• Mon November 27, 2017 9:00 pm Free Monday

    LONGFACE and friends are throwing a FREE show at Chicago's favorite venue to celebrate the release of its forthcoming record, Hillbilly Wit (Sooper Records, October 27, 2017). It would mean the world to us all if you could come make it a special evening! 

    MONOBODY is an instrumental 5-piece from Chicago who mix superb musicianship, imaginative composition and groove driven melodies to create a sound that features elements of jazz, pop, math and progressive rock.

    LONGFACE's music works on parallels. Hillbilly Wit, the Chicago quartet's upcoming full-length debut is the perfect title for a record with one foot in twangy post-hardcore and the other in brilliantly calculated noise pop. Every earnest hint of folk inspiration is matched with a jagged eruption of blistering force. This is one for the headphones, a masterclass in oddball dynamics and a character study of a complex mind. LONGFACE have created a fearless record that has the intelligence of art-rock paired with a primal nature, a dissonant soul, and a jittery sense of aggression like the acid induced cowboy of it's cover art.