• Mon November 20, 2017 9:00 pm Free Monday

    Coming in hot is PLASTIC CRIMEWAVE SYNDICATE, led by the inimitable STEVE KRAKOW and propelled by a pizza-fueled monster on bass. The band’s loud and spazzy solid gold spans from cavern-aged punk to lonely, hollowed-out psych/folk – further proof that MR. KRAKOW and co. sure know how to get weird in all the right places. This time around we get to celebrate the release of their highly anticipated new record.

    BIONIC CAVEMEN return to the Bottle tonight, hearkening back to ye olde days of rock & roll when it was noisy and dirty and recorded without them fancy overdubs and such. Over a series of car crashes and smoke-filled garages, they honed their sound, embracing the loud blues rock that allowed for the occasional psychedelic trip, while still maintaining their meat-eating, whiskey-drinking roots. We're talking vintage heavy here and the BIONIC CAVEMEN are coming to destroy the future.

    Listening to THEE ARTHUR LAYNE is like mainlining a musical speedball of Blue Cheer, proto-punk, proto-metal and haunted, evil & art-damaged blues. A quartet from Chicago, IL, THEE ARTHUR LAYNE plays rock stripped to its primitive core, chugging along on primal drums, ecstatic riffing and piledriver bass. Welcome to the world of THEE ARTHUR LAYNE. The best bad trip you've ever had…

    BLACK ROAD is a DIY labor of love. Their musical influences are styles such as metal, rock, heavy blues, psychedelic rock, doom metal, jazz, funk, and folk. Tim M. (guitar) had many projects in the past, but this is the first band where his riffs are front and center, creating the foundation for members Casey Papp (bass), Robert Gonzales (drums) and Suzi Uzi (vox). With Suzi writing all the lyrics, she and Tim collaborate on a specific feeling or emotion to be conveyed throughout each song. Taking on this diverse stoner rock group with open arms is DHU Records, based in the Netherlands. Their first EP was released on vinyl with DHU Records in early 2017, with a full-length to follow soon after.

    DJ TONY WOLD of Chicago psychedlic rock band DEAD FEATHERS keeps it rollin' on the decks before the live music kicks off.