Fresh Streams: You Won’t & Wussy

…and you thought we had forgotten about you. Fresh Streams is back for your listening pleasure! Although we’re running a little low in numbers this week, both albums featured are sure to make up for it in size. Size in sentiment, size in production, size in…

Listen-ability! Welcome to fresh streams BottleHeads.

You know those songs that get stuck in your head, the ones that seem to match the season, the feeling and the pace of the steps you’re taking outside right when that sun finally comes out for springtime? Luckily for you, You Won’t is dropping a full album of them on April 29th, and just in time for the sweet Chicago sunshine. Using all of the tools and eclectic assortment of instruments acquired over their 17 years as a creative duo, Josh Arnoudse and Raky Sastri continue on their road of saw-singing, piano plunking, cash-register dinging folk rock anthems to bring you their second LP, Revolutionaries. Stream NOW via Consequence of Sound and make sure to pick up tickets for their show on May 12.

Ohio indie-rock band Wussy are back with their seventh studio album Forever Sounds and the tunes they’re cranking out for this release are just as fresh as when they first hit the pavement in 2001. Giving you the opportunity to escape into that rare state of haze that only Wussy can provide, this special set of songs will have you sweltering in a sun-daze for days. Check out the new album courtesy of Noisey and grab those show tickets before they’re all gone.

There’s a lot to sift through each week, so if we miss something, shoot us a comment with the link and we’ll add it to the list. Thank you for listening!

IMAGE: Wouldn’t it be nice to climb to the top of a mountain and look out over the land like a God as the sun was setting on a late-spring afternoon? That’s what’s on our mind and we found this pleasant pic from our good pals at Google. Simply marvelous. Thanks, Google!

Posted May 2nd, 2016

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