• Tue January 2, 2018 8:30 pm
    • Clarence

    • Rainbo Video

    • Deluge


    CLARENCE is structured, improvised weirdness. An inescapably musical dialogue between Rich Clark, Peter Granquist and Charlie Malave. A free tour of the inside of the brains of some freaky--in the most honorable Zappa-esque way--talented dudes.

    Constructed from synthesizers, samples and crisp electronics, RAINBO VIDEO’s music evokes exactly the natural and Technicolor kaleidoscope you’d expect and it sounds like what computers would dream of, if they could dream. Come dream with us, amigos.

    A contemporary soul trio from Chicago, DELUGE unites the musical inclinations of drummer Kevin Brown, guitarist Justin LaForte and bassist Jake Saleh toward breakbeat jazz, instrumental hip-hop and melodic funk, delivering uniquely textured and dynamic songs that actively defy convention. Having performed together in various iterations since 2009, the group's latest project reveals their shared influences from distinctive corners of the expressive music world, fusing improvisation with a wide range of subversive genres to create a vibrant and visceral sound.