Do you have something you want to get off your chest? Just looking for someone to listen? Or maybe you need some info you can't find here on the website. Then e-mail us, ya big lug! You can also talk to us in-person via telecommunications. Give our office a call anytime between 12pm and 7pm and we’ll try our best to help you: 773-276-3600 Looking to get your band or solo act booked? E-mail with a little about the project, the the date(s) you're targeting (be specific!), and any links or press that will allow us to check out your tunes. As much info as you can provide is helpful... but don't go too nuts, our eyes get tired sometimes. Bruce Finkelman Owner | Head Cheese | Okay Guy Matt Ciarleglio Bar Manager Molly Mobley Lead Talent Buyer Tim Gurnig Venue Manager Mattie Hamilton Intern & Street Team Coordinator Brent Heyl Empty Bottle Presents Shannon Shreibak Promotions & Ticketing