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Road to the Bottle with Doldrums & Moon King

The Road to the Empty Bottle for Doldrums and Moon King began way back in early April up in the Canada. Since then it feels like they’ve been almost everywhere. Still they somehow manage to bring “nonstop energy” to each night’s performance. Read More »

Preview: HoZac Blackout Fest ART SHOW

The HoZac Blackout Fest Art Show kicks off the 2014 HoZac Blackout Fest on May 15th! The night will feature live music from the Counter Intuits, Nones, and Toupee, PLUS some great art for you to check out. Tickets are ONLY $10 - you won't find a better art opening in the city for the rest of the year, guaranteed. Peep this rundown on the artists we’re featuring, hand-picked by the dudes at HoZac Records. Read More »

Posted April 23rd, 2014

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