• Fri September 29, 2017 9:00 pm $16.00

    TORCHE are a band consisting of four dudes playing the loudest and heaviest hard rock on the planet. Formed by vocalist and guitarist Steve Brooks in 2004 after the dissolution of cult sludge and stoner metal pioneers FLOOR, the group introduced the world to a refreshingly unique version of rock n’ roll flavored with stoner and sludgy sensibilities. Originally from Miami, Florida, but now peppered across the country, TORCHE have spent the last 10 years shattering eardrums and captivating crowds with their infectiously original compositions and soaring, harmonic vocals.

    Despite the praised they’ve received for their recorded works, TORCHE are known even more for their tremendous live performance and have toured the world relentlessly with a diverse pool of acts including Clutch, Mogwai, Hot Water Music, The Sword, Isis, and many more. In early 2014, the band signed with renowned label Relapse Records, and self-recorded their fourth full-length record Restarter. Full of what the band describes as some of their “heaviest songs to date,” the record was produced by TORCHE guitarist Jonathan Nunez and mixed by Converge’s Kurt Ballou and was once again a masterful display of topnotch songwriting, this time pitting stomach- churning lower end against the band’s characteristically highflying vocals. Restarter’s reception was as good as any the band have seen in the past, with Pitchfork calling it “their most compelling record since Meanderthal,” and New Noise Magazine deeming TORCHE “one of the best metal bands active today.”TORCHE are here to prove that they are heavier, louder and more humable than anyone else, and right now, nobody dares to stand in their way.

    Becoming no stranger to the Bottle, local doom quartet REZN are returning after a headlining show in July and a record release for their debut Let It Burn back in February. We've seen ‘em a few times and they've consistently blown us away, whether it was those gigs or opening for GOBLIN COCK last October. REZN has currently retreated into isolation to work on the release of their second album but they crawled out of the dungeon for this one. We couldn't wait to have ‘em back so they could tear us to pieces once again and lead us into the eternal abyss. Consider this an incredibly special treat. 

    THE EVICTIONS, 3-piece garage-rock outfit with blazing riffs and scream-a-long chorus hooks. They blend punk and 60’s garage with alternating vocals and invite audience participation to bring back rock'n'roll's most essential ingredient: FUN!!! Please don't forget the fun. Seen sharing bills with CHETAH CHROME and THE SONICS, THE EVICTIONS have a new self-titled album out now.

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