Call To Action: Cook County Amusement Tax Hearing 10/24

Below is a statement written by Head Cheese Bruce Finkelman in reference to the most recent news on the Cook County Amusement Tax & the upcoming hearing on Monday, October 24th:

There has been so much activity in the last couple months. So much support, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. As you will or have by now heard, Cook County has passed an amendment to the Amusement Tax ordinance mirroring the language set by the City of Chicago. This will clarify, thankfully, that all types of music are considered to be fine art and thus providing an exemption for small venues providing cultural experiences. Though we are grateful that the County has come to its senses, and appears to be doing the right thing going forward, they are not amending the tax rule in arrears. Thus we are still being taken to court to fight our position that we should have been exempt from this tax all along, as we’ve always provided a live culturally enhancing experience. We’re going to have to continue to incur time and legal fees on top of all that we’ve already spent to continue defending this stance. The County is trying to claim some sort of victory here, but we all know you can’t be half a jerk. So, until they come all the way around and dismiss our case, we will continue to fight.

Our next hearing is scheduled for October 24, p.m. at 118 N. Clark at the Cook County Department of Administrative Hearings, 11th Floor. At that point we will be introducing our witnesses (and we have some goodies) to the Judge. With the date quickly approaching we are calling all our friends & family in Chicago to rally in support. We’ve followed the rules for years and shouldn’t have these outrageous back taxes being forced upon us. Gather your fellow supporters & head down and show your support of live music. Space will be limited, arrive early we’ll need everyone!

For more information and updates on the Amusement Tax Hearing on 10/24, RSVP to the Facebook event.

Posted October 14th, 2016

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