." "Hobo Rocket" is 40 minutes of perfectly imperfect emotion, challenging veteran listeners and music reviewers with an evolved and vigorous sound. Singer Nick Allbrook describes the release as the "...kind of mindset of finding our own little place in music, and being more of a functioning band, which is what makes it noisier and denser. This one we went as brutally hard as we would at a show. We wanted the songs to sound loose and live."

    Enthusiasts and music aficionados world-wide agree MIFLSA is POND's most focused composition to date. This mirrors their touring efforts, dynamic and enthralling live show, media buzz and essentially, the maturation of a musical career a long time in the making. Maybe it's not such a bad thing growing up, especially when it's this much fun!

  • Thu May 4, 2017 9:00 pm
    • Stef Chura
    • Richard Album & The Singles
    • Pledge Drive

    Hailing from Alpena, MI but eventually wandering downstate, STEF CHURA began writing songs in high school before diving into the world of basement shows, dive bars and DIY touring. Though she's been involved in various bands, when presenting her own songs (solo or backed by friends) STEF'S music is by turns foggy and obtuse or emotionally blunt, heavy lines delivered in a sweet mumble or a softly sinister howl. CHURA opened that bonkers CAR SEAT HEADREST Pitchfork Aftershow back in July 2016 and released her killer debut LP, Messes, on Urinal Cake Records this past January. She's been on the road ever since, touring it with the likes of PRIESTS and SAD13, and continuing to develop her sound, with new emphasis on fingerpicked guitar, meditative repetition and 90s-leaning grunge modes.

  • Fri May 5, 2017 5:30 pm
    • Hard Country Honky-Tonk with The Hoyle Brothers

    The HOYLES consider themselves the real thing and use traditional instrumentation to play Texas shuffle, rave-up and honky-tonk music from country's true musical legends, for those of you who long for and recall the days when "country was country.

    FREE entry & $3 Shiner Beer for all!

    (Chicagomusic.org) (Tribune) (Washington Post)

  • Fri May 5, 2017 9:00 pm
    • Windy City Soul Club
    $5 cover

    The WINDY CITY SOUL CLUB boasts that the "best rare soul deejays in Chicago come together to create the best party this city has ever seen," and if you're inclined to think real deejays need only a box full of vinyl, you'll likely agree. WCSC deejays play all original vinyl of the Northern Soul variety, Motown-style gems, regional hits, ace dancing tunes as well as your favorite recognizable sing-along classics. If you've ever wanted to "shake a tail feather" tonight's your night to get dapper and get down.

    No advance tickets sold - $5 cover at the door!

  • Sat May 6, 2017 2:00 pm
    • Empty Bottle Book Club discusses 'My Favorite Thing is Monsters'
    Free Entry!


    The Empty Bottle Book Club selections will be available for purchase each month at Wicker Park Secret Agent Supply Co. Support a local business and 826CHI, a great nonprofit dedicated to supporting students with their creative writing skills, by picking up your copy of this book from our friends at 1276 Milwaukee Avenue!

    Set against the tumultuous political backdrop of late ’60s Chicago, My Favorite Thing Is Monsters is the fictional graphic diary of 10-year-old Karen Reyes, filled with B-movie horror and pulp monster magazines iconography. Karen Reyes tries to solve the murder of her enigmatic upstairs neighbor, Anka Silverberg, a holocaust survivor, while the interconnected stories of those around her unfold. When Karen’s investigation takes us back to Anka’s life in Nazi Germany, the reader discovers how the personal, the political, the past, and the present converge. Full-color illustrations throughout.

  • Sat May 6, 2017 9:00 pm
    • Crown Larks (LP Release)
    • ONO
    • Blackerface
    • Grun Wasser

    Our pals CROWN LARKS are back for the first time since opening for E during a Free Monday in December. We’re always more than excited for their hypnotic, noisy chemistry! This time around, we’ll be celebrating the release of their new LP, Population. With Population, this "co-ed unit of electro-jazz shapeshifters” (The Village Voice) takes a hard turn into jagged, polyrhythmic post punk, machine-tooled no wave, and eccentric, noisy art rock – with a little of their earlier free jazz-inflected krautrock thrown in for good measure. Underground Chicago punk heroes ONO are a legendary act that shows an ability to amaze and discombobulate even the most adventurous live music fan. They've remained outsiders in a sea of outsiders, and if you've seen ‘em before you know what to expect: Sparse electronic beats, saxophone skronk, theatrical vocals and oddball bass riffs. BLACKERFACE is an afropunk/punk/blues/rock act from Oberlin, Ohio, performing on our stage for their first time tonight. Opening the evening is industrial synth duo GRUN WASSER, here to unearth emotions from a place of darkness.

  • Sun May 7, 2017 2:00 pm
    • Cajun Dance Party featuring Chicago Cajun Aces

    Our love for all things Cajun just doesn't stop and today we see the return of the Cajun Dance Party! Come by all afternoon for Cajun music and dancing, grab a few drinks, and let your spirit soar to heart of New Orleans.

    THE CHICAGO CAJUN ACES play traditional Cajun waltzes and two-steps with real gusto and zeal. Double fiddles, Cajun accordion, guitar, bass and drums energize the dance floor. Playing with a nod to French Louisiana, all songs are sung in Cajun French. The members of the band are widely known outside of Chicago, having played and jammed with many Southwest Louisiana Cajun and Creole musicians. These all stars bring the heart of Cajun life to the dance hall!

    (Fox 8 Live NOLA)

  • Sun May 7, 2017 9:00 pm
    • Laser Background
    • The Hecks
    • Norwegian Arms
    • Michael Hilger
  • Mon May 8, 2017 9:00 pm
    • Wrekmeister Harmonies
    • Mark Solotroff
    • Trevor de Brauw
    • DJ Skyler Rowe
    Free Monday

    The shape-shifting drone, modern classical, outrock and extreme metal collective WREKMEISTER HARMONIES, led by the enigmatic and visionary musician JR Robinson, came into chaotic life in 2006 with the modus operandi of performing and recording long pieces in museums, mausoleums and other impressive public spaces. Over three inimitable albums, released at a feverish pace (You’ve Always Meant So Much to Me, 2013; Then It All Came Down, 2014; Night of Your Ascension, 2015) JR proved himself to be a master collaborator - curating and orchestrating the talents of such varied underground luminaries as Jef Whitehead of Leviathan, Alexander Hacke of Einstürzende Neubauten, David Yow of The Jesus Lizard, and more. Following the critical success of last year’s Night Of Your Ascension, which featured no less than 30 musicians, JR felt it was time to seek out new methods, processes and creative strategies, focusing his energies on a smaller collective.

    Clectronic experimentalist, noise auteur, and goddamn Chicago legend MARK SOLOTROFF is opening. Being co-founder of BloodLust!, member of BLOODYMINDED, as well as leading Chicago’s relentless ANATOMY OF HABIT, it's pretty safe to say this guy knows what he’s doing. Power electronics, harsh noise, analog synths, and tape are all in his arsenal so check your ear flaps and show up early.

    TREVOR DE BRAUW is a Chicago musician who's known as one of the guitarists in sludge-metal titans PELICAN, as well as powerambient offshoot CHORD and new-ish instrumental power trio RLYR. DE BRAUW returns with solo material that reaches more for shimmering lights than doomy darkness, building layers of droning, pulsing guitar loops that gently push each piece along.


    Free Mondays at the Empty Bottle are sponsored by Pabst Blue Ribbon. $2 PBR drafts every Monday night!

