• Thu November 16, 2017 9:00 pm $5.00

    GEL SET is the solo project of Chicago musician LAURA CALLIER, a young lady who's filled these old walls with her hazy, spacey, and sparse minimal synth jams many a time before. In summer of 2015 we helped CALLIER celebrate the release of her LP, Human Salad, out on Chicago's own Moniker Records. Now we get to repeat that joy all over again by helping her celebrate the release of her newest LP, Body Copy. On Body Copy, we witness GEL SET settling in perfectly into her minimalist synth expertise while including more dark emotion than she ever has before. 

    Just as modern experimental music traces a conversation between juxtaposed traditions, live performance tactics, and software-abetted composition frameworks, the music that Chicago-based multi-instrumentalist producer Angel Marcloid makes under her FIRE-TOOLZ moniker burns through ideas and genres at a pace faster than the typical human brain can fathom. Drip Mental, her first release on Hausu Mountain following 2015's Even The Files Won't Touch You (Depravity Label), smears an untold library of mangled samples and live instrumentation into a hallucinatory vision of progressive songwriting and electro-industrial abandon. Doubling the damage, we’re housing FIRE-TOOLZ’ highly anticipated record release for the evening to make this chaotic corrugated computer night even weirder.

    Electronic mastermind, MUKQS (of experimental trio GOOD WILLSMITH) joins the bill. MUKQS utilizes the many facets of plunderphonics to alter and collage pieces of old audio to create a highly syncopated and dance heavy arrangement of experimental electronic music.