• Thu October 19, 2017 9:00 pm $12 (advance), $14

    ALGIERS is coming to the Bottle and y'all better get ready. This politically and socially charged Southern post-punk band pulls thematic influence from "the anti-colonial struggle in general, symbolizing a contested space where violence, racism, resistance, and religion comingle," and the history of their home in Atlanta, as well as a musical influence from gospel, Afrobeat, industrial, free jazz, and musique concrete. Very fresh off the June Release of their second politically charged album. The Underside of Power (Matador), this quartet is taking the world by storm. Upon listening to the record, you can hear tight gospel inspired harmonies, 808 cowbells, repurposed aggressive 80s punk, Italian horror soundtracks and modern day hip-hop and R&B. It's going to be heavy as shit and pretty unbelievable to behold.

    TÜTH is helmed by ex-DISAPPEARS bass player, DAMON CARRUESCO. He departed his decade on bass with Chicago’s minimalist fringe rockers in 2015, deciding experimental music more his thing and opting to pursue the bold sound of TüTH. Drifting further into experimental sounds and structures than with his old band, CARRUESCO's latest effort, Transgression (out tomorrow on Umor Rex), draws from field recordings and hand-made sounds, taking key inspiration from brutalist architecture, the acousmatic music of Romanian composer Iancu Dumitrescu, and the passing of somebody very close to the artist. Throughout Transgression, throbbing tones play out into cavernous otherworldly atmospheres, while bass demons collide with far icier synthesizers issuing moody melodic patterns. TüTH is sure to get you warmed up nice and early here tonight.

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