Fresh Streams: Yuck, Mothers, Acid Dad

Monday got you down? Confused by the inconsistencies of winter's temperature choices? Settle down and look no further than this week's Fresh Streams to calibrate your system featuring two debut albums and a familiar face. First up, it's time to travel across the pond, figuratively not literally please, for your new favorite grunge-pop band Yuck. Stranger Things, set for a 26 February release, is scattered with sentiment and just what the doctor ordered for that Valentine's hangover you're still nursing. Wearing their hearts proudly on their sleeves, newly appointed leading man Max Bloom sets the band down a new path for their third album. Lucky for your ears, they wear it well. Listen to the full album via NPR and grab tickets for their April 6th show. If you're one of the many millennials roaming the streets of Chicago in search of truth and authenticity, look no further than Mothers new album When You Walk A Long Distance You Are Tired . The album supplies honest lyrics paired with instrumentation ranging from sweeping string arrangements to garage band guitar riffs that will make even the most pessimistic of lovers have hope for the future. Mothers has everything, yes... everything, you are looking for in a debut album. NPR is also bringing this one to you and you can grab tickets for their May 7th show by clicking here. Get ready for a trip. An Acid Dad trip that is. Consequence of Sound is providing the noise and Empty Bottle is providing the boys. Listen below and grab those tickets before their April 21st show. There’s a lot to sift through each week, so if we miss something, shoot us a comment with the link and we’ll add it to the list (and maybe even comp you a ticket to that show)… Thank you for listening — these bands wouldn’t be playing here if we didn’t like em! IMAGE: Wouldn’t it be nice to climb to the top of a mountain and look out over the land like a God as the sun was setting on a late-spring afternoon? That’s what’s on our mind this January and we found this pleasant pic from our good pals at Google. Simply marvelous. Thanks, Google!

Posted February 22nd, 2016

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