• Mon December 11, 2017 9:00 pm Free Monday

    Chicago's PINK FROST celebrated the released of their new record with us back in June and we'reh yped to have em back to co-headline this here Free Monday. Awash in captivating reverb, swirling melodies and soaring, anthemic refrains, New Minds (the latest LP, catch up) lives up to the Chicago Tribune praise of the band, calling them “an increasingly commanding quartet that embraces the power of guitar drone, tribal drum and the deep, shoegaze-era swoon.”

    Montreal’s heavy and atmospheric post-rock group BIG | BRAVE find their way to the Bottle after releasing a brand new EP, Ardor, off the famed Southern Lord Recordings this year (the first Quebec band to do so). Relying heavily on a foundation built by reverb and overdrive, BIG | BRAVE finds their best selves when they play alongside the energy of the crowd, pulsating with drummer, LOUIS BEAUREGARD and implementing ethereal feedback to fill every gap in the listeners head with distortion. Only leaving room to breathe and release. It’s an exciting time to hop on the BIG | BRAVE train as they are going out on tour to Europe for the first time this fall and just got off a packed show with GODSPEED YOU! BLACK EMPEROR. Witness the raw and powerful energy before it’s too late.

    RLYR is a Chicago-based instrumental trio founded in 2013. Featuring Trevor Shelley de Brauw (PELICAN), Colin DeKuiper (BLOODIEST, ex-RUSSIAN CIRCLES), and STEVEN HESS (Locrian) the band released its debut album Delayer in June 2016 via Magic Bullet Records. Known for its energetic live performances, RLYR has quickly made a name for itself across the Midwest and East Coast, touring with CLOAKROOM and YOUNG WIDOWS, while locally supporting COLISEUM, DEAFHEAVEN, MUTOID MAN and more. Following the band's Do Division performance in early June, they've begun recording new material to be released by The Flenser.