• Mon October 16, 2017 9:00 pm Free Monday

    MYKELE DEVILLE is an activist, poet, and rapper native to Chicago's west side. Describing his music as "liberation rap." As stated in the Chicago Tribune, DEVILLE is "...liberating himself in rhymes and bars, confronting his childhood growing up in the Austin neighborhood by working through the demons, pressures and pain that continue to influence his life."

    Direct support this evening comes from LOVELY LITTLE GIRLS, a seven-piece theatrical art/prog band that delves into the grotesque. From subject matter that explores absurd sex, ridiculous gluttony, abject failure, and unceremonious death, LOVELY LITTLE GIRLS morphs rock forms into abstract black humor narratives. Monica Kendrick of the Reader writes, "[Lovely Little Girls] create elaborate, challenging, ever-changing musical structures with grotesque themes of slimy, suppurating, oozing, tumescent bodily horror...They create a full, lush sound full of slipperiness and unpredictable, rug-yanking twists and turns. A new LLG album is a long-term pleasure, because you never quite step in the same river twice."

    MARCUS DRAKE is a local outsider composer best known for his work with oddball chicago outfits EVASIVE BACKFLIP, OPPOSITES and local tape label Grandpa Bay. Tonight, MARCUS will be performing songs from his prolific solo discography including some of his full band re-arrangements of songs from the Pokemon video game series. Marcus’s band for this show will consist of local powerhouses; David Arias (of Avantist) as guitar, David Curtin (of Woongi) as keyboard, Joy Vucekovich as violin, Max Beckman (Of Woongi/MTVGhosts) as bass, Malci Atkinson (of Malci) as electronics and Seth Engel (of Options/Lifted Bells) as drum.

    LONGFACE is Chicago Art Rock / Noise Rock / Swamp and Gator. Satire Americana. Music made for the jukebox of a cosmic roadhouse. Equal parts fantasy and reality. Debut full length LP "Hillbilly Wit" on Sooper Records 10/28/17"