• Tue October 10, 2017 9:00 pm $10.00

    Brooklyn's ICE BALLOONS seem like one of those bands that's too weird to exist outside of basement shows and art galleries, but since weird is one of the many hats we wear here, we figured we'd invite em back to conquer a Tuesday night get-down of epic proportions. Featuring singer/guitarist KYP MALONE from TV ON THE RADIO and SEAN KENNERLY of SAMIAM, with members of WILD YAK thrown in for good measure, the band - which, naturally, is fronted by a man wearing a monstrous fly-creature headpiece - is a fuzzed-out noise-pop act of maximum freakness. It's like stepping into another dimension, or kind of like stepping in our friendly confines almost every night.

    THE SUEVES have been blowing up all over Chicago the past few years and show know signs of slowing down. These dudes are an explosive package of sweaty garage-blues-punk not unlike the BLACK LIPS or OBLIVIANS. Let's be real, there's no reason to ever miss THE SUEVES, especially now that they've got a record out on the inimitable HoZac Records and have been picked as a favorite of freakin' CORIN TUCKER of freakin' SLEATER-KINNEY!

    Funky noise-rock maximalists NONZOO hop on to keep it weird. They’re heavily syncopated jungle rhythms mixed with jagged guitar riffs and sporadic yelling give the feeling of driving through a tropical rainforest in a militarized Lamborghini while monkeys throw shit at you and there’s a giant blender waiting at the end of the road with the "pulverize" mode setting turned on. Their debut album, WAZOO, was released earlier this year in July via local cassette label, Already Dead Tapes. Creating some serious attention behind them in the Chicago DIY scene, we’re stoked to bring them inside and get our guts torn inside out.