• Wed August 30, 2017 9:00 pm $8.00

    Chicago’s FAKE LIMBS are now legitamized Empty Bottle veterans, having celebrated their record release here back in November, this will be their 11th appearance with us and we can’t get nearly enough of them. The dudely four-piece have released two of the best, noisiest punk records this city spewed out in the early-10s, 2013's The Power of Patrician Upbringing and 2012's Man Feelings, both on BLVD Records. Their newest LP, Matronly, comes to us via the unstoppable Don Giovanni Records. FAKE LIMBS throws listeners around the room with their in-your-face aural assault and The AV Club praises, "the band follows in the grand tradition of groups like The Jesus Lizard and Stnnng, with angular and jagged riffs fused to pounding rhythms and holler-’till-you’re-hoarse vocals."

    Originally formed in the unrelenting heat of Corpus Christi, Texas, WAILIN STORMS migrated east and ended up in Durham, North Carolina. Their sound is justly a mix of doom-punk and swampy rock, as elements of their prior and current surroundings culminate into a unique and volatile brew. Stamped with eerily dark and ominous vocal elements reminiscent of bluesy masters like Howlin’ Wolf and Samhain with emotive nods to Destruction Unit, Bauhaus, and Jesus Lizard, the band’s output is incessantly passionate and harrowing in its entirety.

    Riddled in rapture and delirium, SALVATION joins us once again for a night of debauchery and punk exaltation. This garage/punk trio celebrated the release of their full length LP Sore Loser via Forge Again Records here in early February with immense success. We’ve been eagerly awaiting to once again drown in their relentless sonic onslaught of feedback heavy noise.