That’s Amore: MOON KING – “Almost Blue”

This progressive Shoegaze duo from Toronto has had two awesome releases so far, Obession 1 & Obsession 2. With notes of all of your favorite shoegaze bands from the 90's, MOON KING manages to take their sound into the future instead of being another broke-ass revival band. Having been in groups together since their project SPIRAL BEACH, which also had Airick Woodhead (known by his moniker Doldrums), the duo's chemistry has grown exponentially with this newer project. Mixing in parts of noise and dream pop, member Daniel Benjamin and Maddy Wilde will keep you entertained with each new listen. Give a listen to their stellar song, "Almost Blue" - it's not just for cleanin' pools... That’s Amore is a not-so-new segment on this here blog where we post about music stuff we like. That’s it. We love hearing from our friends, so tell us what new bands or artists you’re digging on in the comments section. If a song you recommend to us ends up on the blog, you’ll get one FREE ticket to the show of your choice at the Empty Bottle. Cool!

Posted April 7th, 2014

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