• Mon September 4, 2017 8:30 pm Free Monday

    Classic Rock’n’Roll is deep within the blood of PEEL, a four-piece rock band from Chicago that plays tunes reminiscent of the free American spirit of Rock music no longer found in many of today’s rock bands.. Peel is releasing their new tape Goes Bananas the follow up to their 2016 debut Marlboro Country. Coming to you from Bloomington, Indiana, THE COWBOYS- play it fast and loud. Tasty lo-fi reverbed vocals lead the way. Check out this energetic group of ranchmen as they rock their way into your urban ears/hearts. FALCOR 4 is headed by our good friend Pete Falcor. The tall lanky dude from Chicago loves “big guitars, big drums, and hooks.” Proven true by his latest release, OVER IT, a sweet and smashing rock single recorded entirely by him. CROSSTOWN kicks off this Labour Day BBQ…I mean FREE Monday, with their chilled out brand of rock. We haven’t seen them since last July so get here early for this rare treat.