  • Tue May 9, 2017 9:00 pm
    • Demdike Stare
    • Suzi Analogue
    • Stave
    $15 advance, $18

    DEMDIKE STARE is a collaboration between Sean Canty and Miles Whittaker, two childhood friends from the North of England with voracious appetites for record collecting. After years spent mining vinyl bins for source material, the pair started collaborating in earnest back in 2008, re-appropriating sounds they had spent a lifetime cataloguing into weird and immersive music of their own. The project went on to produce a string of albums: Symbiosis, Triptych and Elemental, that were largely guided by the occult and the strange symbolism their surroundings in Pendle provided

    In 2013 the first in an ongoing series of exploratory 12"s brought together under the 'Testpressing' banner appeared on Modern Love, finding DEMDIKE STARE heading into much more intense, brutal terrain. Inspired by everything from Industrial music to Noise, Library music to Free Jazz, House, Techno, Hip Hop and Jungle - DEMDIKE STARE have refused to rest on their laurels or become overly familiar with their surroundings, creating an odd tension that's perhaps most evident when contrasting the sheer scale of the projects they have undertaken in just the last couple of years - from live-scoring films for the BFI to more commercial soundtrack work such as their input on Xan Cassavette’s Kiss Of The Damned, and the Nicholas Cage drama Joe. 

  • Wed May 10, 2017 9:00 pm
    • Mystic Braves plus very special guests The Creation Factory

    MYSTIC BRAVES return to the Empty Bottle after headlining here last September, and we are oh-so-ready for these spicy garage rockers. Althought the band might be rooted in the psychedelic scene of the 1960s, theirmoment is happening right now. The Los Angeles band, based in Echo Park, are at the forefront of a white-hot garage band revival. When the band isn’t selling out shows across the country, they’re playing alongside legendary groups like THE ZOMBIES  or providing the soundtrack for can’t-miss fashion events like Saint Laurent Paris’ Spring-Summer 2015 collection. While MYSTIC BRAVES— made up of Julian Ducatenzeiler on guitar and vocals, Tony Malacara on bass and vocals, Shane Stotsenberg on guitar and vocals, Cameron Gartung on drums and Ignacio Gonzalez on organ and tambourine — isn’t straying far from what Ducatenzeiler calls “a blend of influence and sound that is unprecedented in contemporary music” on the forthcoming album, there are certainly changes afoot.

    THE CREATION FACTORY channels the sounds of 1960s psychedelic beats, but the Los Angeles-based five-piece isn't just making music — "we're capturing the sort of sounds that people don’t hear anymore," says front man Shane Stots — it's creating an experience. "We're bringing sounds back from the grave, maybe better than they were before," Stots, who's also a member of L.A. rock group the MYSTIC BRAVES, says—and he's not kidding. The group uses authentic 1960s gear (and an era-appropriate look) to create blues-inflected rock designed to get a crowd's feet moving.

  • Thu May 11, 2017 9:00 pm
    • Redd Kross
    • Heartthrob Chassis [Demolition Doll Rods]
    • HoZac Sadistic Sound System

    REDD KROSS is returning to the Empty Bottle! For their first time in over four years! Back in 2012 they gave us a blistering, balls-to-the-wall set at the revived HoZac Blackout Festival and it had the kids (and dads) going nuts in the pit. Well, they're back and we couldn't be more stoked to welcome the ground-breaking rock'n'roll hooligans back to our stage. Stitching together shards of raging hardcore with pieces of leftover glam infection and delivered with the grace of a drunken chainsaw juggler, REDD KROSS might not be often mentioned in the central spotlight in the early story of LA punk, but their trailblazing is undeniable. The band released Researching the Blues on Merge back in 2012 and to our delight, the boys-now-men picked up right where they left off, sounding as tight and energetic as they did in their heyday. The HoZac Sadistic Sound System will be DJing throughout the night. No requests. Ever.

  • Fri May 12, 2017 5:30 pm
    • Hard Country Honky-Tonk with The Hoyle Brothers

    The HOYLES consider themselves the real thing and use traditional instrumentation to play Texas shuffle, rave-up and honky-tonk music from country's true musical legends, for those of you who long for and recall the days when "country was country.

    FREE entry & $3 Shiner Beer for all!

    (Chicagomusic.org) (Tribune) (Washington Post)

  • Fri May 12, 2017 9:00 pm
    • Kikagaku Moyo
    • Mind Over Mirrors
    • Plastic Crimewave Syndicate
    • Permanent Records DJs
    $10 (advance), $12

    KIKAGAKU MOYO call their sound psychedelic because it encompasses a broad spectrum of influence & elements of classical Indian music, Krautrock, traditional folk, and 70s Rock. The Tokyo five- piece's music is about freedom of the mind and body, and building a bridge between the supernatural and the present. Their newest album, House In The Tall Grass, released on their own Guruguru Brain Records, unfolds itself through many layers. Existing fans of Kikagaku Moyo will be comforted by the soft vocals harmonies and warm sitar, but what sets this release apart is the refinement of the band’s song-writing and their delicate execution. They made their Empty Bottle debut last October, and we're overjoyed to have them back on our stage!

    MIND OVER MIRRORS, the ever-evolving project of Jaime Fennelly, deploys modest acoustic constituent materials—an Indian pedal harmonium and the human voice—to produce roiling, meditative music that both simulates the swells and troughs of synthesized electronics and conjures the ceaseless rhythms of tidal surges. In its prayerful patience, its simultaneously formal and folk aspects, and its unabashed beauty, it doesn’t sound much like anything else being made today. There is an easy, and unusual, confluence of praise and play at work in Jaime’s music that catalyzes heady reverie. This sense of simultaneity, of intertwined traditions, recalls Henry Flynt’s fusion of Appalachian traditions with avant-garde tactics, an acknowledged influence.

    Coming in hot is PLASTIC CRIMEWAVE SYNDICATE, led by the inimitable STEVE KRAKOW and propelled by a pizza-fueled monster on bass. The band’s loud and spazzy solid gold spans from cavern-aged punk to lonely, hollowed-out psych/folk – further proof that MR. KRAKOW and co. sure know how to get weird in all the right places.

    Our friends over at Permanent Records will be kicking the evening off via the decks. They're also co-presenting this show! 

  • Sat May 13, 2017 9:00 pm
    • Black Lips
    • Surfbort
    • Dick Vain
    • #EB25

    It’s a rare treat to welcome the BLACK LIPS back to our little old room, but we’re mighty excited to have them back for TWO NIGHTS to celebrate #EB25. The BLACK LIPS have been called many things - garage, revival, goofballs, bad kids, outlaws, flower punks - and since their first release back in 2003 on Bomp! the band has toyed with all of these influences and reputations. Their last two LPs on Vice Records, 2011's Arabia Mountain and 2014's Underneath the Rainbow, were their first with producer's on hand and included the likes of MARK RONSON (DURAN DURAN, AMY WINEHOUSE, LILY ALLEN, KAISER CHIEFS) and PATRICK CARNEY of THE BLACK KEYS. For their ninth studio album, the BLACK LIPS have teamed up with Sean Lennon, who got on board to produce Satan’s graffiti or god’s art?, out May 5th, in 2016. They were also joined by Saul Adamczewski of FAT WHITE FAMILY, who helped co-produce the record with Lennon, plus another rather magical guest: YOKO ONO. The final product reflects the growth the BLACK LIPS have experienced since bursting onto the scene, but it’s also true to their original blistering, careening take on rock n’ roll: fuzzy, dirty, and rife with three and four part harmonies.

    It's round TWO of our EB25 series, where we bring back bands of Bottle's past for an EB25 series throughout the year. Come one, come all - let's party like it's 1992.

