• Tue August 8, 2017 9:00 pm $8.00

    The sounds of DUSTIN WONG & TAKAKO MINEKAWA are a coalescence of the complexities of life, with the sheer joy of imaginative creation. Are Euphoria, released this year on Thrill Jockey, continues to dive deeper into the dreamlike technicolor tapestries their songs have always explored, blossoming forward with each cycle of loops. Completely characteristic of their style, the duo achieve a density of textures, timbres, beats, and harmonies while remaining totally weightless, suspended in the air.

    Chicago duo MOUTH CAPTAIN is comprised of Eric Gebow and Mike Burns, who make melodic, coppery sounding tunes via drums and lap steel. Weird Beard praised MOUTH CAPTAIN for "embracing the vastness of slow and purposeful dreaminess, but with a confidence that only comes with the ability to play ten notes in a space, but selecting the most effective three. Somewhere in the space between Bill Frisell's country offerings, an instrumental Portishead, and a southwestern minimalist cowboy, MOUTH CAPTAIN finds a warm blanket of lush to carry you over the horizon of space-time."