• Sun August 13, 2017 9:00 pm $8.00

    HONEY RADAR's Jason Henn began recording songs in his Indiana bedroom in the mid-2000s, soon building up an impressive catalog of lo-fi guitar pop that sounded like a far less drunk Guided by Voices with some Rolling Stones and Midwestern weirdness mixed in. He soon began releasing CD-Rs, cassettes, and lathe-cut singles, with the more art project-style recordings going out under his name and the poppier selections as HONEY RADAR releases. Indiana-based Third Uncle began releasing HONEY RADAR records and in 2014, after Henn had relocated to Philadelphia, the label issued the first HONEY RADAR album, Chain Smoking on Easter. Though Henn had gathered together a band for live shows, the album was still a home-recorded solo project. More singles followed the album, including 2015's The Rabbit's Voice, which began the project's relationship with What's Your Rupture? That influential label released the second HONEY RADAR album, Blank Cartoon, in May of 2016. 

    "Not sure if it's layered solo work or a group or what, but it's great short pop spasms owing equal debts to early New Zealand's South Island groups and Guided by Voices." 
    The Wire Magazine