    • Box Office Pre-Sale: Wednesday 3/29 & Thursday 3/30, 5-8 p.m. at The Empty Bottle (1035 N. Western)
    • Public On Sale: Friday, 3/31 at 10 a.m. CST


    Thanks to our partners EventbriteA.V. Club & Topo Chico for supporting our 25th Anniversary! #EBlovesyou


  • Sun May 14, 2017 9:00 pm
    • Black Lips
    • Surfbort
    • The Sueves
    • #EB25

    It’s a rare treat to welcome the BLACK LIPS back to our little old room, but we’re mighty excited to have them back for TWO NIGHTS to celebrate #EB25. The BLACK LIPS have been called many things - garage, revival, goofballs, bad kids, outlaws, flower punks - and since their first release back in 2003 on Bomp! the band has toyed with all of these influences and reputations. Their last two LPs on Vice Records, 2011's Arabia Mountain and 2014's Underneath the Rainbow, were their first with producer's on hand and included the likes of MARK RONSON (DURAN DURAN, AMY WINEHOUSE, LILY ALLEN, KAISER CHIEFS) and PATRICK CARNEY of THE BLACK KEYS. For their ninth studio album, the BLACK LIPS have teamed up with Sean Lennon, who got on board to produce Satan’s graffiti or god’s art?, out May 5th, in 2016. They were also joined by Saul Adamczewski of FAT WHITE FAMILY, who helped co-produce, plus another rather magical guest: YOKO ONO. The final product reflects the growth the BLACK LIPS have experienced since bursting onto the scene, but it’s also true to their original blistering, careening take on rock n’ roll: fuzzy, dirty, and rife with three and four part harmonies.

    It's round TWO of our EB25 series, where we bring back bands of Bottle's past for an EB25 series throughout the year. Come one, come all - let's party like it's 1992.

    • Box Office Pre-Sale: Wednesday 3/29 & Thursday 3/30, 5-8 p.m. at The Empty Bottle (1035 N. Western)
    • Public On Sale: Friday, 3/31 at 10 a.m. CST


    Thanks to our partners EventbriteA.V. Club & Topo Chico for supporting our 25th Anniversary! #EBlovesyou


  • Mon May 15, 2017 9:00 pm
    • The Besnard Lakes
    • The Life and Times
    • Aurora L'Orealis
    $12 (advance), $15

    The story of THE BESNARD LAKES begins at Besnard Lake: a spectacular yet secluded water feature in rural Saskatchewan which the Montreal group’s husband and wife core, Jace Lasek and Olga Goreas, visit each summer for inspiration and escape. This year the couple’s campsite was surrounded for a worrying few days by forest flames, a literal ring of fire which informed the devil-may-care spirit of their exuberant fifth album. Armed with demos and memories from their trip, the pair returned to the city and entered Breakglass Studios. Unique among their furrowed brow peers, THE BESNARD LAKES are unafraid to marry textured, questing headphone sonics to the honeyed pleasure of radio hits past: the rapture of MY BLOODY VALENTINE entwined with the romance of FLEETWOOD MAC. Imagine dreamy BEACH HOUSE riding LED ZEPPELIN dynamics, with unabashedly androgynous vocal harmonies. It's always a pleasure to havethe unbelievably loud, yet relentlessly epic, Chicago trio THE LIFE AND TIMES on The Empty Bottle stage. As difficult to classify in any genre due to their ever-expanding sonic capabilities, the band'smoody, spacey and sonically overwhelming sound becomes even more grandiose live. We should know, we've hosted them hereat least a dozen times over the course of their 12-year existence, and it's been a thrill to watch them evolve over the years. Their latest EP, Dopplegangers, was released in November 2016. Containing the same spacey rock that we all know and love, THE LIFE AND TIMES know how to add a little somethin-somethin to captivate with every release. No wonder we keep crawling back for more. Chicago-based shoegazers AURORA L'OREALIS start things off in mega-heavy fashion, making their Bottle debut this very night. Blending a little psychedelia and noise-pop into the mix, the four-piece is poised for big things and are sure to knock you on your ass with their distinctly ecstatic sound.

  • Tue May 16, 2017 9:00 pm
    • HXLT
    • ShowYouSuck
    • Glass Lux
    $8 (advance), $10

    HXLT (aka Holt) was raised in Chicago listening to Led Zeppelin, Smokey Robinson, 2Pac, The Clash, and countless other artists from various genres. He started out rapping with his friends, eventually taking the name Hollywood Holt. He had a quick blow up early in his rap career, but was not yet fulfilled. He had interests in other types of music but found himself without the ability to make them. Holt ran into Kanye West at a venue in New York and was invited to a studio session. He shared his music with Kanye and the rest is history, Holt signed to West’s G.O.O.D. record label in April of 2014.

    Holt is one of the few serious renaissance men in music. He’s a fighter, a formidable rapper, a director and a great entertainer. Holt’s sound is a mix of melodic minimal chords, strings and guitars paired with hard and gritty beats. Heavily influenced by punk rock, gangster rap and everything in between, Holt’s music is a collection of different tastes neatly blended to express his mixed background and innovative spirit.

    SHOWYOUSUCK, aka Clinton Sandifer, has broken down barriers to create his own unique genre of music – metal infused rap that promotes a positive mental attitude. Let’s be real – how can you not like a guy who dropped a series of tracks titled One Man Pizza Party?!

    Local electronica trio GLASS LUX was named a top Chicago band "that will knock your socks off" by Refinery29, but don’t worry – we’ve got a solution: bring an extra pair, ya dingus! Alfonso Mayen takes on percussion and synth while Emily Morse leads on vocals, producing a slick dancetastic pop with catchy production and haunting vocals.

  • Wed May 17, 2017 9:00 pm
    • Glitter Creeps presents, Panda Riot
    • Impulsive Hearts
    • Wyys

    Glitter Creeps is tearing 2017 UP! This Rock/Punk/New Wave queer night has been throwing some of the best damn parties around since bringing their party to the Bottle. Hosted and co-curated by siblings Donnie & Madison Moore of ABSOLUTELY NOT, the monthly showcase was declared Best punk-rock LGBTQ night in Chicago Reader's 2015 Best Of issue and was included in Chicagoist's Best Queer Nightlife In Chicago. Each month brings new and exciting bands from Chicago and beyond to perform on our stage and we're stoked for the lineup that they've put together tonight, which will double as a benefit for Mary Lou's Place, a homeless shelter for victims of domestic abuse and their children.

    Headlining this GC is PANDA RIOT, returning after opening for RINGO DEATHSTAR last July. This four-piece plus drum machine formed in Philadelphia while Brian and Rebecca were working on some short films. Soundtracks turned into songs and PANDA RIOT was born. After moving to Chicago, they expanded the band to include Cory and José. Their newest record, 2013's Northern Automatic Music is a collage of ghostly vocals, dance-y drums, dub-y bass lines and blurry guitars. It evokes nighttime, UFOs, and pyramids in the sky.IMPULSIVE HEARTS played our stage in January, forever stealing our hearts with their sunny, summertime beach-party pop. Influenced and inspired by heroes like THE SMITHS, THE BEACH BOYS and BEST COAST, this trio takes crunchy guitars, sultry female vocals and a tight-butt rhythm section to create noisy-but-feel-good indie-rock that’s good any time of year. Grab a fresh marg from your friendly bartender and shake your head around, Sally – these vibes always go down smooth. Opening for their Empty Bottle debut is WYYS, Chicago new wave/pop rock quartet.

  • Thu May 18, 2017 9:00 pm
    • Jambinai
    • Naga

    JAMBINAI sound less like a band than a force of nature, fusing the full dramatic range of post-rock dynamics to Korean folk roots to create an exhilarating, vivid and unique fusion. Their instrumental music is coloured by Kim’s fiddle-like haegum, Ilwoo Lee’s guitar and piri (a Korean flute made of bamboo) and Eun Youg Sim’s geomungo, a Korean zither. They met studying traditional music at Korea’s National University of Arts, and found they were united by a desire to present such music in a new way, “to communicate with the ordinary person who doesn’t listen to Korean traditional music,” says Lee, the band’s principal writer. This makeover, however, eschews previous Korean modernists, who Lee says have used western classical music or jazz, for a molten fusion of metal, rock and experimental sound. “We’re darker than other Korean traditional bands,” Lee adds, with considerable understatement.

