• Tue September 12, 2017 9:00 pm $10.00

    As a stable fixture in the Los Angeles underground, SEXTILE has been gaining a devout following since its creation in 2015. The four-piece outfit has all the makings of a revolutionary sound — boldly throwing convention out the window to create an entirely original, genre-bending imprint that combines the raw energy of 70’s punk with the intricate and sophisticated structural elements of 80’s post-punk and synthwave.

    ESPEJOS (which also includes Kerry Cardoza, Lupe Garza, and Brian Browne) formed in March of 2016 but the group has quickly separated itself from some peers. For one, despite the members' experiences in the city's DIY and punk scenes, Espejos marks a departure in sound from the fast-and-loose style that defines some other local acts.

    ALOUETTE began honing their sound in the Chicago Underground in late-2016 and have toured across the Midwest in support of the self-released "Psychomotor EP" (out on Bandcamp and cassette tape).  Describing themselves as antisocial trash and noise, this femme-fronted duo toes the line between lo-fi garage and post-punk.

    THE BELLWETHER DJs spinnin' swell to set the night straight. 

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