• Fri July 28, 2017 9:00 pm $5.00

    DEAD FEATHERS cascade back to the Bottle for a checkup on your psychedelic trance. That powerful, female lead vocals blended with a gritty atmospheric bite - DEAD FEATHERS means fucking business. Not as soft as PURSON, but not as roaring as ROYAL THUNDER, the quintent asserts themselves in front of any crowd -- ascend yourself into the blanketing incense smoke and celestial grooves that is DEAD FEATHERS.

    BIONIC CAVEMEN return to the Bottle tonight, hearkening back to ye olde days of rock & roll when it was noisy and dirty and recorded without them fancy overdubs and such. Over a series of car crashes and smoke-filled garages, they honed their sound, embracing the loud blues rock that allowed for the occasional psychedelic trip, while still maintaining their meat-eating, whiskey-drinking roots. We're talking vintage heavy here and the BIONIC CAVEMEN are coming to destroy the future.

    Tijuana Hercules is a Chicago-based mutant blues combo founded by John Vernon Forbes—a man who could sing the New Testament and make it sound like a dirty joke. From primal, low-down hip-shaking boogie to a sophisticated mix of hill country drone, juke joint, and pre-War country blues, with a Chicago sting, TH is one greazy form of expression of the human condition. They have a number of releases out on several different labels, most notably the band’s own imprint, Black Pisces Recordings. 

    DJ AKUMAL will be spinnin' the jams all night.