  • Fri May 19, 2017 9:00 pm
    • Big Freedia
    • Downtown Boys
    • DJ Jill Hopkins
    • #EB25

    Coming back to celebrate #EB25 with us is BIG FREEDIA, known as the Queen of Bounce. BIG FREEDIA is a New Orleans-based rapper and ambassador of Bounce music. A vibrant twist on hip-hop, Bounce is characterized by call-and-response lyrics over rapid-fire beats and accelerated booty-shaking. After running the New Orleans club scene for over two decades, BIG FREEDIA is now bringing the Bounce movement world-wide. BIG FREEDIA released her much-anticipated debut LP, Just Be Free. Named one of the ‘best electronic releases of 2014’ by Rolling Stone.  In 2015, BIG FREEDIA penned her first memoir, Big Freedia: God Save the Queen Diva! (Gallery Books/Simon & Schuster) and her second full length album will be released this year! This is BIG FREEDIA's first Empty Bottle apperanced since 2014. Also hitting the stage for this big #EB25 show is Providence, RI political punk quintet DOWNTOWN BOYS, in all their saxophone-laden glory. Cleverly addressing and taking down white supremacy and racism through blistering, bi-lingual punk, DOWNTOWN BOYS are an inimitable, intersectional force to be reckoned with. DJ JILL HOPKINS of Vocalo will be spinning the hits before, in-between and after Freedia & DBs hit the stage. P.A.R.T.Y.

    It's round TWO of our EB25 series, where we bring back bands of Bottle's past for an EB25 series throughout the year. Come one, come all - let's party like it's 1992.


    Thanks to our partners A.V. ClubTopo Chico, & Eventbrite for supporting our 25th Anniversary! #EBlovesyou


  • Sat May 20, 2017 9:00 pm
    • Ha Ha Tonka Record Release
    • Trapper Schoepp
    • The Inventors

    HA HA TONKA is a band hailing from the Ozarks, named after a beloved Missouri state park. Signed to Bloodshot Records, the five-piece hits the Empty Bottle to celebrate the release of their sixth studio album, the last one being 2013's Lessons. Bloodshot says of their artists: "HA HA TONKA will bring a room to a near boiling point, then bring it down to a hush, then blow it all up to the point where, at the end of the night, you are wore out and you're not sure why--it all happened so organically and without flash." Count us in! TRAPPER SCHOEPP is a young man who’s befriended a strange and diverse cast of characters during his 24 years.The Minnesota-born, Wisconsin-based tunesmith and teller of tales (both tall and true), returns with his second effort Rangers & Valentines (Xtra Mile Recordings). Produced by pop polymath and RACONTEURS member Brendan Benson,, the record finds Schoepp handling vocals, guitar and harmonica. Genre-defying Chicago three-piece THE INVENTORS start us up with their high-octane, low-frills combo of punk, rock, indie and folk that'll fill you up and never let you down.

  • Sun May 21, 2017 9:00 pm
    • Windhand
    • Satan's Satyrs
    • HAIR

    Ring the alarm, Richmond, VA’s doom occult overlords in WINDHAND are about to metaphorically stomp our skulls with their sweet, super thick, sludged-out grooves. The last time they were here, it was 2015 and they were celebrating the release of Grief's Infernal Flower, perhaps one of the best metal releases of that year, receiving ridiculous acclaim. We're pumped to have them back to see what glorious, mind-blowing music they've been working on these past 2 years! 

    Arriving from Herndon, Virginia in a psychic blizzard of garage-birthed fury and fuzz-crazed abandon, SATAN'S SATRYS stand proud as a malignant manifestation of all that's debauched and demented in heavy music. What's more, their third album, Don't Deliver Us, beamed in from a metaphysical zone of over-amped '70s power trio action and exploitation-movie malice, may well be the most gory and glorious thing they've thus far wrenched into creation. 

    HAIR, is the current musical arm of the Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty to Long Haired Men, a group founded by DAVID BOWIE in 1964. Members of HAIR live to a code that mandates shoulder length hair at a minimum. Like the straight hard rock bands of the 70s and 90s (but not the 80s, that shit sucked) before them, the group is dedicated to the heaviest and loudest sounds allowed. Together HAIR define long haired heavy psych rock in the 22nd Century.

  • Mon May 22, 2017 9:00 pm
    • Bloom [EP Release]
    • Nest [tour homecoming]
    • Junkee Girl
    Free Monday!

    Our powerpop/rock 'n' roll/punk pals in BLOOM are releasing an EP, and we're celebrating Free Monday style! Hailing from Chicago, BLOOM was started by front woman Sam Larson after reading a poorly scribbled Pablo Naruda poem in a bathroom stall, Larson created BLOOM as an eulogy for a lost love. BLOOM is always expanding, changing, and celebrating the power of love.

    NEST is 90s sweet grunge reincarnate. Guitarists Tommy Owley and Stephanie Maieritsch combine compositions that forge a sound reminiscent of GUIDED BY VOICES, giving the listener a familiar indie 90’s rock feel. Maieritsch, who writes most of NEST's songs, belts intimate lyrics with an authenticity that recalls Chrissie Hynde while the band maintains an infectious pop-grunge sound, not distant from that of VERUCA SALT and HOLE. After playing venues across Chicago for more than a year, the band released its first full-length album Mother's Knife in late 2016. 

    JUNKEE GIRL is a rock/indie/punk band from Chicago. Their album Sophomore was released in October of 2015.


  • Tue May 23, 2017 9:00 pm
    • Cool Ghouls
    • Slushy
    • Charlie Reed
    $8 advance, $10

    California natives COOL GHOULS play rock'n'roll. Their latest record, Animal Races (Empty Cellar Records), was released in August 2016. It reflects the discoveries they’ve made over the last five years about live performance, themselves, and each other. It's COOL GHOULS doing what they've always done, but in more ways and sharper than ever. ​Fans of their self-titled debut and 2014's​ A​ Swirling Fire Burning Through the Rye will be similarly stoked to hear how this band has continued to evolve. If the first album was a celebratory debut, and the second an earnest venture into deeper waters, this third album is like the crystal born of the murky womb that was the second, fertilized by the initial intention of the first. Not only have the ghouls reaped the crop they sowed; they’ve baked it into some new kind of bread! SLUSHY returns with their delightfully guzzled-out, fuzzed-up jingle-jangles, made right here in beautiful Chicago. These sugar-fried bop-pop tunes are so god damn catchy that they'll stick with you long after you've left us all behind. Sunny melodies and wall-of-sound guitars are best paired with churros and chocolate milk, but we ain't no candy store, so whiskey and beer will have to do.

  • Thu May 25, 2017 9:00 pm
    • Red Bull Sound Select Presents, Hinds
    • Thick Business
    • Dehd
    $5 w. RSVP, $15

    [Early arrival is recommended for this show to avoid waiting in line outside. $5 cover with RSVP, $15 without RSVP. No advance tickets sold!]

    Red Bull Sound Select is back, this time bringing Spanish indie-rock quartet HINDS to the Empty Bottle stage for the first time. Formed in 2011, they were originally named 'Deer,' but were formed to change their name in 2014. They decided on name to HINDS, which means 'female deer.' Their first album, Leave Me Alone, released on Burger Records in 2016, was praised by Pitchfork "a record of human contradictions, the admissions of vulnerability, and the realization that these things are beautiful."

    Direct support tonight comes from THICK BUSINESS, a four-piece from Boise, Idaho. These sweet tarts throw an "introspective dance party for trippy sad sacks and party goers alike." Opening is Chicago's DEHD (formally known as DREAM EAGLE HEAVY DREAMS). We have the amazing ERIC McGRADY behind the kit, with JASON BALLA (NE-HI/EARRING), and SUPERMAGICAL's EMILY KEMPF completing the trifecta of awesome-sauce. Always a dang pleasure to have these cats on our stage. 

