• Mon October 2, 2017 9:00 pm Free Monday

    Headlining this first Free Monday of October is colorful duo CELINE NEON, who unleash club-ready grime pop for the huntress. Mix a little CHARLI XCX with NINE INCH NAILS and there you have it: dancy, industrial electro pop. Together, EMILY NEJAD and MAGGIE KUBLEY create a stellar live performance sure to make you sweat those Monday blues away.

    NORTH BY NORTH have been on tour forever (more or less), but they're stopping in their town tonight to give Chicago what we so desperately need: Heavy, angular rock that veers in spastic-but-anthemic directions. The band's first two albums, 2014's Something Wicked and 2016's Last Days of Magic, are packed to the brim with hook-laden, noisy fury and are perfect for fans of fuzzy, bluesy rock & roll that refuses to quit. Each record has a whopping EIGHTEEN and SEVENTEEN songs, respectively, proving that this pair is truly instane and won't stop til they've melted into a puddle before your very eyes.

    VAST CANVAS is a local quartet influenced by indie-pop, folk, jazz and funk-rock genres, mashing them together to create refreshingly pulsing tracks. They last played our stage headlining a Free Monday backin July and now they're coming to kick this shit off. Lookout!