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9.23 Announce

Check it out, y'all. We've got a a bunch of shows that have been on sale for a while, but there are some bad-ass openers and/or headliners being added to the bill. Check that sick image out and you can catch our drift pretty quick... And buy tickets to each one before you miss out. #NOFOMO2013 10/24/13: RUNNING added to OOZING WOUND, THE BODY, TOUPEE (9pm; FREE WITH RSVP) 10/26: DUSTIN WONG & TAKAKO MINEKAWA added to JACCO GARDNER and MATCHESS (9:30pm; $10) 11/8: CAVE opening for WOODEN SHJIPS (9:30pm; $14) 12/12: DISAPPEARS headline the Kranky 20th Anniversary Show with LICHENS, IMPLODES (9pm; $12)

Oozing Wound wins “Best Cover Art” for 2013

It has been decided. The round table of Album Art Judges have made up their minds and declared that Chicago's OOZING WOUND have provided us with the "Best Cover Art" for all of 2013. Judge Milton Cornbeater has this to say about the decision: "For the rest of the year, all items might as well just be blank, with simply the band name and the title of the record, cause no one is going to top this shit." Cheers to our friends OOZING WOUND - see em at the Bottle for their Record Release Show with THE BODY & TOUPEE on Thursday, October 24. It's FREE with RSVP! Thrill Jockey Records has more on the record below... Read More »

Posted September 5th, 2013

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