  • Fri May 26, 2017 9:00 pm
    • Happyness
    • Parent
    • Secret Bad Boy

    When HAPPYNESS first burst into the public conscience with 2013’s debut single "It’s On You", which was a spirited take on US college rock. Their debut full length, Weird Little Birthday, went on to feature in many of 2014’s End of Year album lists. Worldwide tours, an NME Award, and  a re-issue on the much-loved labels Bar/None in US & Moshi Moshi Recordings in UK, with anticipation the band finally reveal the full details of the follow-up.

    Their sophomore album Write In will be released on April 7th through Bar/None in US. The record was recorded in the band’s own studio above a now-abandoned bookshop, then finished and mixed with Adam Lasus at his LA home studio. It  features artwork from the band’s own Jon EE Allan. Write In sets its stall out as an outward looking, inventive, and thoughtful progression from their debut. Ahead of the album release, new UK single “Falling Down” now has an official video, a disorientating and retro 7-minute spectacle. Happyness will be playing SXSW and have announced an extra US date ahead of a full North American headline tour in the Spring.

  • Sat May 27, 2017 9:00 pm
    • Local H
    • #EB25
    $15 (advance), $20

    It wasn't too long ago that two-man rock band LOCAL H celebrated a 25th anniversary of their own - that of their very first show in 1990. LOCAL H is known for their blistering live shows and for pioneering the two-man band set-up -- frontman Scott Lucas covers both guitar and bass through an extra pick up in his guitar and drummer Ryan Harding pounds out the rest of the sound. While they have earned praise in the past for their catalog of clever concept albums, Local H are forgoing a singular theme on their latest album -- Hey, Killer (out April 2015 on G&P Records) -- turning out a non-stop blast of straight-up, hooky, guitar-heavy rock songs -- each one catchier than the last. The band’s discography includes seven other studio albums, a live album, and a bunch of EPs. Harding joined LOCAL H in 2013, after years spent playing in Minneapolis bands LEFT BRAIN HEART and BRUDER, and fit right in. His first recording with LOCAL H was a heavy, rocking reinterpretation of Lorde’s Team, title track of the EP released in 2014.

    2017 marks our quarter life crisis, and we want to celebrate with all of you! We're bringing back bands of Bottle's past for an EB25 series throughout the year. Come one, come all - let's party like it's 1992.

    • Box Office Pre-Sale: Wednesday 2/8 & Thursday 2/9, 5-8 p.m. at The Empty Bottle (1035 N. Western)
    • Public On Sale: Friday, 2/10 at 10 a.m. CST


    Thanks to our partners A.V. Club & Topo Chico for supporting our 25th Anniversary!


  • Sun May 28, 2017 9:00 pm
    • Ruby The Rabbitfoot
    • Hobbyist

    RUBY THE RABBITFOOT returns to the Empty Bottle for the first time since August 2015, bringing her southern, soul-flooded melodies all the way from Athens, Georgia. This young folk/pop  artist can sure as hell sing a hook and will make for a fun night of pop loveliness. Not many people can take something as devastating and tumultuous as a breakup and turn it into an album thick with joyous beats, infectious melodies and lyrics that spin disappointment and desolation into revelatory moments, but RUBY THE RABBITFOOT is not someone who sees things in simple black and white. On her third album, Divorce Party, she creates a vivid world that stretches far beyond just the songs – from videos that straddle the line of performance and art, to her fearless use of fashion, to the music itself, which serves as the thrilling, creative center to her unique universe. Produced by Andy LeMaster (Bright Eyes, Azure Ray), Divorce Party is celebration of life after loss, and the creative renewal that comes from finding light amongst the darkness. 

  • Tue May 30, 2017 9:00 pm
    • TALsounds [record release]
    • Mukqs [record release]
    • Matchess
  • Wed May 31, 2017 9:00 pm
    • Tara Terra [record release]
    • Matthaus [record release]
    • Dan Durley [record release]
    $10 advance, $12

    Read it an weep, babies. Not one, not two, but THREE record releases on this fine Wednesday night.

    TARA TERRA, indie rock band from Chicago and Champaign, IL, doesn’t settle down. Since their debut album Daughter in 2014, they’ve toured the U.S. twice, appeared on Audiotree Live, and played consistently packed shows in their home cities. Their unique mix of dynamic guitar textures and eclectic pop vocals (think Maggie Rogers or Phox) is just the beginning, with a new album coming your way that we're partying about TONIGHT!. For now, catch their infectious indie vibes through their Daytrotter session (via Paste Magazine).

    MATTHAUS began as a project of composer Ben Montalbano of Chicago, Illinois and is a chamber folk band with roots also in St. Paul. This group aims to capture the thoughtfulness and expressivity of contemporary classical music while maintaining a place in the world of rock and folk.A fter a debut performance featuring a nine-piece ensemble, the group has continued to play with the size-and makeup of the group. Performances have consisted of Montalbano solo, as well as numerous combinations of instrumentalists. This show celebrats the relase of their debut EP, Effigy, coming May of 2017. 

    DAN DURLEY is a folk-indie singer-songwriter from Chicago who is also a member of the band THE 92's. Tonight we're cheersing to the debut of his solo album!

  • Do-Division Street Fest Fri June 2, 2017 5:00 pm
    • Do Division featuring The Ponys
    • ADULT.
    • Boss Hog
    • Black Marble
    • WebsterX
    • She-Devils
    $5 suggested donation

    To kick-off street festival season, Empty Bottle Presents is excited to once again book one of the two main stages at Do Division, a wildly popular gathering in Chicago’s Wicker Park neighborhood. Division street is home to numerous local restaurants and shops and for the first weekend in June, between Damen and Leavitt, Chicagoans flock to this stretch of pavement to bask in the glory of an impending summer.

    The time around, Empty Bottle Presents brings to the East stage: Chicago rock legends THE PONYS; Detroit dance-punk duo ADULT; militant rock'n'rollers BOSS HOG; New York rock band BLACK MARBLE; Milwaukee MC/Poet/Musician/Experimentalist WEBSTERX; Montreal indie/dream-pop duo SHE-DEVILS; & more! Full lineup to be announce.

  • Fri June 2, 2017 9:00 pm
    • Girlpool
    • Ian Sweet
    • Snail Mail

    Life has been a whirl for GIRLPOOL since the release of their acclaimed 2015 debut Before the World Was Big. Shortly before the record came out, Harmony Tividad and Cleo Tucker relocated from their hometown of L.A. to Philadelphia, where they quickly became embedded in the local D.I.Y. scene. After a chaotic and informative year spent floating around the East Coast, both bandmates moved home to California at the start of 2017. GIRLPOOL have been seemingly everywhere at once, exploring all the world's offerings with open minds and notebooks. All the lessons they learned, about the earth and about themselves, are gathered together in their sophomore record and ANTI- debut, Powerplant.

    New York pop-rock trio IAN SWEET started in 2014 with a string of text messages. Medford was a few days away from embarking on her first tour when the driver and drummer she recruited cancelled. Medford sent IAN SWEET drummer Tim Cheney – whom she barely knew – a series of desperate messages, asking if he knew how to drum and whether or not he would be willing to take two weeks off of life to go on tour. Cheney responded soon after with a simple: “Yes.” The band's debut release via Hardly ArtShapeshifter, is celebratory purging, an album that finds humor in self-deprecation and vice. IAN SWEET’s debut interrogates capital-e Existence through a candy-coated lens, their mathy precision scaffolding the chaos of Medford’s personal neurosis and turning those anxieties into something hook-laden and relatable.

    SNAIL MAIL is the Baltimore based solo project of Lindsey Jordan. Specializing in folk, indie, and lo-fi pop, Jordan released Habit last summer.


