• Wed November 29, 2017 9:00 pm $15.00

    Vampire Weekend bassist Chris Baio comes out strong with his solo project, BAIO. In his downtime between tours, BAIO began to explore his own personal musical stylings in an effort to create an individual voice away from the band. His efforts have crafted a sun-soaked synth-pop dance arrangement that warrants anything but conformity. BAIO sticks out with his sweet summery dance hooks and a pop-heavy hopefulness that reaffirms a worldly optimism that’s useful to be reminded of. Contrasting that upbeat sound, BAIO makes sure to deliver a message within his songs detailing the darker side of life. Reeling you in with sweetness and squeezing you out with a down-trodden sense of existence. We here at the Bottle are always up for a good slap in the face of reality.