• Tue December 12, 2017 9:00 pm $10 (advance), $12

    New York band BLACK MARBLE returns after a sold out show back in January with post-punker YOU. and GANSER! Last September, they released their second full-length, It’s Immaterial. Their first for Ghostly, It’s Immaterial follows up their EP Weight Against the Door (Hardly Art) and highly acclaimed debut full-length A Different Arrangement (Hardly Art). Still featuring Chris Stewart at the helm along with select collaborators as supplementation, the project's recent shift in locale from East Coast to West Coast lends a great deal to the overall feel of the new album: the light and dark elements of shadows, the salt and sting of evening’s high tide sea spray, a beautiful thing left on a shelf too high to maintain. The general mood is that of creating something new, but going back in time to do it. Like attempting to flesh out a song that you woke up humming but can’t find because it doesn’t exist yet.

    Offering direct support this evening is YOU.,Previously located in NYC, now Detroit-based post-punk outfit YOU. released their first two records on Cult of Youth's Sean Ragon's Blind Prophet Records.  Their third LP Sunchaser was released on Dais in 2014. The label properly explains "YOU.’s music up to this point has always pitted its more reflective elements against the austerity of electronics, not so much as to create a warm sound as to invite the listener in as respite from the cold".  Their fourther album, Bouquet, was released last summer.

    SILENT AGE are among the leading lights of Chicago's tenebrous post-punk scene. Like a projector flickering in the dark, their sound evokes other decades, but the film on the screen is situated in the singular anxiety and isolation of now. The narrative is driven by the words of Patrick Donahoe, a cried and whispered shadowplay to the beat of his hangman's dance, walked in line. Further atmosphere is evoked in transmissions of Vincent Segretario on guitar and the visceral synths of Brian Cundiff who bring a Disintegration-era shimmer as the new dawn fades. The foundation lies at the feet of Benny Hernandez and Julian Cabrera, hardcore veterans whose sense of dark romanticism tempers a primal pulse rooted in punk disorder. New Wave with teeth cut on a deep history in Midwest DIY, SILENT AGE released an acclaimed demo in 2016 on the Mal Viaje label and project a full-length debut LP for Spring 2018.