• Mon November 13, 2017 9:00 pm Free Monday

    Our pals at Dumpster Tapes have thrown together a banger for the Bottle and we're super stoked to host them! Founded in 2013, the locally famous label has released a new tape nearly every month for over three years, showcasing the best of local garage and psych rock.

    Ever wanted to capture the essence of a lazy sunny morning by the park in a bottle? Can't ever wake up in time for that? Well, come down to the Bottle Saturday night and MIA JOY will absolutely quench that thirst of yours. She joins us for the first time coming off of two summer singles, one of which, 10,000, was released via Dumpster Tapes this month off their Monster Compliation Vol. 3.

    CUPID YOUTH is 80’s inspired synth-pop from Chicago. Spear-headed by Matt Allen, this life-affirming lo-fi approach to retro pop is what this city needs right now. Warm, inviting and full of hope

    Philadelphia-based psych-folk singer ROSALI joins the fun. Her debut album, Out of Love, is hard to pin down. It rolls like an omnipotent fog through the canyons of Topanga, all the while blinding every vibrant peak ‘n’ hollow from the Ozarks to the Appalachian Mountains. The guitars are sublime, with flickers of higher key psychedelia punctuating the breathless, reflective cadence that is Rosali’s transcendent delivery. Expect to get hazed out and thrown out of reality by the fervorous and warm trance of ROSALI.

    HEAD is the peaceful pop-rock project of Derek Weber. The endearing and intimate self-released HEAD demos garner a feeling of wanting to hug Earth all at once. We can only imagine what kind of love-spell HEAD will put on us with their live performance.