  • Sat June 3, 2017 9:00 pm
    • ADULT.
    • Plack Blague

    Detroit dance-punk duo ADULT. return to the Empty Bottle for the first time since 2013. Whiplash synths and memorably twisted melodies combine with personal-yet-universal, occasionally surrealist vocals in ADULT.'s mutant pop songs. Their new album, Detroit House Guests, was just released via Thrill Jockey. We're itching to get a taste of those new jams IRL.

  • Mon June 5, 2017 9:00 pm
    • Deeper
    • She-Devils
    Free Monday!

    DEEPER returns to headling on this FREE MONDAY, after opening a monsterously successful ACLU benefit show with TWIN PEAKS. This quartet brings a fuller, more nuanced sound with a stronger focus on guitar interplay and driving rhythms. On their excellent Fire Talk debut, "Trans," released this past May, DEEPER channels the anxiety and uneasiness of modern life by weaving chiming guitar swirls to a dense climax.

    SHE-DEVILS are a indie/dream-pop duo from Montreal making their Empty Bottle debut. Their upcoming self-titled album is out in May via Secretly! Greg Kot of the Chicago Tribune had some pretty dope things to say about them recently: The Montreal duo She-Devils evoked the '70s and '80s electro-punk minimalism of Suicide and Soft Cell with an austere but riveting presentation. Audrey Ann Boucher looked like a mannequin who had just stepped out of a boutique-store window with her black bangs, red-and-black outfit and blue eye shadow. Her deadpan femme-fatale vocals took on a sinister edge"


    Free Mondays at The Empty Bottle are sponsored by Pabst Blue Ribbon. $2 PBR Drafts every Monday!

  • Tue June 6, 2017 9:00 pm
    • Springtime Carnivore
    • Laverne
    • Family of Geniuses
    $10 (advance), $12

    You know the curious, almost out-of-body feeling you sometimes get when you wake up in the middle of the night, where everything seems a bit fuzzy and you’re not sure if maybe you’re still dreaming? It’s a state Greta Morgan perpetually revisited during the second half of 2015, when she was writing and recording the new Springtime Carnivore album, Midnight Room. “I was on a really jagged sleep schedule,” says the Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter, describing the months during which she worked on the follow-up to her critically adored 2014 debut. “It was the first time I’d ever lived by myself, and there was this bizarre feeling at night of the house being so quiet and being so totally alone. And Midnight Room came out of that.”

    Earlier in the year, Morgan went through one of those break-ups that completely topples your world. Though it was as amicable as those things can be, the twenty-eight year-old musician felt shattered. She began working on songs for Midnight Room during those strange waking interludes last summer, finding an abundance of beautiful melodies in the melancholy ether. “A lot of lyrics on the record are collaged or don’t necessarily make sense next to each other,” she says. “But I guess my whole headspace was like that for a few months. I felt like I couldn’t trust my memory completely -- like I was space cadeting through the weird space between sleeping and dreaming and waking and reality.”

    The melodies came easily, but the words were initially harder to find. So she tried a new approach for Midnight Room’s lyrics, inspired by her own disjointed thinking during those months. When an intriguing phrase or evocative image occurred to her, she wrote it down on a piece of index card. Sitting with the dozens of scraps on the floor in front of her, Morgan would rearrange the fragments until she found a way to make sense of it all. “A lot of the themes are, like, ‘How do you lovingly change a relationship?,’” she says. “How do you say good-bye to someone in a certain way and still keep him or her in your life? I feel like I was asking a lot of questions during the making of the record that I still don’t really have answers to, but at least some of the songs were exploring that territory.”

    In the interest of achieving a more cohesive sound for Midnight Room, Morgan reached out to producer Chris Coady, whose work with Future Islands, Beach House and The Orwells she’d admired. “To me, Chris’s greatest gift as a producer is creating a sonic palette for an album that really brings their songs to life,” she says. “I wanted the whole thing to feel like you’re looking through a cobalt blue glass, and to get textures that almost feel like being able to see stars in the sky. I wanted it to have this very velvety midnight blue purity to the sound, and I feel like the synthesizers that we used and a lot of the guitar tones we used evoked that kind of visual texture.”

  • Thu June 8, 2017 9:00 pm
    • Tyler Childers

    Nestled in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in Kentucky is a little town called, Paintsville, where the economy is dependent on the dying coal industry and a tradition of music thrives with the US 23 Country Music Highway Museum and Butcher Hollow. Carrying on the music tradition is native son and current Lexington, Kentucky resident, TYLER CHILDERS.

    Paintsville is located in the Big Sandy River Valley of Johnson County in Eastern Kentucky made famous for its lawlessness, religion, and booze, and a song about a horse thief, a rambling man, and an attempt to gain some good ol’ Appalachian self-justice is what “William Hill” is all about. Following his “Papaw” around to the Kentucky social institutions – church events and barber shops to name a few– as well as a lot of coon hunting with his dad, Tyler has heard a tale or two about the misadventures of a few good ol’ boys and he gives his own spin of these accounts behind a whisky-soaked voice well beyond his age of 22.

  • Fri June 9, 2017 9:00 pm
    • Peter Brötzmann
    • Heather Leigh
    • #EB25
    $12 advance, $15

    PETER BROTZMANN is a German artist, free jazz saxophonist, and clarinetist. Regarded among the most important European free jazz musicians, BROTZMANN played the Empty Bottle 14 times starting in 1997. His first album, For Adolphe Sax, was released in 1967 and immediately followed by the politically charged Machine Gun in 1968. Machine Gun, an octet recording often listed among the most notable free jazz albums, was originally produced under BROTZMANN'S BRO record label and later marketed by Free Music Production (FMP). Since then, BROTZMANN has appeared on over 100 recordings. In the 1980s he began integrating heavy metal and noise rock, performing several times with free jazz supergroup LAST EXIT. BROTZMANN currently has 16 albums to his name where he is listed as the solo performer or leader of an ensemble.

    Third round of #EB25 shows is upon us, & we're bringing back even more influential bands of Bottle's past. Come one, come all - let's party like it's 1992.

    • Box Office Pre-Sale: Wednesday 4/12 & Thursday 4/13, 5-8 p.m. at The Empty Bottle (1035 N. Western)
    • Public On Sale: Friday, 4/14 at 10 a.m. CST


    Thanks to our partners A.V. ClubTopo Chico & Eventbrite for supporting our 25th Anniversary! #EBlovesyou


  • Wed June 14, 2017 9:00 pm
    • Aldous Harding
    $8 advance, $10

    Sometimes reminiscent of 60s-era folk singers, ALDOUS HARDING's work lies in more harsh terrain than her forebears – piercing the long history of the genre with a grit and sincerity rarely encountered. Somewhat out of step with the 21st Century, ALDOUS’ music is accompanied by wry wit and tenacious gall that will see her become a true stayer in the music world. Hailing from New Zealand’s Southern port town of Lyttelton, ALDOUS has received attention and accolades from all corners of the music industry. Her self-titled debut received 4 stars from MOJO and Uncut, while UK blog The 405 hailed her a “toweringly talented song writer”.While the album was released nearly a year ago in New Zealand, it continues to thrive after releases in Australia and Europe, ALDOUS' music timelessly out of step with fleeting trends. Following the Australian release, she played Sydney & Perth Festivals and Golden Plains.

  • Thu June 15, 2017 9:00 pm
    • Mary Timony plays Helium
    • Noveller
    $18 adv, $20

    MARY TIMONY is an American independent singer-songwriter, guitarist, keyboardist, and violist. She has been a member of the bands HELIUM, AUTOCLAVE and WILD FLAG, and currently fronts EX HEX. During this performance, TIMONY is exclusively performing HELIUM tracks in celebration of the band's album reissues.

