• Wed January 10, 2018 8:30 pm
    • Christopher Church

    • Paul Moody and the Revelators


    Good ol’ Chicago boy CHRISTOPHER CHURCH finds his way here with his joyful and pleasing blend of garage rock. His debut release Chinatown bravely showcases the range of his uniquely formed reverb-soaked vocals as he transitions from softly passionate on the track, Someday to life-of-the-party Chris on Cleopatra. In April, CHRISTOPHER released three beautifully honest and moving singles detailing his present laments and struggles. We can’t wait to witness this impassioned and poignant performance that’s been long overdue on our stage.

    PAUL MOODY AND THE REVELATORS are a 7-piece soulful folk/Americana group that includes members of MINOR MOON, THE HEARD, NICK MOSS BAND, CHICAGO AFROBEAT PROJECT and more! Boy oh boy can this crew freaking play. The music is steeped in the rich roots of American music, while simultaneously having a perspective and feel that could only exist in today’s culture and society. While MOODY is clearly an avid listener and student of folk and roots music, he also has a fearless and irreverent songwriting voice, the result is music that is familiar yet fiercely original.