• Thu January 11, 2018 8:30 pm $7

    TERRAN WRETCH is the solo project of interstellar cyborg, Anthony A. Dunn of SUN SPLITTER and DREAD DRAGON MOUNTAIN. With Dunn’s strong roots in black metal, experimental noise and all things dystopian, TERRAN WRETCH come forth with a heavy atmospheric reign on dark ambient drone. On his latest EP, A Memory of Tomorrow, he delivers a sweeping synth ambience with brutal drum machine attacks all created by using five different synths, a keyboard and a freaking omnichord.

    TURING HEAT is all patch cables, all the time.  The living, breathing, hi-tech lowlife spasm of every creative outlet you've brought to fruition falling to dust on the dark side of a panoply of hot drugs and bad vibes.  Rising from the collective ash of projects like A CROWN OF AMARANTH, AUDITOR, a stint with abstract death metal juggernauts ÆVANGELIST, and the recently-resurrected IRON FOREST, TURING HEAT is the soundtrack for your techno burnout.  Black Ice or bust, kid.

    WOODSTOCK 99 is the solo noise project of one BLAKE DINWIDDIE, member of THE OX KING and FUTURE COPS. Come see him pay homage to the most holy disaster that was Woodstock '99, but please don't light anything on fire.