• Fri September 1, 2017 9:00 pm $20.00

    THE ATOMIC BITCHWAX is an American Stoner Rock Super Group from Long Branch, NJ formed in 1993 by bassist/vocalist Chris Kosnik (MONSTER MAGNET), guitarist Ed Mundell and drummer Keith Ackerman. The band mixes elements of 60s psychedelic and 70s riff rock, filtered through modern progressive rock. Their original lineup, which leaned more "jammy" than its current incarnation, released two full-length albums; the self-titled debut in 1999 and Atomic Bitchwax 2 in 2000 via Tee Pee Records. In addition, 2002 saw the release of the Spit Blood EP via Meteor City Label. Guitarist and vocalist Finn Ryan (ex-CORE) entered the fold in 2005 to record their followup, aptly titled 3. The subsequent album cycle included two European and North American tours along with a visit to Seattle’s “Sound House” to record the 2006 EP, Boxriff.  Engineered by Jack Endino, the EP included a DVD of the live show filmed in Seattle’s Sunset Tavern.

    Current MONSTER MAGNET drummer Bob Pantella joined the band in 2007 and the trio toured heavily, with the band’s fourth full-length album T4B released that same year on Tee Pee and Meteor City. In 2011, the band released The Local Fuzz, one 42-minute track with over 50 riffs back-to-back. The band spent 2012-2015 touring Europe and North America. Their sixth full length Gravitron was released on April 21, 2015 on, you guessed it, Tee Pee Records.

    Ohio’s FISTULA was formed in 1998 by musical partners in crime Corey Bing and Bahb Branca. Over the years, FISTULA has released a seemingly endless barrage of studio albums and split EPs through numerous lineup changes featuring the creative talents of bands such as -16-, SLOTH, HEMDALE, THE DISEASE CONCEPT & ACCEPT DEATH to name a few. FISTULA is a band that is impossible to categorize, combining elements of remedial sludge, hardcore and a ‘Bad Case of the Mondays," FISTULA remain the kings of doomed out miserycore. In 2016 they released two new studio albums Longing For Infection and The Shape Of Doom To Cum, followed by a return to Europe with ACCEPT DEATH and their current treck to Chicago, bringing the ultimate onslaught of pure, unbridled hatred and negativity.

    ELECTRIC HAWK is an instrumental metal band from Chicago. Over two full-length releases - I (2011) and II (2015) - the three-piece successfully fuses post-rock soundscapes with math-metal informed progressive song structures and sensibilities. Electric Hawk is one of Chicago’s brightest bands and will set a strong tone as openers for day one.