• Sun October 15, 2017 9:00 pm $5.00

    SLUSHY returns with their delightfully guzzled-out, fuzzed-up jingle-jangles, made right here in beautiful Chicago and found on the 2017 release, Hello, I'm Chris Twist. These sugar-fried bop-pop tunes are so god damn catchy that they'll stick with you long after you've left us all behind. Sunny melodies and wall-of-sound guitars are best paired with churros and chocolate milk, but we ain't no candy store, so whiskey and beer will have to do.

    BLAHA is the solo project of Mike Blaha from THE BLIND SHAKE. He has also collaborated with Michael Yonkers, Swami John Reis, and Shannon Selberg from Cows. Full-length albums out now are The Art of Not on Wet Bridge Records and 499-456 on Kind Turkey Records, with a 7" on Slovenly out this past September. The live band consists of Dylan Rosen (guitar), Allison Gunderson (bass), Noah Paster (drums).

    Boston five-piece JULEP, fka MIDRIFFS, kick things off with their heady mix of psych-y garage jimmy-jammers that soar through the gol darn roof and into the freakin stratosphere, MAN. These fuzzed-out balls of fire will shake, rattle and roll you right over if aren't careful, so look right and don't screw this up.