• Tue September 19, 2017 8:30 pm $5.00

    Chicago artist Eileen Peltier, aka SPORTS BOYFRIEND, is dreamy, tender, and incredibly real. Get ready for some goth-pop goodness that'll get you movin' and groovin' through the darkest corrdors of time and space, because that's what SPORTS BOYFRIEND is all about.

    Chicago’s SIMA CUNNINGHAM is a well-known and widely acclaimed performer around town, but has gained much notoriety for her role as 1/2 of rising duo OHMME. With tons of performing experience and a programming side, to boot, SIMA fills the void that Miss Harding left with poignant and powerful songwriting.

    New artist MILZEN opens with his lo-fi minimalist approach to song-writing. You can feel the authenticity with every chord strummed and every note delicately picked as Michael Schutzenhofer aka MILZEN confesses the realizations he notices during his daily passes in Chicago. It’s refreshing, revitalizing and encourages you to take a step back and fully appreciate the beautiful and bustling city we all try to co-exist in.

    PETE WILLSON is the lead guitarist and a vocalist in progressive local rock four-piece LIQUID GARDENS. Tonight Mr. Willson will be stretching his legs with some solo material and we’re pleased as punch to have him back on our stage.


    Due to a personal matter, Aldous Harding had to cancel the remaining dates on her East Coast and Midwest tour. She sends her sincerest apologies for any inconveniences the cancellation may cause.