• Tue January 30, 2018 8:30 pm $7

    LIGHTFOILS is one of Chicago’s finest shoegaze bands, pushing the genre into exciting new territory with their mesmerizing haze, a wintry blizzard punctuated by occasional bright blasts of slashing chords. Occupying a space between storm and calm, LIGHTFOILS' propulsive, tight rhythm section lays the groundwork as lead singer JANE ZABETH's angelic voice soars and shines above the foggy undercurrents. 

    Hazed out shoegaze band SLEEPWALK formed in Chicago in 2014. Their music is often embodied by lavish melodies, layers of swirling guitars, and whispering vocals creating a dreamlike atmosphere, accompanied by occasional crushing fuzz guitars. Having independently released their debut EP "Heaven's Gate" in early 2016, the band continued the tradition with their proper LP "Shimmer," which was released in November 2016.

    Death, sex and doomed romance. PANIC PRIEST is the project showcasing the songs of singer / songwriter / multi-instrumentalist Jack Armondo (My Gold Mask). A combination of self-produced home recording and in-studio polish, aided and abetted on record by friends and guest musicians. Weaving together dream-like guitars and synths, Panic Priest creates midnight melodies that won't soon leave your memory once dawn breaks.

    DJ ADAM STILSON of local icy synth pop duo NEW CANYONS takes it behind the decks to offer up a blend of choice shoegaze, post-punk and dreampop before and after the show.