• Mon July 24, 2017 9:00 pm Free Monday

    FREE MONDAY at the Bottle. MORITAT is a hard-grooving, avant-rock Chicago trio who’s releasing a new mixtape in July, This Is On. Their summer release is coinciding with Dark Matter Coffee's newest blend, God Particle. We're excited to experience this electrifying and caffeinated pair in a live setting again.

    Their 2012 LP CLiLL BLANZIN was hailed by the Reader as “full of serious earworms.” That album was produced by the legendary BRIAN DECK (MODEST MOUSE, IRON & WINE) and now they're releasing tracks that have been in the making since 2008. Produced entirely at home by the band, with drummer Corey McCafferty engineering and mixing the sessions, High Plus Tight is the sound of a band with a renewed purpose and creative drive. Developing a unique musical aesthetic that rings with the dense sounds of indie rock and experimental pop, MORITAT occupies a space in between straightforward emotions - there’s no joyous, sad, or angry songs -- though there could be, say, joy-ominous.

    EVENING GLOW is an indie rock group based out of Chicago and was formed in the summer of 2015 by Aidan Cada, Vincent Tieri, River Snyder, and Aaron Cada. Combining elements of lo-fi, dance rock, and dream pop, their debut Letters From Home was released this past September and will be followed up by a string of singles including an EP for a fall release later in 2017.

    CHARLES MANTIS opens the evening with synth-heavy sample-based experimental electronic. Self described as "an attempt to capture the journey," Datura Inoxia, the latest release by Mantis, stems from recorded sound clips and audio samples collected from musicians he met across the globe. He blends these recordings with percussion and ambient trumpet melodies to transport the listener to a destination unknown.