  • Sat June 17, 2017 9:00 pm
    • The Hold Steady
    • #EB25

    Wowie zowie - THE HOLD STEADY is hitting the Windy City to perform three shows in three days! In addition to their show here on 6/17, they will be performing at our sister venue Thalia Hall 6/16 and 6/17. We're calling this Chicago Seemed Wired Last Night, and will be offering many exciting options for all you die-hard fans. Merch bundles and signed posters will be offered as add ons. 

    THE HOLD STEADY is an indie-rock band formed in Brooklyn in 2004. Known for their lyrically-driven storytelling, the band consists of Craig Finn (vocals, guitar), Tad Kubler (guitar), Galen Polivka (bass), Bobby Drake (drums), Franz Nicolay (keyboards) and Steve Selvidge (guitar). The band performed at the Empty Bottle in 2005, and just last year Craig Finn performed solo via the Empty Bottle Presents stage at West Fest.

    Third round of #EB25 shows is upon us, & we're bringing back even more influential bands of Bottle's past. Come one, come all - let's party like it's 1992.----------------------

    Thanks to our partners A.V. ClubTopo Chico & Eventbrite for supporting our 25th Anniversary! #EBlovesyou


  • Sun June 18, 2017 9:00 pm
    • Land of Talk
    • Half Waif

    Land of Talk's second album has ten tracks and is called Cloak and Cipher. Its songs are cloaked, are ciphered, but the title is not just a description; it is a challenge, a command, a promise Elizabeth Powell makes to herself. CLOAK! she says. CIPHER! This is how hidden things may be shown, how secrets can be sung out, in golds and bronzes, to the whole howling world.

    It took ten seasons; one for each track.

    Three winters ago, Elizabeth Powell had been transported to an unfamiliar land. This was not Montreal. She was alone in a room, singing sketches into a computer, furious and lost. She was trying to keep from unraveling. When Powell was a teenager, she used to crouch beside her four-track, whispering. Now she sat with a disconnected guitar and Garage Band's automated beats, making small things: playing a single riff for two days, layering chords, murmuring melodies without lyrics. And then she stopped.

    That spring, Land of Talk went on tour. Powell escaped the empty room. She extinguished a small flame. In Hamburg, at noon, she wrote "Hamburg, Noon". But mostly Powell did not write: she issued a debut album and sang her heart out. She hid in the spotlight. Two autumns ago, Powell busted her ankle, ruined her voice, played with Broken Social Scene. This was the season David Foster Wallace died; his death mattered. Powell made an EP. It was called Fun and Laughter. It borrowed the most angry of those old winter fragments, turning them into songs. The lyrics came last.

    One summer ago, Powell returned to Montreal. On Parc avenue and rue St-Viateur, she clasped old friends. She jammed, she fell in love. Then Vic Chesnutt died, and Lhasa died, and Mark Linkous died, and Alex Chilton died. And Powell changed the melody to "Color Me Badd" so it'd have a little more of Big Star's "Thirteen".

    Cloak and Cipher was recorded at Breakglass Studio in October 2009 and January of this year. Land of Talk worked with Eoin Olaoghaire on bass, Andrew Barr on drums, members of Stars, Wintersleep, Besnard Lakes, Arcade Fire, Esmerine and Patrick Watson. The album was produced by the inimitable Jace Lasek, with Lasek's inimitable console - the same Neve board that Led Zep used on Physical Graffiti. There are rising horns and diving strings, but much of Cloak and Cipher Powell did alone: she reclaimed the solo, found the note, nailed it live off the floor. 

    - by Sean Michaels

  • Thu June 22, 2017 9:00 pm
    • Juiceboxxx
    • Golden Pelicans

    Our favorite Milwaukee maniac JUICEBOXXX is headlining this evening, bringing that noisy AMERICAN MUSIC that'll have the crowd creamin' their jeans. For those who haven’t heard JUICEBOXX before, he’s an artist who, since the age of 15, has been been barn burning all over the world with little regard for convention and a lot of guts and tension. He’s known around these parts (and all parts) for bridging the gap between classic rock and classic rap, creating his own genre of fucking killer artistry. You are in for a treat with this one, folks.

    Direct support comes from GOLDEN PELICANS! With ripping leads, raw as shit vocals, and a rhythm section that would much rather pound your face in rather than play it smart- this is ROCK N ROLL via PUNK via HARDCORE via HEAVY METAL and it's an amazing ride. This four piece just put out a 7" on Third Man Records and are releasing Disciples of Blood via Goner Records on 4/21.



  • Fri June 23, 2017 9:00 pm
    • Teen Daze + Sam O.B.
    $10 (advance), $15

    TEEN DAZE (Jamison Isaak) is a British-Columbia based artist and producer. He released his fifth LP Themes For Dying Earth on February 10th through his new label, FLORA. After last year's foray into vibrant indie-pop, Themes finds TEEN DAZE returning to more ambient, electronic production with new insight. Themes is also distinct in its collaborative nature. Jamison has worked with other artists in the past, but never to this degree and expanse. 

    SAM O.B. fka Obey City has a unique energy. This soft-spoken New York native is at once a producer, deejay, label boss, tastemaker and champion of the new-New York underground. He effortless handles each role with zen-like serenity—in a lost tradition of American culture, one may have said ‘suave’. What started as casual experimentation and beat making for rappers and friends has evolved over the last 10 years into an unrelenting solo passion, resulting in a steady stream of soul-drenched bedroom music that avoids trends in favor of the enduring.

  • Sat June 24, 2017 9:00 pm
    • Uniform
    • Oozing Wound
    • Running

    NYC duo UNIFORM returns after headlining here last November. UNIFORM formed in New York City in late 2013 when old friends Ben Greenberg (HUBBLE, THE MEN, PYGYMY SHREWS) and Michael Berdan (YORK FACTORY COMPLAINT, DRUNKDRIVER, BELIEVER/LAW) realized they lived on the same street. Their impulsive collaboration quickly yielded Our Blood / Of Sound Mind and Body single. The music that Greenberg and Berdan conjure up under the UNIFORM moniker is immediate, aggressive, and even primal in form, but it plumbs untold depths. Their 2016 release, Ghosthouse, shares a basic configuration with the previous UNIFORM releases, but the tools have evolved far beyond their initial drum machine and bass synth setup. These songs have grown from a broader palette of sounds - shots, explosions, implosions, impacts, ricochets, collapse; the sounds of conflict, war, and destruction that we witness every day.

  • Wed June 28, 2017 9:00 pm
    • Fitness
    • Harvey Dentures
    • Sonny Falls

    Chicago four-piece FITNESS headline tonight's banger with a beefed-up blend of punk, grunge, NOT garage rock and twin guitars. Push-ups? Rarely. Whiskey pulls? Regularly. Their self-titled EP, Fitness, on Weiner Records (a subsidiary label of Burger Records) was released in Summer 2015 to much acclaim and they're following it up with the Puppet Show 7-inch, out on Don't Panic Records. It continues their path of destruction and expands on what the Chicago Reader describes as "forward-charging rock melody with the help of two guitars shooting off bottle-rocket riffs.”

    Another four person rock band, HARVEY DENTURES, makes their way to the Bottle stage tonight, but it's their first time, so play nice. The band's debut release, a collection of material they call Guilt Trip, combines crunchy guitars with heart-on-sleeve songwriting and pummeling rhythms. As Midwest Action points out in their lengthy feature, "HARVEY DENTURES made a great record that kind of flew under the radar in 2016, but this album is a very pretty testament to the power of bummer pop... and their songwriting quite economically demonstrates that they know how to get their hearts broken and make the best of it."

    SONNY FALLS is the moniker of fuzzed-out DIY Chicago rocker Ryan Ensley. With three other musicians helping to make his filthy rock & roll dreams a reality, Ensley released the powerful debut, There's No Magic Left In This World, at the end of 2016 and celebrated its release at our final Glitter Creeps showcase of the year (that's December, y'all). Help us welcome Sonny and co. back to our stage.

