• Sat December 16, 2017 9:00 pm $10.00

    Hailing from our northern neighbors of Milwaukee, GGOOLLDD debuts here at the Bottle this evening. Between wispy melodies and a lethargic atmosphere that builds to a gracious sway, there's a little something for everyone in GGOOLLDD's sound. GGOOLLDD isn’t like other bands. They formed on whim, decided to play their first show mostly as an excuse to host a killer party, and they eschew the traditional gotta-get-a-record-deal game in favor of playing a lot of shows and releasing their own material. That sense of whimsy blended with resolute autonomy is all part of the signature GGOOLLDD aesthetic. Secrets, their new album, is a soaring collection of bangers that conjures wind-in-your-hair glittery romanticism.