• Wed November 1, 2017 9:00 pm $5.00

    VAIL is the ethereal art-pop/dance solo work of Emily Kempf , who's no stranger to our stage, as she's graced it more times than we can count with her rock-oriented groups DEHD, SUPERMAGICAL, and HEAVY DREAMS. As VAIL, she channels her "truest mother father self" through electronic rhythms, interchanging hushed and howling vocals, and swirling synthesizers. All of it is accompanied live by the artistic movements of @hashcloud & @_real_dom.

    Performer in VAIL and solo artist REAL DOM takes the stage with their solo project for the first time here offering 80s-inspired, reverb-soaked, after-hours pop hits. Auto-tuned and full of personal confession, REAL DOM comes to us with their full length, No Hard Feelings, released in late July this year. This emotional, glitter-soaked, and dance-heavy performance has been long overdue on our stage. We’re ready to fall down the holographic rabbit hole with REAL DOM. 

    PURE MAGICAL LOVE, the work of HEATHER LYNN, is powerful, enigmatic yet awe-inspiring. Performance heavy art with a strong inspiration from witch craft and astral projection.

    RXM REALITY is an electronic artist operating out of Humboldt Park, Chicago. For the last four years he has crafted, with arcane adroitness, music that takes influence from disparate sources to create a mind-bending mélange. Mike Meegan, the person known as RXM REALITY, works primarily with samples and tossed out synths from the nineties. Saad Market was recorded to cassette tape during delirious days and is reflected in the disjunct and disquieted, but wide eyed sounds. The album's gritty aesthetic lends to a cohesive narrative for the expansive styles of songs