  • Mon July 3, 2017 9:00 pm
    • The Mountain Goats
    • Advance Base
    • #EB25

    If you've read the Empty Bottle book, edited by John E. Dugan & published by Curbside Splendor last June, you've read the forward was written by John Darnielle, lead singer of THE MOUNTAIN GOATS. The indie-folk band from California first played the Bottle in 1994, and this #EB25 performance will be their seventh appearance. It's obvious the critical role THE MOUNTAIN GOATS have played in the history of Empty Bottle, and we are so excited to welcome our friends back! Their 16th studio album, Goths, will be released May 19th via Merge Records

    **THE MOUNTAN GOATS have partnered with Plus 1 to add $1 to each of their concert tickets, with proceeds going to a recipient organization of their choice. This $1 has been added in to the ticket price. Plus 1 helps artistsreate ways to educate and engage  their audience about the cause through presence at shows amd  long-term outreach that lets fans know the impact they are making. **

    Third round of #EB25 shows is upon us, & we're bringing back even more influential bands of Bottle's past. Come one, come all - let's party like it's 1992.

    • Box Office Pre-Sale: Wednesday 4/12 & Thursday 4/13, 5-8 p.m. at The Empty Bottle (1035 N. Western)
    • Public On Sale: Friday, 4/14 at 10 a.m. CST


    Thanks to our partners A.V. ClubTopo Chico & Eventbrite for supporting our 25th Anniversary! #EBlovesyou


  • Thu July 6, 2017 9:00 pm
    • A Giant Dog

    Forging their friendships in the crucible of their Houston, TX, high school, Sabrina Ellis (vocals), Andrew Cashen (vocals, guitar), and Orville Neeley (drums) first got their start covering AC/DC, The Ramones, Joan Jett, and the finer points of the Back to the Future soundtrack at school dances under the band name Youth In Asia. Reuniting in Austin in 2008, they enlisted their pals Andy Bauer (guitar) and Graham Low (bass) and christened the act A GIANT DOG. AGD is raucous ear candy culled from the hook-driven melodies of Slade, the glammy swagger of Marc Bolan, the morbid fantasy of Killer-era Alice Cooper, and the unpredictable wit of Sparks. Sabrina and Andrew’s lyrics, equal parts brutally honest, clever, and debased, have a knack for taking their idiosyncratic depravities and making them feel universal. These songs are by, for, and about the losers, freaks, and outcasts. 

    Pile, A GIANT DOG's third LP and first for Merge Records, shows a band whose years of road-dogging have honed them into unstoppable rock machines. Their second time working with producer Mike McCarthy (Spoon, White Denim, Trail of Dead) reveals Sabrina’s impressive pipes, Andrew’s sweet licks, and a pummeling rhythm section—everything is tighter, more focused, crisper. 

  • Sat July 8, 2017 9:00 pm
    • Har Mar Superstar
    • Spank Rock
    • #EB25

    Acclaimed singer, songwriter and performer HAR MAR SUPERSTAR (aka SEAN TILLMAN), returns to the Empty Bottle after last performing here back in 2013. HAR MAR SUPERSTAR creates R&B / Pop / Soul music in what started as a one-man show in 1999, but has grown into a full-band revue. Often noted as a premier live act, Tillmann works the crowd and earns his keep with sweat equity. His 2016 release Best Summer Ever and noteable performances at this years SXSW have proved yet again that the Minneapolis native's live show is not to be missed!

    Third round of #EB25 shows is upon us, & we're bringing back even more influential bands of Bottle's past. Come one, come all - let's party like it's 1992.

    • Box Office Pre-Sale: Wednesday 4/12 & Thursday 4/13, 5-8 p.m. at The Empty Bottle (1035 N. Western)
    • Public On Sale: Friday, 4/14 at 10 a.m. CST


    Thanks to our partners A.V. ClubTopo Chico & Eventbrite for supporting our 25th Anniversary! #EBlovesyou


  • Sun July 9, 2017 9:00 pm
    • Royal Headache
    • Dianetics

    Sydney, Australia four-piece ROYAL HEADACHE are returning to The Bottle stage this evening after rocking a Pitchfork pre-party here last summer. These cats are continuously injecting more soul and passion into their breakneck formulawhich consists of speed-addled rock combined with eternal optimism and wistful beauty - teetering betwen stability and chaos. It'll have you soaring through the ceiling, feeling all the pain and joy their songs elicit, supercharged and ready to explode.

  • Mon July 10, 2017 9:00 pm
    • Woods
    • John Andrews & The Yawns

    The foundations of Brooklyn’s WOODS  lie in the small rear-house apartment bedroom of Jeremy Earl, who took to recording his eerily somber acoustic songs in 2005 as little more than a humble personal outlet. After two early albums and several singles which saw Earl still honing his sound, Woods released Songs of Shame in 2009 to widespread critical acclaim and offered the band a chance to develop their live sound on the back of a massive touring schedule.WOODS' latest album, Love is Love was written and recorded in the two months immediately following the election, but it’s not a record borne entirely of angry, knee-jerk reaction to what America is becoming. Instead, it’s a meditation on love, and on what life means now.

    Singer-songwriter JOHN ANDREWS released his first solo album (with his imaginary back up band THE YAWNS), Bit By The Fang, in 2015. Following a demanding 2014 schedule of writing, recording and touring with both QUILT (drums) and WOODS (keys), Andrews set up shop in his grandparents empty living room in Yardville, NJ to perform and record by himself. Warm acoustic guitars, honky tonk piano, lap steel, singing saw and fluttering violins all sing together and create this well crafted, yet comfortingly sloppy, psych-country/R&B record. A self-taught piano player, you’ll hear him maneuver around the keys with the precision of players well beyond his years. 

  • Thu September 28, 2017 9:00 pm
    • Cold Waves VI Kickoff Event featuring MC 900 FT Jesus
    • Gost
    • DJ Bud Sweet

    Cracknation Presents: COLD WAVES VI! COLD WAVES is a celebration of Chicago’s relationship with industrial music, the memory of a fallen brother, and a fundraiser for suicide prevention charities. More info on the festival can be found here.

    This show serves as the festival's kick-off. Full weekend lineup/ticketing options can be found here.

    One of the earlier hip-hop/industrial crossover artists (along with Consolidated and Meatbeat Manifesto), MC 900 FT JESUS debut album Hell with the Lid Off was released in 1990 featured DJ Zero (Patrick Rollins) and the single "Truth is Out of Style" which gained a cult following. The following year Welcome to My Dream was released. His subsequent single, "The City Sleeps", was featured in the album in which explored the mind of a serial arsonist. The song sparked controversy in Baltimore when a then ABC affiliate, WJZ, ran a report suggesting that a series of arson in the area was a result of WHFS allowing the song play time. MC900's final album,One Step Ahead of the Spider was released in 1994; it contained the single "If I Only Had a Brain", which increased exposure from the music video directed for it by Spike Jonze.  Griffin officially retired in 2001, and 15 years latr, on November 26, 2016, Mark Griffin announced via Facebook that he was set to perform a show at The Kessler Theater in Dallas in hopes of kick-starting a tour as well as a possible fourth album with his former label Nettwerk of which had approached Griffin about. On February 3rd, the quartet played a sold-out concert performing several of the MC 900 songs, receiving a rapturous ovation. 

    GOST is an 80's, electronic, house dark dreamwave project out of Hell...Michigan, that is. "And it came to pass, as soon as Gideon was dead, that the children of Israel turned again, and went a whoring after Baalim, and made Baalberith their god.Directed and commanded by another power. The power of darkness, which many people do not believe exists. The power of the Devil. The power of Satan. The power of Baalberith."

    DJ BUD SWEET will be spinning dark, grimey, apocalyptic records all the dark grownups love throughout the night.

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