• Thu November 9, 2017 9:00 pm $15.00

    "The whole record is about me taking my life back, without really realizing it," she says. "I realized I'm the only person that is going to look out for me. I have to be my main person. No one else."

    JESSICA LEA MAYFIELD might make some people uncomfortable with the level of honesty she projects on her forthcoming LP, Sorry Is Gone, but she's not going to apologize – for that, or for anything else on her complex, confessional fourth album. Recorded with producer John Agnello (Sonic Youth, Kurt Vile, Phosphorescent and Dinosaur Jr.), Sorry Is Gone is a raw document of a woman in progress. 

    Written primarily on an acoustic baritone guitar – out of necessity at first, in her thin-walled apartment -MAYFIELD started to process the years of hurt and uncertainly through words and melodies that helped her see the light in the darkness. Evoking the pathos of nineties grunge, the folk confessions of her idol, Smith, and the cool blasé of bands like Luscious Jackson, the tracks that comprise Sorry Is Gone aren’t devised to make anyone comfortable but herself – but they are there to help share an emotional journal and a certain kind of healing that can only come through music.

    BLANK RANGE is an American rock & roll band from the great city of Nashville, TN. They've opened for well-known bands SPOON and DRIVEBY TRUCKERS, and Rolling Stone have sang their praises more than once. In 2015, the magazine said the band sounded like: "that magical combination of dissonant, Pavement-esque and pavement-ready garage rock & roll with a keen grasp of how to make it all wildly melodic."

    Joining the fun is BUNNY, a four-piece led by Jessica Viscius on vocals and guitar. Much like cough syrup, their sound mixes deliriously sweet n’ slow 60’s pop songs with sardonically deadpan lyrics.

    DJ BOINNY aka Jess Viscius of BUNNY will be dj'ing late night happy hour after the show. Playing music to fall in love to <3