• Mon October 30, 2017 8:00 pm Free Monday

    The beat hammers like the pulse of a pair of lovers on the run from a gang of racist thugs – the sound is manic, but from it speaks a seemingly insurmountable inner strength. This arch of tension is home to CAMERA. The Berlin band is rightly compared with icons of seventies Krautrock such as NEU! and LA DUSELLDORF, with a tight and driving sound, yet they are still somehow unpredictable. Hardly any other band understands how to mutate tiny musical nuances into volcanic eruptions like they do. CAMERA is a motor running at full throttle, where an explosion could occur at any second. Once you have embarked on this crazy journey, you will be fascinated by the alternating current somewhere between a flash flood and roller coaster running off the rails. The cascades of sound convey a blurry image of a boundless desire to revolt, with each blink of an eye threatening to end in purgatory, yet it is damned near indestructible.

    CREEPY BAND returns to the Bottle after two years of creeping on their own ventures. Having played here numerous times before, these creeps bring the haunted carnival-punk found on their most recent release, Bearded Witch, an effort that mixes a punk ethos with gleefully demented vocals, wielding a flair for both the theatrical and the macabre.

    DROOL, often mistaken as car repairmen, this duo of noise-punks dressed in matching jumpsuits will certainly perform some maintenance on your current understanding of what rock n’ roll means to you today. Their fast and high energy performance is revitalizing and mind-awakening. An absolute staple in Chicago’s rock scene today.