• Wed October 25, 2017 9:00 pm $12.00

    Lead singer, Daniel Blue of MOTOPONY closed his event space and warehouse, sold his burgeoning fashion design business, disavowed himself of nearly all possessions and began to couch surf so that all of his time could be devoted to learning the craft of music. Within a year, Daniel had partnered with a local hip-hop producer named Buddy Ross and an eponymous “glitch-folk” album was already finding itself on noncom airways all over the world. MOTOPONY was born.

    The band immediately found home on the road with multiple US tours and dates all across the UK. An EP with a full-length followed owning its roots to the iconic Abbey Road studios. Jetting to Indian festivals and entertaining their international fan base, the band grew with their popularity. Wrapping up their third album release Daniel believes that he is perhaps just now hitting his stride as a musician, a businessman-by-proxy, and a leader of a band. The time is NOW to witness MOTOPONY in all it’s glory.

    We're excited for the return of Chicago singer-songwriter JESSICA MARKS, who describes herself as "a mystical rascal who makes songs like the dead of night and dirt under your fingernails." She released her eagerly-anticipated debut EP, Forget Me, to much local acclaim in March of 2016. Created in a highly immersive recording environment over the course of one week, the result is an intimate, deeply personal record that transports you to the romantic mysticism of MARKS' inner world.

    Opening tonight is THE GLASS EYES, a Chicago trio that's released a shitload of material in the past five years, including four LPs and a three EPs, each expanding on their "anti-love, immodest, and not carefree" approach. The most recent full-length The Ocean's Over There, saw them grow into a three- or four-piece while pairing more anthemic "rock" songs alongside quieter introspections and studio experimentations. Show up early, you don't wanna miss what these fellas pull out of their hats tonight.