• Sun November 5, 2017 9:00 pm $5.00

    Chicago-based guitarists BILL MACKAY and RYLEY WALKER met in January 2014 at a friend’s birthday party. In 2015, the duo took up a month long residency at The Whistler and quickly developed their own musical vocabulary and the resulting sounds drew on traditional folk music from Appalachia to Northern India, as well as jazz and blues. Over the course of the year, an impressive repertoire of new songs and ideas coalesced. Alex Inglizian of Experimental Sound Studios recorded the final two shows of the residency and Erik Hall (In Tall Buildings, Wild Belle) mixed the seven tracks that comprise the duo's debut record, 2015's Land of Plenty.

    Not long ago, in the year 2017, BILL & RYLEY released SpiderBeetleBee on Drag City Records. "Shared joy and acoustics in rambling conversation, as two friends travel the continents via high-road, short-cut and their own paths, yet untravelled. Picking in the tradition, Walker and MacKay summon drafts of slide blues, baroque dance, percolating latin and deep-focus space to push them on their way beyond the sunrise."

    New Chicago trio featuring members of DISAPPEARS (Brian Case / Noah Leger / Jonathan Van Herik), FACS excels at creating a unique meditative space through minimalism and repetition. The group's abstract and chilling art rock takes picks up where their previous band left off... steering us all helplessly into the void.

    Chicago's GENTLE LEADER XIV conjures the unholy ghost of modern life while warming around the fire of a domesticated mythology. The trio pulls on synth heavy, chorus filled 80s heart strings without diving deep into nostalgia, evoking emotional memory over a gray template of realism. It’s pop without future, love without romance, survival with an undercurrent of persistent loss. New Wave, Post Punk, damaged vibes filtered through a pop machine that keeps turning out the hits. Why keep the radio on when the song is in your head?

    TONIGHT'S SHOW IS NOW ONLY $5! As you've likely figured out, Atlanta's OMNI unfortunately had to cancel their remaining tour dates and will no longer be performing. If you bought a $10 ticket and still come to the show, you will receive a drink ticket upon entering to cover the balance.