• Fri September 8, 2017 9:00 pm $15.00

    DUCKTAILS is the solo project of Matthew Mondanile, a founding member of Ridgewood, New Jersey-based indie beach bums Real Estate. While not too dissimilar in tone from the sun-kissed pop of his main squeeze, Mondanile's work as DUCKTAILS presents a more fragmented, mercurial version of the Garden State of mind. With a strong synthetic foundation, DUCKTAILS is all burbling analog synths, bedroom processing, and sunburnt soundscapes. The end effect acts as a sort of bleary aural Polaroid taken at a backyard summer bbq. Mondanile's output under the DUCKTAILS moniker has been prolific and perhaps a tad illusory; he has released numerous ultra-rare cassettes and CD-Rs, a pair of 7"s, and a pair of "official" LPs (a self-titled album on Not Not Fun and Landscapes on Olde English Spelling Bee, both in 2009).

    Chicago group VARSITY are back after opening for one of our massive #EB25 sold out shows with THE HOLD STEADY. They’re bringing along their sunny garage-pop that's making all the boys and girls (in America) wet themselves with excitement. After creating major buzz with their first album, Thanks for Nothing, they released their second album, self-titled, in March 2015 & a handful of rad singles since then... word on the street there's another brewing and we can expect new songs tonight!

    Returning to us for this evening's shenanigans are DOGS AT LARGE, who recently recorded with local legends Treehouse Records and also released an EP titled It’s Nothing I’d Wear (classic title) at the end of last year. The cassette EP has a limited pressing of only 50 tapes so grab it while supplies last and be sure to check out their new single, "Purple Room" -- it's saxy-as-hell, no frickin doubt.