• Mon February 5, 2018 8:30 pm Free

    Riddled in rapture and delirium, SALVATION joins us once again for a night of debauchery and punk exaltation. This garage/punk trio celebrated the release of their full length LP Sore Loser via Forge Again Records here in early February with immense success. We’ve been eagerly awaiting to once again drown in their distortion soaked noise. 

    Fantastically-named Chicago band TOUCHED BY GHOUL return to our stage as direct support for a super-friendly FREE MONDAY tonight. The four-piece brings disturbingly addictive tracks that come off their debut LP, Murder Circus (Under Roads Records). Raucous, debaucherous and utterly face-melting scuzz rock. We imagine they'll bring the darkness with em tonight and can only hope we'll get some new tracks alongside those burners we know and love.

    Local punk three-piece CANADIAN RIFLE are returing as direct support with their trademark gruff vocals, melodic-punk guitar riffs and incredibly fast dirty hardcore.

    Chicago band LUGGAGE is comprised of members of BASIC CABLE, LOOSE DUDES and CLEARED. Formed in 2015, they've already given the world a debut LP, Sun, on Automatic Recordings and a solid follow-up record with Three (Don Giovanni). The trio's dark, noisy blend of shoegaze, post-punk and droning psychedelia is intensely hypnotic.