• Fri October 20, 2017 9:00 pm $10 (advance), $12

    Born out of fierce friendship and a mutual affection for melody, Chicago’s RATBOYS – anchored by the partnership of Julia Steiner and Dave Sagan – aims to ‘write songs that tell stories and honor the intimacy of memory,’ according to Steiner. GN, the group’s second full-length album via Topshelf Records, offers a bevy of tales, laments and triumphs, which recount near-tragedies by the train tracks, crippling episodes of loneliness, remembrances of a deceased family pet with freezer burn, and on and on. The songs shift and breathe as worlds all their own, tied together by the group’s self-proclaimed ‘post-country’ sound, which combines moments of distortion and a DIY aesthetic with a devotion to simple songwriting and ties to the Americana sounds of years past.

    Math rock trio DAGS! make their way to us for the first time from Milan, Italy. They’ve been relentlessly touring the U.S. (and have even made a quick stint in Japan) in support of their sophomore release, Snowed In/ Stormed Out. It’s an exceptionally weathering and emotional collection of songs with sweeping guitar-scapes, soaring vocals and a thoroughly syncopated rhythm section. Their track titles address incredibly pertinent issues in the English language such as “Why is there a ‘b’ in the word ‘doubt”? or “Why is there a ‘b’ in the word ‘subtle’”?

    JODI is the work of Nick Levine, a founding member of Montclair, New Jersey’s up and coming indie-rock band PINEGROVE. Now transplanted in Chicago, JODI settles in with a debut album, Karaoke, via Sooper Records. Each song on JODI’s seminal release moves forward with a slow head nod. Featuring alt-country songwriting and breathy mood swings, it’s music you can feel inside and out.