• Tue September 26, 2017 9:00 pm $10.00

    Formed in 1979, Australia’s FEEDTIME earned a rabid cult following for their primal and bruisingly powerful, bass-heavy sound, a walloping fusion of punk, rock, blues, and hard rock. Like nothing else in Australia at the time; a pure strain of rock and roll with a relentless mechanical propulsion. It was the perfect symbiosis of syncopation, minimalist rock that carried a thunderous atmosphere of reckless intoxication and intense personal pain but with a self-assured “ease” amongst the chaos. Impenetrable, yet welcoming. Guitar noise you could dance to with lyrics cut straight from experience, tradition and dead crazy urban confusion. After multiple drummers (due to the hostile environment in the Sydney underground rock scene), record labels, reunion shows and hiatus’, FEEDTIME is finally BACK with their first studio album in 21 years, Gas. Here to celebrate their return, we’re crackin open some cold ones and getting’ rowdy with our boys from down under.